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  1. Cramps

    Liquid Yellow Repair

    Hello All, I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations on where to get Liquid yellow body work resprayed. I've heard people mention repair and restore in Goole but I'm based in Essex so I'd ideally like somewhere a little closer to home. Please let me know if you've had any experience...
  2. Cramps

    Keyless Entry Issue

    Hello, I've recently got my Clio 200 and noticed that the keyless entry on the drivers side isn't working properly (the passenger side works perfectly). I can open the door by pulling the door handle and moving it about a little (suggests dodgy connection somewhere as it is quite a loose fit)...
  3. Cramps

    New 200 owner and member - Essex

    Hello all, I have just purchased ClioSport membership and this beauty for what I considered a bargain and had originally intended to go for a Megane R26 but the price and colour of this Clio convinced me. I'm coming from a BMW 123d which will be up for sale within the next week or so but even on...