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  1. Batman

    where to find official fcs pics?

    they hadnt put the track time pics up before i left anyone know what company/website i'll be able to find them on to buy online?
  2. Batman

    mac book help!

    how do i save pictures off the net into my photos? as you only have one button, i can copy the image but dont know where i can paste it to save it!
  3. Batman

    urgent! removing driveshaft

    trying to remove my drivers side driveshaft, i have the track rod disconnected and ball joint ect, the driveshaft is moving freely, undone the 2 13mm bolts on the metal housing on the driveshaft but it still wont come out? how is it removed?
  4. Batman

    os inner cv boot ripped

    fitting camber correction bolts today i noticed a huge deposit of grease on my subframe, the os inner cv boot has got a nice hole in it :eek: its only happened within the last few days do i just need a boot kit or do i have to replace the drive shaft? any kind of idea of cost? thinking of...
  5. Batman

    Changing Coolant

    After changing coolant, the heaters don't appear to be heating up. Is there an air release valve in the system somewhere on a 182
  6. Batman

    v8 in a clio v6?

    would a v8 engine fit into a clio v6? also is the clio v6 engine inline or transversed?
  7. Batman

    FAO carbon door owners

    fitted my carbon cards today in the front, the door handle is sticking out about 15-20mm! the handle is sat right up against the nut into which is scres against. Is everyone else's the same? i've thought of of a fix just want to know if anyone has an idea :boring:
  8. Batman

    manual window winders

    anyone any idea what i need to change the car to manual window winders? and if i can use an aftermarket winder like these...
  9. Batman

    A spirited drive

    thruogh the back roads what better, just popped out to B&Q and though i'd treat myself and dump some petrol in and have a quick session through the foot hills of the town the call sadberge, man it was awesome i was grinning all the way through did some mint heel/toe action which i was way...
  10. Batman

    how much - recaro trendline

    how much could i sell a set of brand new recaro trendlines for?
  11. Batman

    limiter issues

    i have 13 row oil cooler on and my manifold ceramic coated the temp sits under half, even after a few mintues of some stick (after 15 mins warm up) it still sits at under half sometimes 2 marks below and so it seems it hits the early limiter when taking it near the top, which cant be god as its...
  12. Batman

    getting a capri!

    after alot of thinking i'm planning on getting rid of the clio next year while i sort myself out well purchase my business, but i'm thinking on getting a capri and giving it the full works? anyone know if a chevy v8 will go in? i'm planning on getting the capri v8 so i'm guessing their wont be...
  13. Batman

    I must have a foot fetish!

    because i sure love toe's! :boring:
  14. Batman

    1.8t conversion help

    thinking about going down the vag engine conversion route, just like some help and info from the guys that have been involved around doing it? what do i need? same as usual engine,box,loom,ecu,keys etc etc any bits that have to be specialy made up? engine mounts? driveshafts? all...
  15. Batman

    G25 steering wheel

    anyone know if where getting any steering wheel like this for the 360? i know you can get it for the ps3 so gt5 would make it great i suspect, i have a 360 and love forza its just so real! all i need is a steering wheel like the g25 and i'd never need another track day! all 3 pedals,900 edgree...
  16. Batman


    not really thinking of putting them on the clio though it would be pretty funny, just wondering if someone could tell me how their actually mounted to the car? is it a hole through the chassis with it welded in? i think i saw on a GT car it had 2 jacks either side of back wheels and an outlet...
  17. Batman

    The BLACK cup

    say no more :boring:
  18. Batman

    size c spanner for H&R's?

    do i need either 1.9 or 2.25 size c spanner to adjust my H&R's? just arrived this morning so wont be fitting them until the weekend
  19. Batman

    15" what width?

    i'm running team dyanmic pro race wheels, i was going to get 205/50/15's which are pretty fat, would going to 215/50/15's be any better? tyres are going to be r888
  20. Batman

    oil cooler - how much oil?

    how much extra oil do you think i'll need on top of the required amount to fill oil cooler hose's and 13 row oil cooler?
  21. Batman

    Intercom System - Help

    anyone got knowledge of these? looking at getting one obv for headset for driver and passenger because my car is going to be "pretty" loud if it's not already :boring: wondering which is a suitable kit? and where is a good mounting point? as i dont want the wire interfering with my attempted...
  22. Batman

    Batman-Batgirl-Rich few snaps :)

    took a few pics today as we had nothing else better to do :) put my old side skirts up against this hyundai getz lol lo and things are getting out of hand when this is all the cleaning gear i had shoved in a box due to the shelf being full! so atleast double that i only gave...
  23. Batman

    the wheel specialist

    been trying to get a qoute from them to have my wheels stripped minor repair to a wheel about 20p kerbage and powder coat in them orange thats used on the GT3 :) didnt get any mail back so i phoned the leeds place which is just opening and said its going to have introductory offers, he phoned...
  24. Batman

    It's sooo cold :(

    just been removing my old fibreglass sideskirts ready for my new wings and side skirts coming and i feel like my fingers are going to drop off atleast if it snowed i would go inside. work is done now though :)
  25. Batman

    fitting coilovers on my hybrid

    right looking into putting h&r's on ym car, my question lies in fitment i'm running 172 running gear upfront e.g drishafts,hubs,struts etc but on the rear i'm running 1.2 rear axle with hub brakes, will a 172 coilover kit fit? i'm guessing on the front it will but i'm unsure on the back if...
  26. Batman

    driveshft - roller bearings

    took a reno tech out with me yesterday to show him the noise i was getting from my car he thinks it maybe the driveshaft/cv joint or possibly the anti roll bar. i've been reading and have noticed there could be a problem with the roller bearing's on the driveshaft/gearbox end, is it possible to...
  27. Batman

    fcs 08 track time

    when is this going to be available so i can get my hands on a session
  28. Batman

    f4r engine pdf document

    has anyone else on here apart from edde got the full clio 172 / cup files as i need them, if someone has them it would be deeply appreciated if they sent them to me at as edde seems to busy eating mince pies
  29. Batman

    clio with guaitar hero - fcs 08

    anyone fancy this, i'll dump a screen in my rb182 and hook a couple of guitars up have a bit of a laugh
  30. Batman

    resolving problem with rumbling on right turn

    I set out to try and figure out what was causing the car to get a rumbling noise when putting on revs when i turn right, the faster i take a corner the more likely it is to happen, of the more power i put down whilst negotiating a corner. we checked track rod ends,arm bushes and anti roll bar...