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  1. Sym0n

    I'm just going to leave this here... You're welcome, you fat f***s. ​X
  2. Sym0n

    Vodafone - Data limit increase

    Morning, Has anyone else on Voda had their data limit increased without notice and for free?! My contract was for 500mb, which I rarely breached but ran close to, I've just looked at my account and I've now got a 1.5Gb limit but my contract price hasn't changed :S. I've not asked for it...
  3. Sym0n

    OS X 10.8.2

    Only just spotted the update has rolled out, loving the Facebook integration (yes haters gonna hate) and especially the fact that iMessages sent to my mobile number now come through to my Mac - iPad too for those wondering - not just my Apple ID. I've not really dug about to find what else is...
  4. Sym0n

    MS Outlook forms - from field

    Morning, Does anyone deal with these annoying f**king things and know a bit about them? I've been asked to make a few and what I thought would be a piece or piss is instead just pissing me off. I've got them looking and doing nearly everything I need but they just won't pre-populate the...
  5. Sym0n

    Vodafone 3G

    Is anyone else unable to get any 3G signal at all today or is it just limited to Nottingham, both my mate and me can't get jack even after reboots (some HTC thing and an iPhone)? It's doing my f**king head in coz I can't use my phone for f**k all and the Voda forum doesn't work properly on...
  6. Sym0n

    Call of Duty - Black Ops 2? Nothing concrete but the nerds are speculating that it's Black Ops 2 seeing as it's Treyarch and this leaked poster, which I suppose makes sense. Apparently leaked MP info... I'd like to pretend that I won't bother buying it...but I will.
  7. Sym0n

    So I want a new router

    I've been running a D-Link DIR-655 for a couple of years now and it's always been great, but it's getting on now - it's only single band and has quite a low throughput for starters - so I've decided that it's time to upgrade. Ideally I'd like to future proof as much as possible, within a...
  8. Sym0n

    Anyone else having problems with Gmail today?

    My Gmail (exchange) has been working fine since I got my phone, but today for some reason I've had no mail at all through it. I've had no error messages all day but just started trying to sort it and now all I get when I go in to the mail app is "Cannot Get Mail The connection to the server...
  9. Sym0n

    2 x VIP tickets for Freeze Festival 2011
  10. Sym0n

    Forcefield Action Shorts Pro Armour - Large (Impact shorts)

    CLICK ME -> eBay link <- CLICK ME
  11. Sym0n

    Titanium Silver Ph1 rear bumper - exhaust recess

    CLICK ME -> eBay link <- CLICK ME As it was Ta, Sy
  12. Sym0n

    SSX (Previously known as SSX: Deadly Descents)

    Yeah most of you may not be interested in this, but I can't f**king wait! Set to drop January 2012. :D
  13. Sym0n

    O2 Data in Europe (roaming)

    Only just spotted this and after getting stung by O2 for £40 for just 50mb in April, before they cut off my data package :dapprove:, but they've finally fell in to line with the other networks and now you can get 15mb a day for £1.50, would have saved me just short of £30 for the week and I'd...
  14. Sym0n

    Want an iMac, but too poor to buy a brand new one?

    Then this might be of interest to you... Ok so it's only the 21.5" i3 model from last year but it's under £590 and comes with the wireless keyboard and magic mouse. Just note the guarentee is only...
  15. Sym0n

    Ph1+Kenwood KIV-700+Autoleads PC99-X12+PC99-KEN=FAIL?

    Evening. So I broke my old headunit and replaced it quickly with a Kenwood KIV-700, threw it in and bish, bash, bosh it was up and running. Ordered the Autoleads PC99-X12 and Kenwood patch lead at the same time from somewhere else, as I like the ease of being able to use the OEM stalk control...
  16. Sym0n

    More cheap MS Points (mostly FAO Pikie AK) Buy the COD branded 1200 Live points for £9.99 and get a £5 off voucher to use against other COD branded...
  17. Sym0n

    4200 MSPoints for cheap(ish)

    Once again found on HotUKDeals. If you go to and order two loads of 2100 (max you're allowed) and then use the discount code DAD30 you can get 4200 points for £26.70 delivered. BUT if you click...
  18. Sym0n

    Excel VBa HELP - ActiveSheet.Copy causing 1004 run-time error

    Hi, After spending the past seven and a half hours trying to get this to work I have admitted defeat. What I'm attempting to do is copy 27 worksheets, names set in a range "nao_sheets", paste them in to the same workbook in any position (although a new workbook would also be fine) and then...
  19. Sym0n

    FL52 XXU - Toby Carvery, Wollaton, Nottingham

  20. Sym0n

    One month of Xbox Live for £1...

    Just seen this on HotUKDeals and given it a whirl, topped up my Live account by five month for £5 (some have managed six and some less). (click Go Gold Now at the bottom and it will change from dollars to pounds) Just remembered to ring up...
  21. Sym0n

    Got an iPad? Want a keyboard dock thing?

    Then head to Bestbuy and use the code 20ACCESS to get one for £33.73 delivered instead of £61.40 delivered from Apple. Plus if you've use TopCashBack or Quidco you can get 8.08% or 8% (respectively) cashback too if you click through.
  22. Sym0n

    iPhone 4 travel dock/speaker system thing

    Morning, I've tried searching but I'm on my phone and can't find jack. I've currently got a Logic3 i-station 7...
  23. Sym0n


    Anyone else given this a whirl? I don't really mind Safari but there's a few little things that really piss me off. Just grabbed Skyfire from the store and I'm impressed, seems just as quick as Safari to load (although I'm on wifi so can't say how it performs on 3G) and is very similar but it...
  24. Sym0n

    Blackberry can blow me...

    After waiting for f**king months Voda finally have their prices up for the 9800 Torch and for the contract I want it will set me back £300. f**k that, it's a phone. So I'm now in the market to upgrade. Now obviously most people will recommend the iPhone4 and it's currently sat at the top of...
  25. Sym0n

    Tripod - recommendations

    Morning, Seeing as my Manfrotto piece of crap has decided to fall to bits, well worth the £200+ :(, I need a new one. Tempted by a Redsnapper RS-283 or the RS-324 (both with RSH-12 ball head), as they get good reviews over on TP and 10% discount off them too, not really considering Manfrotto...
  26. Sym0n

    Save Donington/East Mid meet

    So 17 cars from East Mids and some surrounding areas met up at the Save Donnington event today. Was a good day and we even got some sun. :cool: Anyway the full set can be found here but here's a few. Nowt amazing, but people moan at me when I don't upload them. Dave88 forgot...
  27. Sym0n

    RB 182 AD05 (I think) B600, Notts

    Spotted this at the last minute so not hundred percent on the reg, but I'm sure it had a CS sticker in the back window. Hi.
  28. Sym0n

    Flamer 172 - Edinburgh

    Parked in the carpark of my mates apartment complex, with an old school CS sticker on the back window. Hi.
  29. Sym0n

    OE 1*2 rear discs (inc bearings and ABS rings) and pads

    Just spotted these for £117.90 delivered. Just in case anyones after some, could save them a couple of quid (unless prices...
  30. Sym0n

    Nice Blackberry/Android App

    Check out It basically reads your texts/emails out loud to you (you can turn it off) and automatically replies to the sender to let them know they you'll get back to them later. If like me you do quite a bit of long distance driving and like not to die in a flameball whilst...