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  1. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Project frankin derv V2

    Well as some may know, I have a forever on going mk1 16v Clio that I'm still converting to a 1.9dci 6sp track car, but due to the amount of work coming through the doors ATM I'm slacking..... Roll on a year or so and now I've acquired another frankin derv. I give to you the ONLY 1.9dci...
  2. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    electronic speedo to mechanical speedo conversion...

    for the life of me, cannot figure out how to make my mk1's speedo work with an electronic speed pickup off a gearbox. im fitting a 1.9dti engine which will eventually run allot of torque. so my thinking is the mechanical speedo drive boxes ( cup/ph1/mk1's ) isnt going to last long. currently...
  3. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    New project ( proper shed mk1 ) Hiya davedreads

    Matt brown dropped off my new project today,bit of a snotter/ no engine or gearbox but that doesn't bother me, I'll be fitting a mild tunned 1.9dti engine on mechanical injection. Only thing I can deside on yet , is to keep it green or full colour change into Porsche signal yellow anyway...
  4. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    good uprated clutch companies?

    hi all, need an uprated clutch for my 1.9 DTi engine. the standard one is ok but it will not last five minutes once i get it fitted and running on a hard tune. the fly is already solid mass not dual like the 1.9 dci. soooo i would like to get a uprated clutch to hold a good lump of torque...
  5. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    R19 Turbo D dash cluster connection? little help

    as the picture shows, does the three connector points at the top look anything like a clio mk1 cluster? or does anyone have a picture of a mk1 clutster? ive never come across a connector type like this,, im used to connectors with pins lol.
  6. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Mk2 to mk1 parts swapping questions

    Sorry if in wrong section ) As above. I have a 172 widetrack conversion kit here, with the Intention of refitting it back to my dci, although now I've lost all love for it , getting rather board of fixing random parts and a recent engine build has finally made me deside I want something older...
  7. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    help me prove this to a customer ! injector problem

    hi all, recently had a dci come in , 2004 delphi 1st gen k9k. the customer dropped the car off to us with a problem , the problem consists of first start after car being sat still over night. glow plugs have been tested and fine. inc glow plug relay/timer glow plug light goes out, go to...
  8. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    1.5 dci NON AC aux tensioner

    as above, is there a MOT tool to tension the aux belt. i can see a tooth gap on the tensioner and a tooth thing on the bracket that bolt to the block. ive seen something that looks like a long threaded bar with a hook on the end, and nut ( s ) on the other, winding them in tensions the belt...
  9. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Dci no boost and holding back after 2k.

    Got a small problem. The dci has just not long had a engjne rebuild, all fine but I have no boost and it holds back after 2k rpm. no clouds of smoke, and I can't hear the turbo spooling up. All pipes secure , both little feed pipes to turbo wastegate actuator and map sensor are on. Map...
  10. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    engine oil pressure thread size?

    as above, need to fit an oil gauge, and trying to find a T piece adapter that will fit. any idea's? :) raz
  11. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Headlight protectors ( hella clear covers )

    As above anyone know where to get them? Friend wants a set for his to protect his new lights. Ive seen them fitted to a few on here but can't find them for s**t on internet For mk2 ph2 clio
  12. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    what spec clio are these wheels off? as above, trying to find a set for dad's car. BUT i cant find what they are called , other than they're off a clio.
  13. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Photoshop request! Please :)

    Hi , can someone do a black ph2 172 with black steelies run spacers so abit more poke. Front mount intercooler filling the lower grill area and a wing exit exhaust. Thanks muchy Raz
  14. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    1.5 dci cylinder head valve clearances? max tolerance help !

    going to rebuild the head after a valve made a break for it. ( well bent valves *) ive got another head which has been skimmed way to much, but has straight and true valves in, so i am going to lap those valves into my current head. ive checked the clearances before with feeler gauges. BUT...
  15. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Deglazing cylinder bores.

    Cut a long story short, rebuilt this engine 50k odd ago ( bottom end only ) Its desided to drop a valve and took a peice out of the piston ( cylinder 2 ) ( don't ask me how, never heard a k9k do that) Lucky enough no other damage, injectors are fine and thankfully missed the aftermath , just...
  16. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    dCi chat thread!

