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    LimeWire wont download anything..Licence?

    limewire is bad news anyway have u tried newsgroups or bit torrent???
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    What size are the rims in that pic and is that ur car???
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    Cup detail.

    Looks cool, how did you get the clio badge on the back to seperate like that or did you just buy the letters sorry for the stupid question, but was just thinking about doing the same thing on my boot????
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    The trouble is I can get the front and rear springs for 80 quid (thats on a 30/35mm drop) If I go for 60mm, like you say If I dont go for shocks (which I will probably have too) as well it may/will scrub, I heard that too. In a bit of a rut as I dont want to lower it just 30/35mm if its going...
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    Hi guys

    Hi guys im Rory aka Bunners and I new here, looks like a great bunch of people and look forward to joining in with the banter :)
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    Hi guys I have a 98 V reg clio and yesterday I decided to visit halfords to order/enquire about some lowering springs. Basically I am posting this beacuse I need to know if I lower it 30mm will that be enough considering I have 17" Rims:-...