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    Assetto Corsa modding (PC)

    Anyone Dabbled? Some amazing mods.
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    Back in an Evo...

    I jumped in the deep end with this one. Little bit mental. 5 RS with a rather tasty spec. It just needs mapping! 90,000 kms 1 0wner car in Japan 0 UK owners (not registered) All work carried out by Ian Tromans formally of Ralliart Shell - Bare metal strip down and painted in Raptor with...
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    Impulse buy of 2020

    Somehow ended up here last weekend. Quiet wet Sunday, wasn't doing anything and had been talking to the seller on eBay. Decided to go and view it. Alas, here we are. 2008 WRX STi 57,000 miles. Fully rebuilt 12,000 miles ago with every nut and bolt, fully forged. Brand new turbo (standard...
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    Porsche 997 GT3 Sean Edwards

    Sean Edwards doing what he did best. Cracking race video, and tragic waste of life also.
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    AMG Cherry Breaking - A45 content

    Picking up next week. Will be my first Merc. Yes, it has no aero pack. The owner who had it built to spec lived in central Birmingham and was terrified it would get stolen. Having thought about it, I actually prefer it without, but I know it's a popular option. Beyond that, perforated full...
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    Nissan 370Z - Any and all member experience welcome.

    I did plan on trying one before I bought the Evo. Any owners / previous owners here? Was all going well till the harnesses.
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    Lancer Evolution Appreciation Thread

    Seeing as we have a Scooby thread, thought why not - whether you own on or not any pics welcome! Full tank of fuel spent today through the back roads of Tunbridge all the way to Horsham.
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    Impreza P1

    Clio ruins the video before it's even started lol. (actually it's an Astra)
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    [SetraMotorsport] Nürburgring record attempt ends in the barrier

    Talk about s**t luck. Also @Sir_Dave here's some Kleenex.
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    Decent sprayers in South East

    Unfortunately my trusted painter is being forced out of his current building soon, so I'm on the hunt for someone else who can be trusted. Any recent recommendations for anyone in the South East area?
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    Few pics of the new hack. Evo 8 MR

    Found a spot on the way home today and took a few pics. Not the best quality, but it's a private home for the elderly and one of the nurses looked as if they were coming out to read me the private rights of way, so I made haste. That is to say, I cleared off in a rather shady fashion.
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    Expel Ultimate Paint Protection

    Anyone had any experience on here with this stuff? I'm getting the front end coated on Monday including front arches, pillars and front end of the roof. Previous owner has already had the front end repainted, so I've jumped on the idea. Just wondered if anyone on here has had it fitted, or...
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    CIVIC TYPE R VS CLIO 172: FOES REUNITED Sorry if repost. Delete if needed. First time I've gone on PH for quite awhile so was surprised to see that. Nothing we don't already know but a nice rose-tinted read non-the less. More fun, less money, better off. Etc
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    Nintendo boss Hiroshi Yamauchi dies at 85

    What with all the GTAV hype this will probably go by unnoticed, but very sad news. Did a great deal for the industry
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    Dying Light

    Another zombie apocalypse game from the guys over at Techland (Dead Island, Dead Island Riptide and the Call of Juarez series). Using a new version of the Chrome engine for next generation consoles. Due out on Xbox 360, PC, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 next year some when...
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    Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

    After the dwindling semi success of Assassins Creed 3, this look like it might be worth a punt. Who doesn't love pirates? The naval missions were some of the best sections in AC3. Not to mention some improved next gen visuals for the PS4 and PC version (No extra Xbox One features)
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    Mazda Performance Scone. Mazda 3 MPS Project Log

    Well after being set on an R32 for sometime, I had a change of heart. Picking this up very soon. Needs no introduction. No tax talk please ; ) 256BHP, 280ftlbs 5 doors, 6 gears and 0-60 book time of 5.9. Oki doke. Poor mans S3 is fine by me. You may be seeing big power.
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    Mercedes SLS Roadster AMG - Performance House Edition 1 of 10.

    Firstly, no it's not mine. Secondly, yes it's the best thing in the world possibly since the dawn of time. Thirdly if you want the Performance House Roadster it will set you back into 140,000 pundz. I doubt I'll be allowed to drive it, so the pictures are all you'll get, but it's such a savage...
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    4K Gaming Early On

    Couple years, we'll all be playing at 4k :dead:
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    Canon 5D takes footage of Paris' Grand Palais from a UAV Drone.

    Connected to an eight-rotored RC drone. Really impressive
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    Do NOT update your PS3 today

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    PC High Resolution Screenshots

    As in title. Got any screenshots you want to share post them here to show what you've been playing recently. Metro Last Light: 1920x1200 All Settings Very High SSAA 4X Day Z 1920x1200:
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    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC, XBOX ONE, PS4)

    Thought I'd start a thread for this one as it's one I'm properly looking forward to from E3. This time round it will be multi regional and completely open world. If you liked Skyrim, the chances are you'll like this, a lot. Roll on 2014.
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    Deus Ex: The Fall

    Wouldn't even call it a teaser...but yay :D More to be revealed today.
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    EA Wins the Worst Company of America award by The Consumersit

    Two years in a row. Don't think they quite deserve the top spot but all the same. Unlucky.
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    More patents around the corner (Puns, I should write this stuff) Surely that has to be the end of it?
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    R26 for sale

    Mate is selling this currently. I can vouch 100% for this car, he's had it for a good few months now and it's faultless. Great low mileage example for someone to look after...
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    Contemplated putting this in the Harris thread but this cars a bit special. Saw the design concept couple years ago and thought they'd never ever put it into production, but alas..awesomes
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    Designer of the laptop dies aged 69

    Bit of history, RIP