    Thought I'd make this so we can keep all the DCI related crap in one thread, rather than millions of other ones. @AlexW @martin-172 @grazo22 Thank me latter ;) Please keep on topic when posting in this thread. Any spam will be removed and dealt with appropriately and if the problem persists...
  17. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Boot lock stopped locking

    Boot lock has stopped working all of sudden. It used to be a load thud when it locked and now it's nothing. I can lock the car via the remote but the boot, does f**k all any fuses ? Checked the connections I the tail gate and the rubber boots trough the roof to the boot, no damage to...
  18. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Rear quarter glass. How to remove?

    As above need to take the ear quarter glass out , so I can put my new rear quarter panel on. No smashing involve please! Ive got access to removal tools at work, ' cheese' wire , ect ect Im guessing it's bonded in? Altho I can see a rubber skirt around it ....
  19. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Door warning light coming on under heavy braking

    As above , door warning light coming on , on my dash cluster when I heavy brake its not turning the interior light on but it's dam anoying seeing a red light flash on and off changed both door plungers but still no luck. Has the boot got one?
  20. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Ph2 172/182 rolling shell

    How much am I looking at to get a ph2 rolling shell ? no engine/ gearbox, no interior but wiring loom still in. Just a ph2 sports shell with suspension still on
  21. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Car will not start. Randomly die'd

    Went to get some parts this morning , come back to the car, tried to start and cranks over for a few seconds , then stops easystart makes it run , but won't run on its own after checked the three black relays under the bonnet fuse box. Cleaned them and tested , all good. - recomended by Fred...
  22. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Powder coating subframe coventry area

    Need my subframe and the other parts to it coating Whos that lad on here, ginger2013 or something works for a coating company
  23. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Custom order connecting rods ( con rods )

    Anyone know a place I can get the them made? Contacted my local engineers , they have quoted me 640£ but it doesn't included VAT or labour for them in other words it's looking over a 1k to have them done. Does that look right? Chip-mk1
  24. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Custom order connecting rods ( con rods )

    Anyone know a place I can get the them made? Contacted my local engineers , they have quoted me 640£ but it doesn't included VAT or labour for them in other words it's looking over a 1k to have them done. Does that look right? Chip-mk1
  25. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Custom order connecting rods ( con rods )

    Anyone know a place I can get the them made? Contacted my local engineers , they have quoted me 640£ but it doesn't included VAT or labour for them in other words it's looking over a 1k to have them done. Does that look right? chip_mk1
  26. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    1.9DTI con rod specs? info needed

    hi all , as above, need to know the specs ( messurements of small end/ bigend ect ) of the renault 1.9dti engine con rods... i am hoping that the specs are the same as a VW 1.9 ahu conrod, as darksides do a forged kit for them,which in turn will be helpful for when i build up this custom...
  27. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    BMW E30 320i 1990

    [IMG]had the pleasure of working on this minter this week. proper minter , and i mean almost factory fresh. same owner from new, always serviced on time at BMW paint work overhaul 6 years ago at my place, full respray including new rear arches , valances ect. underneith is spotless, and...
  28. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Valve clearances ( k9k solid buckets )

    Need this doing I think as my dci is starting to get abit tappy until warmish but still does it a little after. Not compression as I've tested all that to make sure I haven't got a valve not seating properly. What prices and labour ( sp ) I'm i expecting to have them done? I know some can...
  29. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    EML dci help

    Just come on 10mins ago after driving around normally ( not hooning around ) comes on on it's own and stays on, turn off and back on, and the light goes out. No running issues, and no fault codes at all, tried on three readers, my Delphi diagnostics computer/mates clip/ and a autocom reader...
  30. Dr HMS Derv Destroyer

    Jc5 torque limit?

    As above , messing around at work with dci/dti engines, we've converted a Clio 1.9dti ( fly by wire mechanical pump) to a fully mechanical cable pump. now we can fuel a s**t load more and obv put a large turbo (maybe VNT) but what we are worried about is if the jc5 box on it will handle 2x the...