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  1. BeXE

    Can someone find me a radio code?

    Well, that's one more pointless post to add to your post count then! Thanks for all your help.
  2. BeXE

    Can someone find me a radio code?

    Perhaps people post up frequent questions because the search doesn't work very well?
  3. BeXE

    Can someone find me a radio code?

    Serial numbers as follows 8200367500T U640 security 000768 RNRD3650007068 RENRDRW222-01 I'd be much appreciated if someone could find it! ​Cheers!
  4. BeXE

    Hi I'm new and looking for a 182

    You could always buy mine...
  5. BeXE

    Dephaser pulley replacement - what did you pay?

    I'll see what I can do tomorrow.
  6. BeXE

    Dephaser pulley replacement - what did you pay?

    I'm pretty sure, the noise is coming from that sort of region.
  7. BeXE

    Dephaser pulley replacement - what did you pay?

    That looks like the part price. I said in the first post 'all in', including labour (from what I've been told it's four hours plus).
  8. BeXE

    Dephaser pulley replacement - what did you pay?

    That's more what I was thinking. The cambelt has already been replaced, and (allegedly) the dephaser was done at the same time.
  9. BeXE

    Dephaser pulley replacement - what did you pay?

    Wow, is that all in? I was anticipating replies of £4-500!
  10. BeXE

    Dephaser pulley replacement - what did you pay?

    I'm completely mechanically inept - I just want to find a garage, lob them the keys, and collect later that day.
  11. BeXE

    Dephaser pulley replacement - what did you pay?

    As the title says - I'm interested in what you paid for replacing the dephaser pulley (including labour please). Mine is rattling like a b*****d and really needs replacing. I plan on selling the car shortly, so really don't want to spend a fortune. ​Thanks :)
  12. BeXE

    FCS 2013 - Car Passes. Look Here.

    Can I be removed from the list please. ​Thanks.
  13. BeXE

    What have you done to your car today ???

    Contemplated selling it.
  14. BeXE

    Six months in

    I *might* be putting this up for sale soon. Dephaser is starting to get a little noisy, but otherwise excellent condition. £3K too optimistic?
  15. BeXE

    Timps' Fiesta ST

    Nice car..... ...grille aside.
  16. BeXE

    ***How much is it worth?***

    2005 Racing Blue 182 with stripes Both cup packs 4 new Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres approx 10K ago. 71K 3 owners Full service history 12 months MOT Completely standard Slightly noisy dephaser pulley. £3K a bit optimistic?
  17. BeXE

    what sensor is this lol

    Not sure. Lol.
  18. BeXE

    My New 2nd Gen Chilli Red MINI Cooper JCW

    Snap. Exact same issues with my 07 Cooper S. The 182 I replaced it with has been far more reliable!
  19. BeXE

    Google Nexus 4

    I don't know how anyone can say vanilla Android on the Nexus 4 is complicated. If you get confused with a back, a home and multitask button, you probably shouldn't be using a phone.
  20. BeXE

    2 sport at didcot Halfords

    Agreed on the wheels on the other sport - they were horrific! ​
  21. BeXE

    Removing vinyl stripes

    Once again, apologies if this has been covered a million times - I couldn't be bothered wading through pages of search results. Anyway - removing stripes. Mine are knackered on the roof of my RB 182, and I think it's time to be done with them. Is this just a hairdryer job, or is there anything...
  22. BeXE

    Ford Racing Puma #160/500 (Déjà vu)

    Great cars - I want mine back too. Loads of spares currently on ebay.
  23. BeXE

    182 seats in to a mk3?

    Why? 1*2 seats are shite.
  24. BeXE

    Slammed Clio

    Good quality video, if it not for the stupid wheels, tyres, and suspension. Oh, and the Sack Boy hanging from the towing eye. Moronic.
  25. BeXE

    Six months in

    True, it isn't awful (if you've driven a Peugeot 206 and experienced the horrid slack change, you'll know what I'm on about), but for a hot hatch, it really isn't anything special. TBH, the engine is probably my biggest gripe. It sounds rubbish. Don't get me wrong though, I don't have a downer...
  26. BeXE

    Oxfordshire meet Sunday 26th May

    Good to see you all! I'll see what I can do about putting a meet together in the next few months. Ed - I really want your 200!
  27. BeXE

    Oxfordshire meet Sunday 26th May

    Oh. I'm out then.
  28. BeXE

    Six months in

    Maybe I just tend to suffer from 'Itchy V5 Syndrome' more than you lot. The longest I've kept a car is two and a half years, and that was my Racing Puma which I really loved.
  29. BeXE

    Fastest out of a 1*2...

    No idea. I don't really care either - I'm more interested in how a car feels to drive rather than how fast it can go in a straight line.
  30. BeXE

    Six months in

    Well, I'm now six months into my year(ish) time with the 182. It's my first RenaultSport, and was bought as a cheap bit of fun for a year or so as I got monumentally stung buying a Mini Cooper S on finance a few years back (we all make mistakes). Some of my thoughts after six months of...