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    Ace cafe meet tonight 18/11/19

    Your traditional Ace Cafe meet tonight fellow South east members . Come on brave the cold [emoji3063], it’ll be reet [emoji1303] Besides clios love a bit of cold air induction. 6.30pm - 11pm 18/11/19 See you there. [emoji4] @Five Alive
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    Road and Race

    Check out these guys sharing the love @ 7.30sec Have a little look for whoever hasn’t. Love it [emoji4]
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    [20 Nov] French Classic & Performance Cars (Ace Cafe)

    Anyone up for it tomorrow.
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    1998 Pug 106 Gti £2300

    Sharing on behalf of a friend
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    MF05FFG 182 Oxhey Lane

    Saw you a couple of time approx 6.30am. Car does look very nice , clean also .
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    Question on thread sizes

    I'm ok with metric threads , but this 10JIC , AN10 is doing my head in . Basically I have a basic sandwich plate as you see in the pic , and want to run a 1/8NTP oil temp sensor for the gauge , so what sandwich plate do I get that has 1/8NTP in it and what size larger holes to get so my hose...
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    Omex 600 ECU issues

    Is there anyone on here that has good knowledge with fitting and wiring up the ECU . I have some issues with one I have fitted and need advice to find if its knackered . Fitted it to a 182 with throttle bodies , it's been mapped . More so than not it doesn't start and I've checked all my...
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    Want to run an oil temp sensor .

    Is anyone using one of these . Can be had with the correct size 16mmx1.5 pitch .
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    Exhaust compatibility

    After a definite answer guys and gals. I was asked if the Ph1 172 exhaust would fit the Ph2. I am aware that the cats are different , but don't they measure up to the same position so that the systems are the same length.
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    Few bits still for sale on the bay

    Ph1 Headlights —---- Ph1 Air filter with strap and clips all intact —---- Ph1 low mileage exhaust —---- Ph1 Matched inlets...
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    CMComposite boot lid attachment to hinges.

    Attention track day guys : The CMComposite boot lid. How are you going about attaching the boot lid to the existing hinges . As there are no holes at the moment for any bolts ect . Pics would be good . [emoji106]
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    Jailbreak question

    Can someone point me in the direction of the latest known break for iOS 8.4 I'm pretty crap at this kind of stuff and I need to know if there is one before I do the update , I only really need it because I'm using Harry's Lap timer and I use a 3rd party dongle as it won't work with iOS without...
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    Mint Trophy 55 plate

    In bushey , watford at 7.10am driving past the Honda Garage , look bloody lovely .
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    Pic request of a B&G quick release set-up

    I'm after pics of this set up , side on pics so I can see how high it will sit further from the cowling in height , as some of you run dished wheels and others like myself run a Renaultsport sabelt wheel. On a quick release mechanism with either wheel is what I'm after a pic so I can gauge it...
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    Wheel wobble

    I was behind a transit van minding my own business and "BANG" . Wheel started to wobble , I thought , sod changing it now on the run home , nursed it back and here's the results .
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    Front Wheel bearing size

    Found this and wondered if it was a front bearing for my 172 phase 1 Anyone know if it is ?
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    Top mount and bearing fitment with limited resources

    This is a how I did it without any spring compressors or clamps . As an experienced mechanic I'll tell you now - it's not recommended to do it this way unless your absolutely confident within your mechanical capabilities . I won't bore you with the jack the car up and place it on axle stands...
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    172 Alarm problem

    I'm hoping for some info please people regarding my Alarm ecu. It's a Sigma M32 fitted at birth before they "The Clio" were delivered to the customer . I know it's a long shot , I'm after info on how to reset the Ecu or if anyone has one kicking about . The Renault Plip system won't disarm the...
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    Apple App - Harry's lap timer

    I'll keep this short. For those who are familiar with the App - what a great bit of kit . What I want to know is , has anyone who has the App ever had the Rev counter and gauges on the bottom right of the video screen working in either a 172-182. 1998-2005 My thoughts are steering towards a...
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    Black 182 - in local area watford / Oxhey , anyone on here ? Looked nice .
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    Mocal oil breather location

    I've now got my breather and am quite stumped as to where to put it. As my motor has an ITG maxogen and a normal size battery space is limited under the bonnet. Am I forced to buy a flat racing battery to make space or even put the battery in the boot ? Blimey these Renaults are tight for space
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    RC53 CUP

    Blue172 cup on the M40 heading towards Beaconsfield /Wycombe / Marlow that way.
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    Williams spotted in High Wycombe

    L171 VLP , very tidy looking Williams , wheels were very clean. Anyone from on here ?
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    Blue Cliosport spotted in Watford

    Seen at Watford health farm carpark today at 2.30pm , anyone on here ? Pic for ref only
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    Is this correct (opinions please)

    I'm just fitting my solid mounts to my Spax coilovers , I'm pretty sure it's correctly fitted , i just need a yup that's good if you know what i mean. Cheers
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    Does this look correct (opinions please)

    Sorry Admin pls delete , wrong section
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    Silver 182 driving past Mercedes Watford 15.35pm

    With Silver/grey 2218s
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    Silver 172 RL51 J3 Wycombe tesco roundabout 8.05pm

    Looks well , anyone from on here not seen it about
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    Nice 182/Trophy reg W27 DAN high wycombe tesco's

    Anyone from here on cliosport
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    Tesco express south oxhey

    Ph2 Clio extreme , lowered with White F1's looked very tidy anyone on here