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    RB 182 Newton Abbot

    As above. Just now on Sainsburys car park. Female driver
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    Detail West Midlands

    Anyone in the WM Area able to detail my FN2 black civic? @LeeRS know anyone. @ADS1982 come to lovely WM and hook a brother up
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    N222 JML Bradley

    As above. This morning in Bradley Bilston. Blue 172/182
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    Coilpack/HT leads?

    Morning CS. Jumped in the 182 this morning, started fine. After around 10 seconds of idling, the engine started jumping around vigorously and the revs dropped quite low. It didn't cut out. After another 10 seconds, it then started to idle fine. On the drive to work, it felt as though at times...
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    s6 edge tempered glass

    Anyone have the above phone with tempered glass? Any recommendations of which is the best and covers edge to edge
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    Clip 2002 Semi auto issues

    Nans semi auto piece of crap playing up Any help most appreciated.
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    Blue 172 Cup near Brean

    As above. Parked on a drive near Brean pleasure park. Off love lane i think it was.
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    Black 182 Taunton town centre

    Just. Xenons blazin. Tints.
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    Blue 172 cup Oldbury

    @Clioste Was this you? Today near toys r us i flashed you.
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    Clio 52 plate - semi auto

    Afternoon all.. Just looking for some advice regarding the semi auto box fitted to the clio (2002) Nan is after an automatic and has seen this clio but I've no experience of the semi auto's? Thanks
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    Blue 172 Perryfields High school

    Today at around 3.40 pm. X reg Oldbury.
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    Blue 182 Asda Wolverhampton

    Bloke sitting on car park on Sunday around 12 ish I think.
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    Y512 Ph1 titanium Wolverhampton

    Today outside Renault 16.00
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    Microsoft Powerpoint

    Afternoon all.. Just wondering if there's anyone on here that knows of a place where I can download MS PowerPoint for free that's actually useable and doesn't ask for any product codes etc Thanks
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    Coolant possible problem ?

    So i set about changing the thermostat today which went fine but lost possibly 4-5 litres of coolant. So off i go to Halford to get some. It was pure concentrate not realising i topped up. All seems fine but most likely running more coolant/antifreeze than water. Stupid i know. Will this cause...
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    172 blue. torbay road. paignton

    With a black non cup spoiler. At 13.25.
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    Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit

    Has anyone used this restoration kit as found on Ktec's website? Just wondered if anyones got any experience with it. Thanks
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    Blue 182 Wolverhampton

    About half hr ago near bus station . bloke in need of a shave.. @Gandi69 did look like you a bit.. you had a new car?
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    Running without centre caps

    Had my standard 182 alloys refurbed not so long ago. They painted the caps but being plastic it never looked 100% to begin with. The paint has started to peel and seems like false economy having them painted again as apparently as it's plastic they can never get them just so. So just wondering...
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    Banging when turning

    So the clio has now developed a new noise to add to the list.. When turning slighty in quick sucession there is a horrid banging noise? also seems to clunk when pulling off. seems to come from the front centre although not entirely sure. The dogbone is powerflexed Any ideas chaps.
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    brake advice

    You see the little mini pistons on either side of the caliper (not sure of their name) should there by any resistance at all in them?? I'm able to move the carrier etc very freely
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    Think I'm in the right section.. 182 is lowered on apex 40mm. Getting some rubbing on the front when turning. Any way to rectify this? Spacers?
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    Trophy M6 WV55 MZE

    As above. Indian chap i think in a suit today around 6 ish. Heading towards Birmingham
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    Not starting

    Took the clio for a good blast last night. Tried to start it and it turns over but not starting.. What are the main causes of this.. any feedback welcome need car to travel to devon tonight!
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    alignment setup

    Opinions? Does this now appear correct
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    Artic Blue 172 Newcastle upon Tyne (Clayton Road)

    Today around 2pm..
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    inferno orange 182 Wolverhampton

    @Gandi69 Not sure if this was you only caught the car at the last second Exiting from the ALDI near Birmingham new road 19.45 today
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    inferno orange 182 Wolverhampton

    @Gandi69 Not sure if this was you only caught the car at the last second Exiting from the nee ALDI near Birmingham new road
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    The 182 TIT!

    Never really posted a pic of the titanium so thought id show a few pics to get some ideas etc
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    white 197/200 Sedgley

    As above. Parked up on street just off northway. Sure it had cs stickers in rear window?