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    Rear shock lower bolt snapped.

    If it's sheared the bolt you'll also need to apply some heat to the threaded section within the beam after you've welded the nut on, it'll come out easy enough once heated
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    Front passenger suspension knock *losing the plot*

    It might not be a suspension component rattling, I'd be looking at everything else around that area or turn the radio up a bit
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    Chris's 172 Cup Turbo

    Looks nice, where is best to get one? I have the Skoda one fitted but would prefer the original one if it's not to expensive
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    My quest for the perfect fast-road suspension setup

    I have b14's and there ok for the road, bit soft if pushing very hard bit not to bad and deal with potholes etc reasonably well, if I was you I'd go for the trophy set up if you can find a complete set, gotta be hands down the best set up for road by a mile imo
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    C4 gone wrong

    Wipe down with ipa, reapply and keep them dry and it'll be fine
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    Which shampoo recommendations?

    Bilt hamber autowash is all you'll need, it's anti corrosive, can also coat exposed metal parts with atom-mac, both very good products imo
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    Tyre Dressings

    I use gtechnic T2 I think it is, looks good and doesn't sling at al
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    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    How you planning to get the mileage sorted, I've tried 3 different guys who do mileage correction and they've all said no, one said he could do it but it might cause other issues so doesn't want to risk it! Tried to find one with close mileage second hand but that's been a pain tbh, most arrive...
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    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Project binky (mini) is good if you like precision home made engineering/skills
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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    There are others had issues also, was one last week about him selling parts, money paid to him and never received them 2 months later, again he never responded to emails etc and his post was deleted by the admin, second one ive seen in the last month, boys a prick end off imo
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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    We'll await his reply
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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    When this came out earlier, the words used were it doesn't surprise me, boys a clown, heard many many times, I'm only trying to make people aware, if you feel confident using him then that's your choice
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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    But yes we'll await the excuses,im sure hell have plenty, usually does
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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    Well I've heard of 3 people now who I trust have issues with him, all decent car enthusiasts, parts removed from their cars, poor workmanship, parts paid for and not delivered which was a nightmare to get the money from him, they had to go down in person to sort it out, the clowns a cowboy plain...
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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    Evening All, It has come to my attention that a certain individual under the name of BLOKE / CARL WADESON who is very active on here is someone who shouldn't be trusted having ruined a guys R26 over on the Facebook page resulting in his workshop being forced open to recover the...
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    Daniels Blue 182.

    Get a engine and get someone else to fit it like awmotorworks/select motorsport, saves getting pissed off doing it [emoji23] Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    When a car blocks your drive way.

    You'd get a bus through there ffs
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    Kyles Clio 172 Cup Project

    Good replacement in the white, nice car Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    ABS Pump bleeding...Clip software?

    Does it not work if you bleed it with the car running
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    Engine failure - thoughts?

    Be something like a washer, are all the plugs the same make
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    Another Clio 172 Cup

    This is the start of a slippery slope haha,
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    Lambda sensors?

    You would think it should prime on first click anyway so it's all good to go, then fire the pump up on second turn of the key ike every other car I've had, French science/s**t ?
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    Dr Jekyll's RB182 Progress Thread

    Will look so good once finished, take it you'll be giving it a costing of waxoil before refitting the bumpers/wings
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    Isaac's 172 Slow Progress Project

    Looks a nice car, the mods look good also, top job
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    Adam's 172 Turbo Build

    You just running standard box, was it rebuilt or diff fitted, need some videos, will be boosting mine soon
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    Adam's 172 Turbo Build

    Haha I bet it does, coolant, just with the intercooler etc blocking the path for air wasn't sure if this would be an issue on track Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    Engine Dynamics - for those not on Facebook

    not good anyone losing their job, i thought they were looking to grow going by all the new stuff on their website, im sure he wont stick for a job though
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    Adam's 172 Turbo Build

    good work, is the coolant temps fine
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    Road noise, How loud is too loud?

    I've removed everything from the rear and yip the road noise is very loud also
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    Fuel Tank Venting - EVAP system removal

    I fitted a one way valve like above in the pipe, it's still in the engine bay drivers side but hidden out the way and secure, tank still vents but is done so in a safe manner,