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    Hi from Rotherham - South Yorks

    Yep, most likely I live near Kilnhurst and work in Donny :)
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    Hi from Rotherham - South Yorks

    Hi, I’m back in another 182 as a daily whilst my other car (Impreza) is having a forged engine rebuild. I think someone on here has my old RB182 Which I must admit I really really miss! But now I have this: Its good to be back in a lil B-road blaster and its more economical than the...
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    Hey there, so I find myself back in a 182 but as a daily whilst my other car is off the road. I have an issue with the ABS, no warning lights appear on the dash until I’ve been at a steady speed for a good 5-10mins. Under light braking at low speeds the brake pedal vibrates like the ABS kicking...
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    Racing blue 182?

    I usually miss people flashing me, I usually just give a thumbs up / wave and get looked at in the same way haha. I just saw u open the car door so thought a beep would do lol :)
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    Racing blue 182?

    It was me :)
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    2 today (04/08/14) - Conisbrough & Mexborough

    Silver 182 with a white sticker on the left of the rear window @ Conisbrough approx 16:30pm. RB 182 parked at the road besides the junction for Pastures Lodge @ Mexborough. Approx 17:20pm. :)
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    Revisiting old games

    Then there was Urban Strike... lol I loved these games :P *I've just bid on a SNES version of Jungle Strike on E-bay* :o
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    Revisiting old games

    Both of these are available on: lol, its where I have been playing them :) Though I preferred Jungle Strike :P
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    Revisiting old games

    I first played Trasport Tycoon when I was about 15, I still play it now (I'm 34 this year) albeit in open source format, those interested just google OpenTTD. :) I have my SNES set up in the spare room and still have the odd blast on Super Mario Land, Mario Kart and Streetfighter 2: Turbo...
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    Yeah just found it, thanks anyway J. Looks like a helluva journey! :)
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    Ahh cool, I usually look at the project threads with jealous, envious curiosity and I've not seen this. I shall search swiftly! :)
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    Just seen on Cobra Exhausts Facebook page they are fitting an exhaust (yes really... /end sarcasm) to an Impreza powered Clio. Looks like a Ph1 V6 shell from the back. Must be fun! :)
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    Your bought and current mileage

    Bought my 182 on approx 70k, its just passed 100k ( I have a pic of the dial on 100182 :o )
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    Absolute f**king dick in a blue dynamique, Bradley Stoke Bristol.

    Dan.... sounds like the usual asshole. Tootle along and forget... (*Sittin on the dock o the bay....*) :)
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    05 RB 182 - Rotherham Superbowl REG: RA05 06/01/14

    Approx 6.30pm, me n the missus went for a spot of ten pin, and noticed it parked outside. :)
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    The PlayStation 4 Thread.

    Well, I've had mine since release day, had no problems whatsoever in setting it all up, everything just seemed to sync straight from my PS3 to the PS4, trophies, FB link, profile settings. I have to say I absolutely love it. Playing: CoD: Ghosts, BF4 and Assassins Creed: Black Flag. The DS4 is...
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    Racing blue 182 rotherham

    I think it was me, I was heading towards Greasborough / Rotherham with the missus. I recall putting my thumb up on top of the steering wheel as a Storm grey went past. I'm often in and around that area as my sister lives in Mexborough. :)
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    Racing blue 182 rotherham

    Hmm, mighta been me. Where abouts was this?
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    RB182 - Maltby, Rotherham.

    Wasn't me, mines 55 plate. dammit I thought I'd had my first spot too :(
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    A close call

    In the old clapped out Rover I ran out of fuel... right behind where an accident had occurred about 500yrds from a petrol station. I got the jerry-can out the boot and legged it to the petrol station whilst 2 helpful traffic officers pushed it out of the way :D I was expecting to run out of fuel...
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    30/08/13 - Herringthorpe, Rotherham - Black 182

    I was in the C2 turning left heading up to Stag roundabout, you were going right towards Rotherham / Homestead pub. Saw the CS sticker in the rear window :)
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    What have you done to your car today ???

    Had new Michelin Pilot Sport 3's fitted to the 4 new 16" Anthacite 182 alloys... Ahhh matching things! :)
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    What have you done to your car today ???

    Booked the windscreen guys in to come and sort the rain sensor out seeing as it was working before they fitted the new windscreen and now it isn't... =/
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    De-laquer / Peeling

    As you can see, it appears the laquer is peeling... Location wise, Its on the rear bumper (imagine the photo rotated). Any suggestions on where I can get this remedied in the Sheffield / Doncaster area? I'm not adverse to getting the whole bumper done if needs be but if it can be "patched"...
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    The Simpson Tapped Out

    01 - John182rs - johncoxon3 (origin id) 02 - CBR_600f - arturner51 (origin id) 03 - josh11490 - josh11490 (origin id) 04 - C.J - ThatCJ (origin id) 05 - LukeW - lwoods23 (origin id) 06 - Pedro19 - pedropilotpete2 (origin id) 07 - Bux - TBuxton (origin id) 08 - stm77 - sithebike (origin id) 09 -...
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    Dayz Standalone

    I'd imagine that there will be more Game modes. Deathmatch, CTF etc in some way. The maps are feckin huge though so not sure how it would work. Personally I'm enjoying running round the woods trying to meet up with friends etc and not get eaten or shot! lol
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    Dayz Standalone

    Looks brilliant tbh. Still playing the Arma 2 mod so I'm really looking forward to this!
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    Steam - including latest offers

    I've been using Steam for years. Just got Arma 2 and the Operation Arrowhead expansion, mainly so I could play the Dayz mod which is excellent btw even if it is a tad buggy (what do you expect from a beta mod) I fully expect to buy Arma 3 and the new Dayz thats touted as being released as a...
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    Nikon Newbie :)

    I got the 18-55mm AF-S Lens with the Camera :)
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    Nikon Newbie :)

    Well, with a trip to the Spanish GP looming in May I thought it about time to get a decent camera to get myself some nice memorable shots whilst in and around Barcelona. So I plumped for the Nikon D5100. Taken it to the odd family party, get togethers with friends etc in the last fortnight and...