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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    Evening All, It has come to my attention that a certain individual under the name of BLOKE / CARL WADESON who is very active on here is someone who shouldn't be trusted having ruined a guys R26 over on the Facebook page resulting in his workshop being forced open to recover the...
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    Anyone in aberdeen/aberdeenshire got clip that could permanently turn off my airbags for some cash?
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    Clio head on meg block?

    Anyone got any info on fitting/or has fitted a 172/182 head to a meg 225 block, is there any modifications required on the cambelt side? just looking at options prior to conversion Thanks
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    Meg eng & box conversion

    Im planning to carry out a meg 225 engine & box conversion into my 172cup, i have a complete donor car but have a few questions: Whats the best way to to go with management so everything still works as it should, in regards to the speedo etc? Also is the only way around the servo issue to fit...
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    Turbo conversion

    Evening all, Looking to go ahead with boost on my 172 as it simply does not have enough grunt unless you drive it hard, was looking at low boost then the plan is to fit a complete megane set up once money/time allows but may be a few years away (babies/houses are my main issues :( knowing quite...
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    Megane 225 downpipe

    Afternoon, When fitting a 225 eng & box in to a 172, would the downpipe for a turbo conversion kit from ED fit? or best to get one custom made, i shall be using the standard servo? also who does everyone use to get their custom shafts made, looking for a tried and tested supplier Thanks again Nick
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    Clio cup bulbs

    Hi, Anyone know the correct bulb types for a Clio 172 cup, I need sidelights, main and full beam, Thanks
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    Info on getting various new bolts for plating

    Don't know what is the best section to put this under, but does anyone have a list of the sizes of bolts required for the front wishbone, strut to carrier, rear axle etc? Basically I am looking to replace all bolts when I rebuild the underside of my 172cup, and maybe have them plated also to...
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    battery relocation tray

    Hi, Once I finally get round to modifying the cup, one thing im looking to do is relocate the battery behind the passengers seat to free up some space under the bonnet for future modifications, i will be using the car on the road as well as the track so looking to go with the smallest standard...
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    2010 BMW 320d Pulling to the left

    Hi, Thought i would put this on here to see if anyone has either had this problem or could help diagnose what could be wrong, the problem is with my 2010 bmw 320d, basically it keeps pulling to the left, its only on 40k, fsh, tyre pressures are all ok, no buckled wheels, tyre wear is...
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    Protecting new parts

    Evening, I will be replacing every part of my suspension/brakes later this year, but was wondering what is the best way to protect everything from future corrosion, i know its going to happen as time goes on but thought im best to try and protect what i can prior to fitting all the new parts. I...
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    Best place to buy a harness

    as title, where's best to buy a 4 point harness for road use but using the aircraft style fastener Thanks
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    Front brake calipers

    as above, where's the best place to buy new front Clio 172 cup calipers, was going to rebuild my own ones but thought I'd check the cost of new ones first, I don't want reconditioned ones Thanks
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    Cobra Monaco Pro

    as above does anyone have these fitted? there is a set i am going to go and look at tomorrow second hand, but seen a few people saying they are uncomfortable, are they that bad? Thanks
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    black diamond

    anyone ever used black diamond predator pads on track, also looking at wezmoto brake lines, again anyone any dealings with them?
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    Will they be ok

    Hi, I've just purchased a set of 15 inch wheels for the track and I'm sure they'll fit but thought best to ask the people who'd know, there 6.5 x 15, 4x100, et 38 with a bore of 60.1 with spigots fitted, other thing is does anyone know where to buy aluminium spigots rings OD 73.1 to 60.1...
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    Places to buy uprated parts

    As above, where do you guys but parts such as powerflex bushes,steering wheels boss,seats,suspension etc,etc?:S
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    Quote by specialist-any good?

    Evening, I've had a quote by a specialist to have the timing belt kit, dephaser, Aux belt kit and water pump changed, all new renault parts with one year guarantee for £600 all in, is that any good or a bit steep? its on a 172 cup, any other things recommended to be changed prior to be abused...
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    Renault 5 steering wheel

    Anyone know if a Renault 5 turbo (1990 raider) steering wheel would fit on a clio 172 cup?
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    track suspension

    Evening all, I'm looking to get new suspension for my new track car (172 cup) but ain't sure what to get, don't have an endless pit of money so was thinking would cooksport springs and new cup shocks be any good, I'm looking to put on solid top mounts and a front strut brace, plans are to change...
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    i have finally commited....

    Evening folks, As the thread title suggests, yes i've gone and done what i have been meaning to do for quite a while and bought a clio 172 cup for a start into track days, its got low mileage and a few new parts fitted, aswell as some 'uprated' parts also such as exhaust, suspension kit, and an...
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    Noob seeking advice!

    Hi folks, i've been on here a while just browsing checking out projects etc, im after some advice on wheres best to start re-guarding my future track car, not sure whether to go for a 172 cup or a 182? does the 182 come in cup form also? im after a standard phase two with low miles. had a look...