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    Sick car blud! Ahem...:dead:
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    Liquid Yellow Phase 2 - Warminster

    Saw you on the A36 heading towards Salisbury. Low as f**k with a black/carbon bonnet
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    ida-x305s - Fault

    Got a fault with mine recently, no issues with playback or anything but on start up after turning the ignition on the unit flashes once or twice between being dim and fully lit and then it's fine. Any reason why it may be doing this? I haven't touched the back of the unit since I installed it...
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    Apple TV £79.99 on eBay

    Thought this may be of use to someone, I've been tempted but not that tempted. Can earn a few nectar points for yourself too!
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    172 Cup Center Parcs Longleat Forest

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    Frickin' mess Just why?
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    BMW E46 Coupe Grey Electric Leather Seats
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    BMW bits Lots of stuffs
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    White 182 Rep Center Parcs

    Longleat. Reg started CP... White 182 rep with 182 alloys in anthracite and tinted windows iirc. Didn't seem too bad but sunroof was a give away
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    Arctic Blue 182 CenterParcs Longleat

    Spoke to you this morning as you drove in for a Spa session. 05 plate.
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    iPhone 4 Fault

    Apologies if this has been covered. Tried to search both Apple forums, Google and here but couldn't find anything relevant. When I plug the 4 into the charger on the wall, no problem. Same with my Gear4 speaker, is acknowledged, charges and plays music fine. Now the problem occurs when I plug...
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    Cup Newport IOW Fest

    52 plate cup blasting about Newport town with "I think" black team dynamic 1.2s? Also saw a Trophy in the IOW fest car park.
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    Saw my First 1M Coupe today

    Was epic in the metal! Slightly too small but walking towards it I just knew from the rims! Was pissing it down and had the iPhone and had been working (haven't got the bank holiday like you lucky sods!)
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    Baked Bean Westbury

    AF05 I believe. Immaculate it looked like! Heading towards the A36 iirc.
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    Trophy Deverills Warminster

    Was in my mum's compact BMW for that spirited drive :) WV55 UER
  16. V


    Almost! Only thing I hate are the front seats but in love other than that! :cool:
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    182 Platinum trowbridge

    FJ04 ? Had a 3/4 plate on the front parked in the bus stop outside Platinum about 9pm ?
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    Bath RUH Black 172

    Had dynamique 15" wheels on and a cup spoiler and a MASSIVE clio sport sticker in the rear window LY53 EXM
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    Silver 172 Yeovil

    In Goldenstones car park WR02 WRE
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    Clio Nova Nice
  21. V

    Bristolian Dialect WTF? :quiet:
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    BMW Runflats I was a dork and bought the wrong ones! :o
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    Arctic 182 A303

    GX54 ? Had a tow eye on it and was lowered.
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    Black 172 Orange Turinis CenterParcs Longleat

    RY02 VVZ Had a bonnet on aerocatches, CS tax disc holder and loads of Nurburgring stickers
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    Chesil Street Meet Winchester 13th November

    So some photos from the day. Despite being the middle of the month of November it was actually bloody warm and T-Shirt weather! Plan was originally to meet up and then head somewhere for a bite to eat/drink (I presume) but we spent so long chatting in the carpark it was time for everybody to go...
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    Black Gold 182 Longleat CP

    W18 REN had cup packs and black bullets with yellow writing. Thinkit had a CS sticker too
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    Silver 1*2 Trowbridge

    AJ04 VLC I think? Driving past Tescos around lunchtime
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    Monaco Sainsburys Trowbridge

    DS02 OAJ Had an old ClioSport sticker and tax disc holder!
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    Deal in Sainsburys

    Just bought Xbox 12 months Gold with 800 Microsoft Points for £34.99. Thought that was pretty good? :approve:
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    Zavvi Clearance upto 80% Off!

    This is down to £7.85!! Can't be sniffed at!