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  1. CoryColeWilkins

    PAS delete pulley

    Hi everyone. I'm going to be replacing my steering rack with the EPS rack from a dCi I'm currently breaking. I have a Trophy and would like to keep the air con. What pulley / set up would everyone recommend? Thanks!
  2. CoryColeWilkins

    Radio code issues

    Hi all. Where can I find my radio code? Nothing is in the hand book. Thanks!
  3. CoryColeWilkins

    EPS conversion, retain A/C?

    Hi all, I know there has been threads about the EPS conversion but I'm looking to keep my AC. I have a 182 and whilst the engines out I'm looking to convert it all over. I have a donor DCI. Would it be possible to do this and retain the AC? What belt, idler would I need if possible? Thanks!
  4. CoryColeWilkins

    Are these the correct timing tools?

    As above, are these the correct tools for the 182? Cheers.
  5. CoryColeWilkins

    Mk2 Sat Nav backlight

    Hi all, Iv'e done many many searches but have found nothing. I have a 172 with satnav and the backlight has broken. Iv'e removed it and need a new one. Does anybody have any idea where I can get one? Would renault even supply one? Or... what do people think if using something like this...
  6. CoryColeWilkins

    Another UCH problem.

    Basically my my uch on my dci has seen better days and needs to be replaced. I have a 172 that I am breaking. My 172 has a n3 uch. The dci has a n2 uch There is a place by me than can reprogrammed the uch. I'm going to use the 172 dashboard loom etc.. so that I can have auto lights, climate...
  7. CoryColeWilkins

    Two RS tuner Questions

    Hi guys, Iv'e just bought an RS tuner and have a few questions about using it and the service. It has worked a treat on my 182 engine and air bag lights, so iv'e bought the abs module now. How long does it usually take for the reply containing the code to arrive? Secondly, Iv'e tried using it...
  8. CoryColeWilkins

    RS tuner info.

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice I can use when buying an RS tuner. I've posted in the wanted section. I want it to support pops and bangs; do they all? Do I need any special software or will it be plug and play into my laptop? Thanks, Cory.
  9. CoryColeWilkins

    Non RS hub VS RS hub

    Basically I have a question that I'm hoping somebody with the right knowledge can help me with. I have searched to find the answer but was unsuccessful. Let me explain my situation. I have bought a Clio 182 that I don't think has had much love given to it over the past few years. I have a set...
  10. CoryColeWilkins

    Lambda sensor off 172 on a 182?

    As above, will lambda sensors off a 172 fit a 182? Cheers , Cory.
  11. CoryColeWilkins

    Stalk wiring

    Hi, can anyone tell me which is the headlight live? I'm wiring in a relay so they can come on when I unlock the car. Thanks.
  12. CoryColeWilkins

    New keys, ecu, uch...?

    Right guys, I've just bought a rb 182. It has air con, cruise, traction etc.. And I love it! It's my third RS, first 182. Basically, I want keys to it that no previous owner has ever had. I'm really not looking to get into why I want to do this, it's just something I feel needs to be done. It...
  13. CoryColeWilkins

    Closest timing belt specialist near me in South Wales.

    Iv'e just bought a 182 and the belts need doing. The depahser is also noisy. What specialists are the best around my area? Cheers. Cory.
  14. CoryColeWilkins

    Abs & esp lights?

    Hi all. I'm going to pick up a rb182 tomorrow and have a few questions before I do. The brake pads are low, grinding. They need to be replaced and will be tomorrow. Will this make the abs and esp light come on? Am I right in thinking the esp light is the triangle with the car and skid marks...
  15. CoryColeWilkins

    What's This?

    I'm in the process of trying to decat my DCI. On all the guides I can find, the egr setup seems different to mine. How do I remove this to get to the turbo threads? Cory.
  16. CoryColeWilkins

    Castle Combe convoy?

    Has a FCS castle Combe convoy been formed that I've missed? There where talks of one at the last meet.
  17. CoryColeWilkins

    Too late to be on stand at fcs?

