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    Hole in 172 gearbox - Options

    Afternoon all. So a while back I sheared the tripod off the NS driveshaft. After much magnet fishing I got all the bits out, but one of the lobes from the tripod has pushed a hole in the gearbox casing. It was very stuck. So any thoughts on how to plug the hole? Special magic glue / sealant? Get...
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    Gearbox Ate My Driveshaft on a Targa Rally- Garage Needed Around Farnborough

    Afternoon All Had a brilliant day of super budget Motorsport on Sunday on a Targa rally. Running second in class on the last test, when changing from first to second i got a thud and no gears. Had it recovered to a good motorsport specialist (who where at the rally), who have identified that the...
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    172 Radio Code Request

    Afternoon Could anyone help with a radio code for my 172. Have been living with it for a year but tomorrow I have a fairly long drive for a targa rally. I believe the relevant numbers from the side of the radio unit are TR796. Cheers all
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    Wishbone Replacement Goes Bad

    So, I started to replace the wishbones on my 172 phase 2, and before I realised GSF had sold me the wrong type..... ggggrrrrr So the tie rod that goes from the front inner wishbone bolt up to the inner wheel liner, I sheared the bolt that connects it at the upper wheel arch position. As I lost...
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    Front ABS Rings - Width Important?

    So my Ph 2 172 has the thin (7.5mm) 44 tooth ABS rings. However a new drive shaft has been delivered with the wider 15mm 44 tooth rings. Are they ok to fit, or will that bugger the ABS signal? Any guidance much appreciated.
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    Wishbones for Targa Rallying

    Afternoon all As I've now got a place on a Targa rally at the end on June (my first in the 172) I think I need to change the wishbones, as there is quite a bit of play. So the question is, do I go standard OEM or do I go for something with a harder bushing. Any guidance from the rally gods is...
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    172 Standard vs Cup Seats

    Afternoon all Any opinions on the pro's / con's of standard vs. cup seats for a 172. I'm assuming the cup ones are considerably lighter? Are they any better for spirited driving? Less comfortable for longer trips? I'm just thinking of 'adding lightness' to my standard 172. Cheers
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    172 - Chirp Chirp Chirp Between 2k – 4k’ish

    Afternoon all, I now have my first FWD Frenchie since a 205 gti a had a few years ago. The known to do list has gone quite well: - No HVAC fixed with the £3 resistor from RS Components. - Misfire fixed with a new no 3 injector. - Rear shock replaced (previous owner did one for the MOT, but left...