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  1. AJFisher

    Clio 182 Steering wheel switch cluster same for any clio?

    Hi Everyone, Bit of a strange one, but on my MK2 Clio DCI i believe my steering wheel slip ring has gone pop as my horn no longer works and seems easy to press. Now i'm after a replacement, can anyone tell me for a fact if the Clio 182 one fits? Main reason being as it has the adjustable...
  2. AJFisher

    CSS '15 Picture Thread

    Hi everyone, I thought it would be easier to post pictures in one section to make everyone's life easier! Now I took loads of images of the first track session as then I had to dash.. Now these will take ages to sort to upload them all. So if anyone was on the first track session and wants to...
  3. AJFisher

    New wheel colour on the 182

    Hi All, After living with scuffed alloys since I bought the car, I finally decided to have them redone! After much umm'in and arr'in over the colour, I finally made my choice! I also had the mirror caps done to match. What do you all think? Ps sorry for the cruddy picture, I didn't take my...
  4. AJFisher

    Standard Tuner list not working?

    Hi guys, When I bought the clio it had the standard head unit it which worked fine, I bought a cheap aftermarket Sony one and fitted that which also worked fine. I now want to put the original head unit back in as I was bought a connects2 for Christmas, just fitted and connected it all up, the...
  5. AJFisher

    White Clio 200 - Syston

    Spotted today, had a CS sticker and a KTR one! Look smart and very clean :)
  6. AJFisher

    What is this plug??

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone can identify this plug for me? What should it do and where should it connect too! Also can anyone tell me where abouts the three relays bolt too? And also how the UCH is held up? Pics would be great
  7. AJFisher

    Strange electrical faults

    Hi everyone, Got a few problems with my clio which I believe are all linked in! Firstly my clock will not remember the time, every time you turn the ignition off it forgets the time! Which brings me too the interior lights they only work if the ignition is turned on, if you turn it off none...
  8. AJFisher

    Black 182 in McDonald merdian

    Spotted a black 182 with white stickers and an aftermarket exhaust in McDonald's at meridian today! Looked smart, anyone on here?
  9. AJFisher

    172 cup & 182FF rear suspension

    Hi all, are the rear shocks off the 172 cup the same as the rear shocks off the 182 with cup pack? Thanks!
  10. AJFisher

    Santa Pod - Saturday 14th Sept

    Spotted a few clios there! A blue cup, which was stripped and I'm sure I've seen your thread on here! Silver 172 with 182 alloys! And a blue 182 with black rear lamps Anyone's on here?
  11. AJFisher

    Show me your arch liner!!

    Hi all! Random one, looking for someone with a 1*2 to show me an image of there drivers front arch liner fitted! I'm after the part which hide the bottom engine pulleys! Almost if your looking side on from the wheel the part behind the shock! Does anyone know if this is a separate part or it...
  12. AJFisher

    Misfiring and then not starting

    Hi guys, Brought a 182 clio yesterday and believe I've brought a shed hopefully not the case! But anyways it started misfiring on the way home, does it at 2,000rpm then more so at 4 and above, feels like it's spluttering more than anything. Apart from that it's been fine, I went petrol station...
  13. AJFisher

    Clock forgetting the time

    Hi guys, I've been to view a 182 clio and it's looking good, now one thing he told me is that the clock doesn't work, it seems to work when driving (ie once running the clock works almost as a timer) but as soon as you turn the car off it goes back to 0:00! Has anybody else had this? If so what...
  14. AJFisher

    Clio sport newbie!

    Hi all, Currently got a 60 plate Fabia vrs but been to look at a couple of 182's, possibly buying one at the weekend so thought I'd introduce myself, my names Adam, I'm 21 and from Leicester! When I get one I'll be sure to post some pictures! Thanks