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    172 Cup track toy build

    Some change in it since you bought it from me. If you do decide to sell in future let me know. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Show Your Home Theater

    Nearing completion with this room. Got the projector and surround sound speakers mounted today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Show Your Home Theater

    I could do with some ideas as to how I can beat incorporate my motorised screen. Image below showing the positioning of my screen. I don't know what it would look like with a pelmet type box around the wall mounted projector screen? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Show Your Home Theater

    Finally plastered couple more weeks should see the install completed.
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    The "Ive taken a pic and I kinda like it" thread

    Taken last week in France.
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    Running fault - mini

    Hi I've a 2007 mini one which is running of a cylinder. I have tried a new coil and changed spark plug but it's still no better. It's off cylinder one and the EML light is on. I have plugged it into diagnostics and the fault code is only showing that it's Mis firing on cylinder one. I also...
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    Show Your Home Theater

    I'm gonna go for this,
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    172 Cup wishbone

    It's a near side wishbone that I need. How much would you need for it?
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    172 Cup wishbone

    Anyone able to answer this?
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    172 Cup wishbone

    I need a wishbone for my 172 cup. Is this wishbone exclusive to the 172 cup or is it the same as a 172 & 182? Is it the same as a standard 1.2 Clio?
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    Noisy VVT pulley? Clio sport 172, please help!!

    Where can you disconnect the solinoid sensor?
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    Nurburgring 2013 - CS EoE Annual Trip - 30th May - 3rd June 2013

    Im gonna take a trip out in mid September. Wheres the most reliable website to confirm what dates the track is open to the public. Dont wanna book the ferry etc and then find out it isnt open.
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    Airbag Light for MOT

    If i replace the airbag module with a second hand module do I have to replaced all airbags from donor car as well? Also is it just a case of plugging it in and it works or will it need to be coded?
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    Airbag Light for MOT

    Took the dash out tonight and someone had taped the bulb. Removed the bulb and the light is now permanently on. Will CLIP tell me where the fault is in system?
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    Airbag Light for MOT

    my 172 Cup has failed MOT as the airbag light is not coming on as it should when the ignition is turned on. Could someone please tell me the correct timings etc as to when the light comes on and goes out on start up. I assume I am going to have to wire it up either tied into the battery...
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    CDA carbon induction kit

    Does anyone know off hand what size of piping I need for the CAF. I'm planning on running to front N/S fog light. Could you also recommend a trumpet for this?
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    2001 RS Clio - reg. sk51 syo

    Hi Does anyone on here know this car? Has a CS sticker in back window and 'Jule's Cliosport' on the reg. Been offered it through a local auction but would like some history if possible. Thanks.
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    iPad help :)?

    I don't know if I just didn't notice it before and it's only annoying me now as I've realised. But I don't think it was doing it before either
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    iPad help :)?

    Mines started to do this too over wi-fi. It's annoying!
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    Opinion on new gaming pc spec

    What SSD drive would you guys recommend?
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    Opinion on new gaming pc spec

    Just wanting opinions on the below specs. Case - Cooler - Graphic Cards - PSU -...
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    Macro and Wide angle questions

    Sorry to hijack thread but I'm looking a wide angle lense suitable for taking internal room shots. I have a Nikon d40. All recommendations appreciated.
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    The 'What MPG Do You Get?' Thread

    I get 18 :(
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    Head gasket

    No you can get it skimmed if it needs it.
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    Compression Test Results..

    Itll be alight get the cambelt done.
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    iPad 2 - Internet Passthrough Possible ?

    Why not just get a wireless router for your broadband?
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    Performance Exhaust Mount

    It's probably better than the standard one.
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    Home Sharing Q's

    I have the airport express aswell and it's great basically works like a router and you can connect your speakers and printer to it. So this allows you to stream music from iTunes wirelessly through your hifi.
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    iPhone LastFM Alternatives?

    Radiobox is great
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    6 Point Harnesses, question

    Tony. Based on blue book the 2x crotch straps that bolt to floor. What is the recommended spacing between the two of these?