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    Excel Calculation help

    Right I am hitting a brick wall/having a mind blank with this. I have a sheet that tracks my hours at work, on the front page I call in the values from the end of the week so as an example Cell C3 = ='JAN 14'!F12 From there I want to calculate how many hours I have done extra/under for the...
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    Work "CAD" PC Builds

    Evening all, Looking for a bit of help regarding a possible build of a Decent spec CAD pc for work purposes. At the minute they are buying Dell Vostro machines and sticking a really basic AMD/Nividia graphics card in them. Some of the guys are using them for solidworks design and moan like...
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    Watercooled PC build

    Rather then clog up the other thread thought id start a new build new and do everything in here and post up my progress (and failures probably!! :o) Specs of the unit are Case = Xigmatek Elysium Motherboard = MSI Z77A-GD65 CPU = i5 3570K (will be overclocked to around 4.4 - 4.5 Ghz) with...
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    Back in the Game (kinda)..

    Its been a while since I have ventured into this area of the forum. Mainly because the gaylander just doesn't interest me in regards to cleaning it and taking care of it. Well this week I bought a new toy so got my hands dirty today. Pics may not be great as light was fading and ive just...
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    Excel Formula Assistance

    Im having an extremely blonde day today and just cannot get my head around why this formula is incorrect. I have made a spreedsheet that tracks TOIL for us here at work but I hit a snag when a MINUS number of hours are added into my cell. Formula is this in cell Columns...
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    "Orange Upgrade"

    So im FINALLY coming to the end of a long 24 month contract with Orange and have been looking at a new phone. For starters my Contract runs out on the 16th April and online wont offer me an upgrade till the 16th MArch (despite me reading that They will offer you an upgrade 3 months before the...
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    Repair My iPhone4

    Im putting this thread up more for information purposes and if its deemed to be a bit naughty then feel free to delete. A guy at work Gave me his sisters iPhone 4S that she had dropped and broken the back from. The fault reported was it would not turn on so I was to see how muc hto repair it...
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    Freeview Recorders

    So I'm going to purchase a new tv in the "sales". Probably going to get an LG smart Tv that's currently 429 Currys which is a bargain IMO. But it has no built in recorder so what if any are the recommendations? Don't reaaly want to spend that much ideally as it won't get that much use
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    Steam beta installs..

    I have Steam beta all installed but I notice that certain games cannot be installed to my other drive. I bout the THQ Humble Bundle and the majority of those games want to install themselves on C drive which is my SSD and is not that big. Is there a reason for that??
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    Silly Question regarding hdd??

    We have an old Packard Bell PC from a few years ago (4-5). It has a relatively small hdd in it and we also have another PC that houses all my other halfs music and work bits etc I want get rid of her rediculously old and heavy one which means transferring all her bits on the hdd in the packard...
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    Another New PC Build...

    Decided im wanting to build myself a new PC for gaming. What I have so far is below.. Can't decide what RAM to get though...any recommendations??
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    PC Modem help and OMNIPASS

    A friend of the family gave asked me to have a look at her PC as its really really slow apparently. Booted it up and notice in the bottom righthand corner some software called OMNIPASS. What is it and what does it do anyone know?? She is an old dear and has a BT voyager 150 modem and to get...
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    FAO Server install geeks.

    IIRC a few of you on here do large scale installs of server rooms/pc equipment etc?? I want to ask if when your doing these installs if anyone is working with fiber? IE Fiber patchcords and the like?
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    C4 + Freelander =

    Mucho better! :) Before 50/50 (ish) And Finished Just got to move onto the arse end now Although I shall need another bottle to finish it off 15ml was not enough and it wasn't exactly full when I got it. IT was just abelow the top of the label. I wondered if I was overusing...
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    Network monitoring tools

    Hi. Possibly a rather noob or silly question here but here goes... I want to be able to see what ip addresses certain devices are talking to. Namely a gps app on my phone, it talks to a website to download the maps and I want to see the ip address of the server its talking too. I have...
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    BT Infinity Install pictures

    Can anyone on here who has BT Infinity take some pictures of the install if possible?? IE Faceplate, modems etc Thank you please
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    Ordnance Survey Maps

    Is there anyway to get OS maps onto your phone. Preferably Android although I do also have an old 3G iPhone I could use. Mainly used for walking and being able to view maps without the need to go "online" or use any form of data. Or if anyone has any other ways/ applications to view OS maps...
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    Carlack Glass sealing Kit

    Anyone know if this can be "layed"?? I always just put one application on but after a few days, or even the first go with the wipers it kills the sheeting effect. I've had to resort to using this after my wiper mechanism decided to break on the freelander just as I pulled out of the MOT...
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    I'm having a blonde moment here.... I had one pc connected up with 2 monitors. Have a new pc now that is a special one kept on our protected green side network at work. One of the monitors has 2 inputs so that is now hooked up via dvi to the new pc (i don't need 2 screens for that new pc)...
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    Serial Port "sniffer"

    Can anyone recommend to me a serial port Sniffer/Monitor that is freee. I have one called "Advanced Serial Port Monitor" but they want £180 euros to "activate it". I need one that has options to capture received and transmitted data.
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    Tritton AX720

    Anyone have a set of these at all? I need to know what output the psu for it is please.
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    Storage Solutions

    After recently purchasing my self a new house I now actually have a garage (albeit small) to store stuff in. So rather then just dumping stuff in the shed/garage I want to sort it out properly. I want some shelving of some description but not sure if I want metal racks. One thought was...
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    Dynamic DNS..

    Right im looking to get some CCTV set up here at home and need some advice on DYNDNS please. My girlfriends Dad has a Kguard set-up at his and it causes issues becuase he is with bt and obviously BT dont give you the same IP address all the time. You can go onto the Kgaurd website everynow and...
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    Android Users..

    I know a few people on here have that have tweaked their droids to have new roms etc. Where is the best place to look/start and which roms are you running??
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    Static IP Address BB providers

    Does anyone use a BB provider that gives you a static IP address?? And if so who? I know BT will do you one but only if your a business and then they want to charge you £5 extra every month for the privilege
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    iPhone 4 screen repair

    I'm replacing a broken screen on an iphone 4 for a friend and wondered if anyone has done one of these? My only reason for asking is for recommendations on which one you purchased?
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    Williams F1 day

    Today I was down at a conference in the Williams F1 centre. Took a few photo's (100) of the museum mainly, put them all onto photobucket and rather then link them all here is a link to the slideshow. So you can peruse at your leisure. Some pics might not of come out and I haven't checked the...
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    HTC Desire HD unlocking

    Has anyone unlocked the Desire HD via rooting at all? Is it easy to do? I have one here that is a work colleagues and he wants to use a LycaMobile Sim in but its obviously locked at the minute. Best places to look at?
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    website design and facbook "like"

    Right I have a question that's a bit out of my league/experience. We have a website set up with a Facebook "Like" button on it, it links back to a Facebook page. Now what I notice is that website says that 24 people like it but when going to the actual page it only says 12 people and the...
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    EVO Spruce up

    Not really a "detail" more of a long clean to be honest, although arches etc were cleaned but wheels not taken off. Haven't had much time recently to work/wash the Lancer so decided to leave work early (ish) and spend a bit of time cleaning it up. Was covered in Bird s**t, pollen dust and...