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  1. djspt

    Black 182 Pilrig Street (Edinburgh)

    Noticed this has been parked up for a while looks tired, anyones on here?
  2. djspt

    182 Cup Packed Blue Livingston Today

    Seen this weaving in and out the traffic approaching Deer Park roundabout at 12:45 ish, hope you made the toilet on time 😂
  3. djspt

    YP53WUB 172 Cup

    Seen this today leaving North Berwick looks a good one.
  4. djspt

    Monaco Blue East Lothian

    Seen this around 4pm today on Elphinstone Road, looked in good nick. Anyone on here?
  5. djspt

    Famous CN54GGP

    Apparently on next weeks episode of At War With The Noise Next Door 😂
  6. djspt

    LY182 Dalkeith

    Seen this earlier today around 5pm looked very clean. Anyone on here?
  7. djspt

    SX04DDL A1 Edinburgh 18:45 tonight

    Looks smart and good nick for an 04 plate ??
  8. djspt

    Dilemma ?

    Looking to get new tyres or wheels/tyres as the tread on my existing tyres are getting low and I’m not overly keen on the Toyos tbh. Had Continentals on ten 172 and felt the were really good. Anyways the price to refurb my wheels and get new Michelin’s would be the same as me getting new 15’s...
  9. djspt

    Can anyone confirm what this adaptor is for please(Picture attached)

    Hi guys selling a head unit and was wondering if this is a stall adaptor as I’m not too clued up on what certain parts look like. Cheers Sean
  10. djspt

    182 Trophy Pathead

    Seen this today reg starts SP55 looks a good one??
  11. djspt

    My New-ish 182 FF

    Back on the scene in a 182 FF. Between losing my mum, a bad relationship breakdown and a Mini Cooper S it’s nice to be back in what I can honestly say as one of the most enjoyable cars I have owned! I’ve been on the forum for a while and I don’t tend to run project threads however the folk on...
  12. djspt

    SN02KMK Driving like a tit!

    Seen you at miller hill roundabout at about 5:20pm what’s with the backfires ??
  13. djspt

    Black 182 Private Plate C11 Ferniehill Ave Edinburgh

    Anyone’s on here?
  14. djspt

    Aftermarket head unit causing potential interior lighting problems?

    Hello I have now got my next project that needs a few things sorted. I have no interior lights working and the car has an aftermarket head unit. I noticed the interior light on the roof was disconnected I connected this and heard a fuse pop. Anyways I was wondering if these things are related...
  15. djspt

    Flamer YO53UYL M8 14:30

    Seen this today looked very clean!
  16. djspt

    Y677JMJ Odyssey Blue Livinsgton Today

    Looked tidy, I’m sure this is the one I seen a few months back. It was on 182 alloys and had exists showing. Really smart looking PH1.
  17. djspt

    Silver 182 LA vehicle Sevices West Lothian

    Seen this parked up ref plate starts FA05, looks decent, anyone on here?
  18. djspt

    Non Turbo 225Bhp Clio 182

    I know this will probably get deleted but it’s too good not to read ?
  19. djspt

    Odessey Blue Ph1 Livingston today 11:30 today

    Looked a cracker,Y6 something was the ref plate. I was driving and on the handsfree so couldn’t take full note of reg plate. Had an aftermarket exhaust and looked lowered and clean??
  20. djspt

    Blue 04 Plate 182 Cup Livingston

    See this often in the Craigshill Area
  21. djspt

    Trophy With Silver Mirrors

    Seen this yesterday on Newhaven Road back of 10am. Anyone on here?
  22. djspt

    Blue 182 Non Cup Edinburgh (Asda The Jewel)

    Seen this today around 3:30pm I was in my work van. It was an 04 plate looked and very standard!
  23. djspt

    Silver 172 Longniddy

    Spotted this today around 10:40am. Plate M/W50WPC Looked clean.
  24. djspt

    White 197/200 Edinburgh 12/7/14

    Seen this around 3:30pm yesterday inq Lochend in Edinburgh, I recognse the private plate use to be on a black 172 Rep. Anywas looked mint & sounded nice.
  25. djspt

    Black 182 Edinburgh

    Spotted this today at Cameron Toll about 7:30 pm ish. Looked clean and mean :) I was in the monaco blue 172.
  26. djspt

    Silver 182 Edinburgh Today

    Was a 54 plate seen you at Euro Car Parts (Sir Harry Lauder Road) this morning back of 10 was at City Plumbing. Looked in good nick.
  27. djspt

    Monaco Blue 172 Ferry Road

    Looked different, had bbs type wheels on it white with a chrome lip. Seen it last night around 7:25pm.
  28. djspt

    Flamer Leith Walk RJ02

    Lunchtime today back of 1ish. Looked very clean. Seen one about with white wheels previously but this one had standard wheels in silver. Anyone on here?
  29. djspt

    Accelerator Pedal Travel

    Hello guys, I have done a search but couldnt find the answer I was looking for. I found some info about limp mode etc but its not that. I drove my clio today for a 30 min run, left it for most of the day. Later on drove it home but immediately It seemed different, the accelerator pedal felt...
  30. djspt

    Flamer White Wheels Leith Walk

    Car looked nice and clean.