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  1. Serg

    log in error on windows xp!!!

    Every time i turn my PC on now it goes to a user login screen which it never use to do as its only myself who uses the computer. Anyway when i clik on my user it flashes up my back ground and then within half a second it changes to a logging out screen and saving settings. I have tryed safe mode...
  2. Serg

    dent wizards?

    i have a dent in the edge of my door and am wanted to get it removed. What companys can i call? I have tryed Shine but they say for the spray it will go onto 2 pannels :S cant they just mask it off? im based in Hampshire many thanks
  3. Serg

    Track Time - French Car Show 2008

    track time was wicked, my first ever track time (not be me my last) just made slightly scary with the wind. O went alot better in the 2nd session now all i need is a good suspension set up :)
  4. Serg


    EAGLE F1 GS-D3 195/45 R16 84V XL BSW and EAGLE F1 GS-D3 195/45 R16 80V BSW ?? to me they look the same?
  5. Serg

    Good night o2 - 8 years later and your out. New network needed!!

    when you ring up to upgrade have been been trying to upgrade 'handset only' as ig you move to a new price plan then you will be much better off. Oh and dont get the n95+8gb mem card as its the original n95 and thast rubbish
  6. Serg

    Bulb number??

    ok is the ph2 mk2 172 a tin headlamp or singal??
  7. Serg

    Bulb number??

    ok my xenon light on my 172 2003 has gone pink so im guessing i need new one. I went to halfords and they gave me a bulb number but im not convinced its correct. Does any one know the number off hand?
  8. Serg

    my headlamps :S

    yer thats what i was thinking! iv got a day off tomorrow i will have to go get it checked out.
  9. Serg

    my headlamps :S

    xenon thought it was with an 'x' but thought it looked weird. hmmm iv never seen it go pink before :S
  10. Serg

    my headlamps :S

    just noticed my right side lamp has gone a redy/pink colour but the left is blue. Its a mk172 with zenons (spelling) whats happened??
  11. Serg

    Official Cliosport FCS 2008 Attenders List

    1. Batman (Vip,2 track sessions) 2. Daz81 (Vip) 3. mikey_16v (track session 4. rhino172 5. Vern (Vip) 6. Phill172 (track session) 7. Bradharding 8. Rachel anne 9. Barron 10. Bazzon 11. Geddes (VIP) 12. sash 13. TrannyB (vip) 14. Jacko172cup (vip) 15. DennisV6 (vip) 16...
  12. Serg

    Dynacup is reborn

    what wheels are they?
  13. Serg

    iPhone at £169 brand new anyone?

    still wouldnt pay £170 for it tho. its not THAT good. Plus the i phone 2 will be out in around 4 months i recon
  14. Serg

    Pics Of Clio Cup @ Brands

    they look good. Cant believe how young the people driving are tho
  15. Serg

    6300 Nokia or LG Prada

    either nokia not the prada!
  16. Serg

    video cam - front bumper?

    cheers for all the replys guys. ATM i dont have a camcorder no. Im just looking into the bets way to set it all up first.
  17. Serg

    Cancelling Orange Contract?

    phones for you wont be able to do s**t as they onl;y have 14 days. Orange prob wont do anything as your only ment to have 14 days but its worth a tyr with them. Or sell the phone brand new and buy a new one?
  18. Serg

    Nokia 8800 Arte

    thats a very good deal as normaly £35pm on o2 you still pay £500 for the phone or on £75pm you pay £150 for the phone. Deal = good but i would never pay that much for a phone espec as what it is. Just think effectivily if its a 12 month contract your paying £53.42 pm 18 month contract your...
  19. Serg

    video cam - front bumper?

    hello, im looking into putting a small cam in my front grill/bumper for making some cool track videos etc Now how can i have it wired so i can record it? can i use a digi cam or such like?? Wheres best to get the lil cameras from?? cheers
  20. Serg

    rules on bucket setas?

    well yes i have a few differnt brands and seats in mind, just wanted to ask about the rules first. Also what are peoples opions on high sided seats?? or is it better to have the ones that the side drops away?? (if you understand :S)
  21. Serg

    rules on bucket setas?

    thats what i thought......cheers
  22. Serg

    rules on bucket setas?

    ok im after some bucket seats for road and the occasional track use now i was looking at things like cobra imolas and sorts. Now iv been told i wouldnt be able to use these on a track day as they arnt FIA approved. However when i go online i see they have been aproved up untill 1999?? so whos...
  23. Serg

    price of a sump?

    ok well iv cracked mine and have been told by my local garage i can only pick them up from renault themselfs. is this corretc and what sort of price should i be expecting?
  24. Serg

    W910i or K850i

    depends what you want, a good camera or a better walkman! k850 is a big let down looks very plasticy. Only get a gsm one if you get the 850 as the software makes it very slow taking pics otherwise
  25. Serg

    US PS3 working in the UK

    cool so will it work on a UK non HD tv? Also the games on play etc seem to say 'will only work on UK spec PAL' but i thought the games are region FREE? How big are game files ie how long will 60gig last?
  26. Serg

    US PS3 working in the UK

    any one got a US PS3 as im thinking of getting one as they are alot cheaper but im abit worried about it working at home etc. Im guessing i would need a power inverter thingy. Question for anyone who has got one, do they work on UK HD tvs and do they work on UK non-HD tvs also are there any...
  27. Serg

    Uk iPhone launch any moment...

    I think this is the bigest waste of money on the phone market atm. For £35 you only get 200mins and 200 txt. Every tariff has had £10 add to it to account for the unlimited internet etc so a £35 iphone tariff is the normal £25 etc etc plus you have to buy the phone, why would anyone do that...
  28. Serg

    Traffic at rws

    left our hotel (The stuart) at 8am and got there just after 8:15 easy.
  29. Serg

    anyone play civ??

    im trying to install civ 4 but it keeps crashing saying it cant render but my graphics card is plenty good enough. I think i need to d/l a pathc as it seems to be a problem with ATI cards. Does anyone have this patch as its taking hours to d/l :s
  30. Serg

    why should the 197 get all the fun...

    they look good, def with the pipes wider apart.