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  1. vroomtshh

    Wiring connector info required

    Does anyone know where I could get a new connector and pins for the coolant temp sensor and the vvt solenoid?
  2. vroomtshh

    Ph1 'Exclusive' Budget Track Car

    About a year ago, I decided I had too much money tied up in my track Leon, and I should replace it with something a little more budget conscious. I've had a few 172's in the past, and they're cheap as chips and pretty good standard around track so it made sense to buy another. FIrst one that...
  3. vroomtshh

    SM Inlet thread sizes

    Does anyone know what sizes the tapped holes in the bottom of the inlet are, as I want to blank some of them off
  4. vroomtshh

    PMS engine mounts and ECU mounting

    IS anyone running PMS engine mounts and wants to give me some inspiration for mounting my ECU?
  5. vroomtshh

    182 Manifold/Pure exhaust on 172

    I'm about to order a pure exhaust for my 172 track car. Is there any real benefit to doing the 182 manifold at the same time on a car thats only ever being used on track? The fitting issues don;t bother me, I can quite easily pull the engine or remove the subframe, its not the end of the world. TIA
  6. vroomtshh


    Clio trophy with a decent plate coming out of westway in Renfrew. Looked awesome. And if you went onto the m8, it obviously shifted a bit too
  7. vroomtshh

    What to do?

    I recently bought a cheap 172 to run about in for winter. I've had a couple before and always thought they were fun. I didn't pay a lot for it and it shows in the bodywork. Mechanically, it's very good. 100k, belts just done, full history. It needs a rear shock for its mot (amazed how bad it...
  8. vroomtshh

    How easy should the passenger shaft come out

    As above, I changed both shafts at the weekend. With the ball joint and shock bolts removed at the passenger side, the shaft fell out the gearbox under its own weight. The gaiter obv holds it in place but it seemed very easy to remove/refit. I've always had shafts that bolt in in the past so...
  9. vroomtshh

    Anyone got Clip near Glasgow/Ayrshire

    Looking for someone who can diagnose a fault for me with my throttle body. Save me needlessly replacing parts. Anywhere within 50 miles of glasgow/Ayrshire is fine with me for travelling
  10. vroomtshh

    Anyone recognise this?

    Recently bought this as a winter runner. It had a maaassive cliosport sticker in the rear window. Car has been in Scotland for a wee while but I think originally came from humberside. Just looking for any info on it.
  11. vroomtshh

    Few photos of the Mrs' new car

    My girlfriend has been taking lessons for a while and we decided it was time for her to get a car. What better first car than a Clio DCi Spent 5 hours or so on saturday cleaning up the outside, once all the green was removed it came up pretty well. Has a few wee niggles to sort out, but...
  12. vroomtshh

    Kind of new

    I've been a member here for a short while. But thought I should write an intro thread, rather than keep spoiling Gallys inlet thread. I'm a member on a few forums, so some people will know me from there. I currently have a 'mildly modified' Seat Ibiza Cupra TDi, and an A4 1.8t Quattro Avant...