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  1. jon_r

    Quick question for the engine guy's.

    Hi ya, I'm wondering if anyone can help. At a trackday last year the car started pushing 100ml of oil into the catch tank over the course of each 15 minute session. At normal driving speeds the car pushed 0ml of oil out (tested over 300 miles). After a long period of doing nothing I finally...
  2. jon_r

    ARP Bolts.

    K-Tec are doing a set for £76 delivered with the black friday code. Anywhere else cheaper?
  3. jon_r

    Run out in the Clio this weekend.

    I did a trackday at Goodwood this weekend. Fortunatly the weather was great, so we were very lucky. I'm starting to find a few pics online - as usual I left the camera at home! Many thanks to Jason Cornish for the pic!
  4. jon_r

    Hello old friend.

    I bought this car in September 2003 brand new. 152k later (and feeling slightly sorry for itself) it's back in the family. Big thats to Andyrg for all his help. My Dad is going to spend some time putting it back to standard and cleaning it up a bit and then do a few trackdays in it. I'm...
  5. jon_r

    I.D. of fuel pipe going to fuel rail

    Does anyone know the internal diameter of the fuel pipe going to the fuel rail and also the length of the pipe from the bulkhead to the rail? I want to order up a piece of braided pipe to replace the OE pipe thats been cut and joined. If anyone has any suggestions on the best place to order...
  6. jon_r

    My Friday car, a Subaru.

    The 197 had out-stayed it's welcome somewhat, so after I got it MOT'd I stuck it up for sale. All was quiet for a week or so and then a guy showed some interest. We agreed a price and he drove up for somewhere and took it away. Wasn't even fussed about driving it. I then got another two guys...
  7. jon_r

    197 rear brake issue

    I changed the rear disks on the 197 at the weekend. It all went fairly smoothly except the offside rear caliper was an arse to wind back in, so I managed to use a screwdriver and a hammer to move it back in enough to clear the pads and disks. I've noticed the disks are getting really hot on...
  8. jon_r

    Identifying 197 cams

    Is there a sure fire way to tell the difference between 172 and 197 cams? I just want to check the cams I've got are actually from a 197. The numbers I can make out are (though its really hard to read them): Exhaust: F4r r194 243 23h23 Inlet: F4r a 318 E06 11h45 ​Cheers
  9. jon_r

    Fuel line (ask a stupid question)

    When the itb's got fitted the clip that plugs into the renault fuel rail got cut off flush with the metal insert in the pipe (just behind the clip). I want to go back to the renault fuel rail so I've bought 2 new clips from Ktec. My issue here is that the metal insert is now flush with the end...
  10. jon_r

    My Ph1 at Goodwood

    Total disaster! I had high hopes for a day's lapping, especially after the recent upgrades. Sadly the car decided to develop a nasty misfire/stutter in the morning. We tried in vain to sort it all out, but we didn't manage to sort it. I'd packed up and left by about 2.30pm. I managed one half...
  11. jon_r

    197 rear disks.

    Ive got to fit a pair at the weekend. Is it the same process as the 172's?
  12. jon_r

    Decat options

    I've been on here years but I've never paid any attention to the topic of decats, however I need one for the track car. It's the later twin barrel/lambda setup on a ph1, so i assume a ph2 172 decat will fit fine. Save paying Ktec £118, is there a cheaper alternative? I'm loathed to pay that...
  13. jon_r

    Ph1 clocks. Pin out for water temp and rev counter?

    Does anybody know which pin on the back of the ph1 sport clocks is for rev counter and water temp? ​cheers!
  14. jon_r

    Sump bolts

    My sump has developed a slow weep from it for some reason, so we'll be changing the gasket next weekend. I have a feeling the bolts were done up too tight and its developed the leak after about 2k miles of fairly hard use. I was going to go and buy a few spare renault bolts but they are...
  15. jon_r

    Albi blue no longer available at Renault parts.

    Just a heads up: Popped in at lunch to order a touch up stick and it turns out the paint is no longer available from Renault. Crazy! Luckily the parts guy spoke to their paint guy and made me a pot up which was really good of him (Renault Durham).
  16. jon_r

    Removing an injector from the rail.

    Do they just twist and pull off the rail, or are there clips to release? I've got to swap one out later. Cheers
  17. jon_r

    +ve wire to coil pack

    Guys, what colour is the +ve wire going to the coil pack? Battery is on charge so can't hook up the meter to test. Ta
  18. jon_r

    Free Photoshop An older version, but well worth a download if you don't have it.
  19. jon_r

    'Cup racer' style Inlet pipe.

    I've been meaning to sort this for ages, but I'm after someone knowledgable to point me in the right direction. I'm after a Cup racer style inlet pipe that will allow the airbox to be mounted sideways. It's for a PH1 though, so i need it to have a take-off for the ICV pipe to go into it. Any...
  20. jon_r

    French car normality.

    Just a quick picture from the weekend. Comes as no surprise that one of them's got the bonnet up. The 172 started on the first turn of the key as well. Surprised me a lot. It's only run for 5 minutes since August and hasn't moved at all in that time. I'm pretty sure the next time it'll come...
  21. jon_r

    Frozen rear brakes (197)

    I couldn't get the rear brakes to release this morning (yes I'd left the handbrake on...). The handbrake released, or the lever went down, but nothing moved. 2 jugs of warm water later I was away. The handbrake lever is now really loose, the handbrake works, but only right at the top of the...
  22. jon_r

    New lower ball joint. M10 or M12?

    I need to buy a pair, but which ones?
  23. jon_r

    Goodwood trackday

    Travelled down to Goodwood at the weekend for a 'glorious' trackday. Spent the day chasing some nice machinery. Had a great time and the Clio behaved itself perfectly. Second video: or and...
  24. jon_r

    A690 out of Durham Feel free to send them your thoughts...
  25. jon_r

    Raffle total raised for the Macmillan charity

    Thanks to all of you who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets on Saturday. I'm happy to announce that the total we raised from the raffle and the sale of the doughnuts is an amazing £589, which will all be donated to the Macmillan charity, a cause close to ClioSports hearts. Big thanks also...
  26. jon_r

    ABS and Serv light help

    Hi guys. In a rush my car was fitted with new rear disks without abs rings. The ABS and Serv lights appeared as expected. 600 miles later I fitted new ABS rings and i've done 200 miles since. The lights are still on. They went off one morning when i started the car but appeared about 5 meters...
  27. jon_r

    How many teeth on ph1 rear abs rings?

    Is it 44? I'm assuming the cheapo ones on ebay are a load of rubbish? Where's best to buy? Cheers
  28. jon_r

    Idle issue. Anyone got any ideas, because i'm all out!

    OK, so start the car and it idles spot on. Touch the throttle, drive away etc then come to a junction, or anything and the car idles at 2000 rpm (maybe more). Occasionally it settles at 1500rpm and then 'hunts' and will rev between 1500 and 2000. If you then stab the throttle the idle settles...
  29. jon_r

    FCS Start time IMPORTANT.

    Hi everyone. Due to the windy conditions today we've not been able to set the stand up as we'd like, so we're going to do it in the morning. Therefore it'd be really appreciated if you could arrive after 8 if possible. We will be there from 7, so it's not the end of the world, but your...
  30. jon_r

    FCS start time. Important!

    Hi everyone. Due to the windy conditions today we've not been able to set the stand up as we'd like, so we're going to do it in the morning. Therefore it'd be really appreciated if you could arrive after 8 if possible. We will be there from 7, so it's not the end of the world, but your...