    Hi all. I missed the reminder yesterday, are there still places for my car on the stand? Cheers! Cory. Edit: for FCS this weekend!
  18. CoryColeWilkins

    Rs tuner + DCI?

    Hi all. Just wondering weather there is a map suitable for the DCI that can be bought for the rs tuner? I'm a noob when it comes to rs tuners so I'm all ears :) Cheers, Cory.
  19. CoryColeWilkins

    Won't start after gearbox change

    Hi, all! Over the past few days iv'e been changing the gearbox on my Ph2 172. It's the biggest task Iv'e ever attempted so took me a little longer than normal! Basically, Iv'e now got everything plugged back in and bolted up only to find the car wont start. The immobilizer, STOP, oil and...
  20. CoryColeWilkins

    Anybody with a code reader?

    Hi, all! Over the past few days iv'e been changing the gearbox on my Ph2 172. It's the biggest task Iv'e ever attempted so took me a little longer than normal! Basically, Iv'e now got everything plugged back in and bolted up only to find the car wont start. The immobilizer, STOP, oil and...
  21. CoryColeWilkins

    Why you shouldn't use a HID bulb in a reflective housing

    Below I have drawn a diagram trying to explain why using a HID bulb in standard reflective housings can be dangerous to other road users. The "un-usable" beam is also know as light bleed. All reflective headlights have light bleed, a certain amount of light bleed is acceptable. Although they...
  22. CoryColeWilkins

    South Wales timing belt service

    Hi all, my 172 ph2 is due its timing belt and dephaser change. Does anybody offer a mobile service for the replacement. I have a heated garage with eletric
  23. CoryColeWilkins

    South Wales 2015

    Hi all, I'm Cory. What's going on in South Wales this year?! I know there are "active" threads but who wants to troll through 28 pages to find the last activity was Nov 2014? I've seen the karting meet being discussed although that doesn't sound my cup of tea yet. I'd rather more of a park &...
  24. CoryColeWilkins

    T80 amk?

    Hello everybody. I've just bought my second 172 and was wondering if anybody knows any history about the car? The reg is: T80 AMK The previous owner has had it since 2006. Cheers, Cory.
  25. CoryColeWilkins

    Where to buy gearbox/diff circlip

    Hi everyone. My N/S diff circlip has popped out and I'm on the hunt for a new one. I've tried eBay but cannot find one. Where's the best place to find one? Thanks. Cory. (Edit- car is a 2002 172 btw)
  26. CoryColeWilkins

    Radio code

    Hi all, sorry to be a pain. My Pc is down and I cannot use my code generator. I bought a 172 yesterday, the radio didn't come with the code and I unconnected the battery. Any chance you guys can help me out? Thanks in advance all [emoji4]. Cory.
  27. CoryColeWilkins

    Cory's daily dCi

    Hello everybody, my name is Cory and this is my second project thread. The first thread I posted was for my 1.2l MK2 PH2 that I turned into a sport replica. Some of you might remember it, I resprayed it red. After the sale of my red car I started searching for another car. I had always wanted a...
  28. CoryColeWilkins

    Sport nv676?

    Did a sport ever come in nv676? I've just bought a dci in nv676 and want to go down the route of making another sport replica, but don't want to spray everything this time. Thanks. Cory.
  29. CoryColeWilkins

    Dci gearbox & engine help?

    Hi all, I have recently bought a clio dci campus sport 68. I love the car. It returns really good mpg and pulls a lot more than my previous 1.2. I have a few thighs that are confusing me though: -should it have a sunroof? (It's a 55 plate campus sport) -it has an intercooler from the 100bhp...
  30. CoryColeWilkins

    Diesel mileage?

    Hi all. I'm currently looking to buy a Renault Clio diesel. Iv'e come across one with 150K miles on the clock although it's had it's belts done earlier this year. Is 150K much to fear on this model of car? Cheers, Cory.