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  1. eon172

    My Clio 172 Ph2 52reg

    Lol, the body tells me no, 20s is pushing it 🤣
  2. eon172

    My Clio 172 Ph2 52reg

    Yep, lose the exhaust and rear light clusters and you have a great standard example there. Keep an eye out on here in the parts section as well as on ebay, or post a wanted ad on the forum, those stealth systems do pop up now and again.
  3. eon172

    My Clio 172 Ph2 52reg

    I'm not far off you pal (45), but my brain still thinks I'm in my early 30's.... Anyway the way I see it it's just a number [emoji6][emoji41]
  4. eon172

    Good drives near south London

    Same here, live in Sutton and often want to find decent roads/routes without having to drive 50 miles to find them.
  5. eon172

    Engine sounds like an old ink jet printer...

    Think it's telling you something in morse code [emoji6] .... . .-.. .--. -- . Seriously though it's an odd sound, I'm intrigued, fingers crossed someone recognises it [emoji1696]
  6. eon172

    Tumble Dryer - What is this?

    Something like this....?
  7. eon172

    New android box/fireTV needed

    Quite possibly, but at that price I would expect it to be. There may be a stick version on the way which I would expect to be at a cheaper price point...
  8. eon172

    Nord VPN (or any others)

    Yes, your outbound traffic from your house is encrypted, so your ISP cannot snoop and use this data against you or share your data insights with partners. You typically reappear out of a Nord VPN server elsewhere in the world at your choosing. So your source address at your home remains unknown...
  9. eon172

    New android box/fireTV needed

    The original fire TV sticks are slow, I factory reset mine a few times but they soon slowed again, they just don't have the horsepowe, so mine resides in the holiday tech kit bag now. Replaced it with the new 4k fire TV stick (I know you said "anything other than a fire stick", but...) what a...
  10. eon172

    Home cctv and phone apps? recommendations please!

    Another vote here for Ring, my experience... Yes it's pricey but I have several devices now around the house and once fitted (which is fairly straight forward), they do just work without any maintenance. I have good wifi distribution (Ubiquity) which also helps and I'll be setting up another...
  11. eon172

    Throttle issues on 182

    I've never had this, although... ...I do have this something similar, and also noticeable at stand still with a spirited rev from idle. I've swapped the pedal in the past with no improvement, so I'll also be interested to hear some theories as to the possible causes for yours. Are you on a...
  12. eon172

    Clio Cup Sports Cat

    I was thinking the same, looks good. Could I ask where you sourced the cat section, not sure I trust the ones on ebay?
  13. eon172

    Clio 172 cup won't start

    Checked all ht leads / coil pack and connection to it?
  14. eon172

    Who's got the most extreme daily

  15. eon172

    New Key

    First I've heard of these, would be interested to know myself. Anyone used one?
  16. eon172

    Brake ducts diverter plates

    I'll probably change/tweak it in the future as it deforms a little too much when fitted. All for 99p and my was worth a shot lol.
  17. eon172

    Brake ducts diverter plates

    I dabbled with making my one, don't laugh but I cut up and used a cheap small plastic bin - I'll dig out the pics. Didn't want to put metal sheeting in there.
  18. eon172

    Amazon fire TV sticks

    Thanks, I'll take a look. I'm still using morpheus at the moment until it dies (no more updates expected from the author), but I still prefer it to terrarium tbh.
  19. eon172

    Returned with a Clio 172 Cup

    Looks tidy, great to hear you're leaving it standard. I purposely bought a tatty high mileage 172 cup for track/competition purposes, I certainly couldn't bring myself to strip a good example one.
  20. eon172

    Adam's 172 Turbo Build

    It's only on a 'to do' list for now like many other things, just been buying bits over the last year ready to start working on the car again, soon - fingers crossed.[emoji1696] Great to see how you've cracked on with your build, I've been off of here for a while so have some reading to do ;)
  21. eon172

    Adam's 172 Turbo Build

    Neat job on the machining, I've got exactly the same job to do, find somewhere to do the machining, refurb them, new hoses, same PRS pads fitting under TD 1.2 et38s ... Keeping the existing 280mm discs to ensure they fit.
  22. eon172

    Adam's 172 Turbo Build

    Like that [emoji106], gotta link for that rain light please?
  23. eon172

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Bloody forum, you got me looking at M140s now [emoji848][emoji31][emoji6]
  24. eon172

    Genuine injectors for 182

    Looked it, sealed bag and markings as per the pics etc, they were recommended by others on here too... Pay with PayPal if not confident, although I think renparts is fairly popular.
  25. eon172

    Genuine injectors for 182

    £32.50 on eBay, I've recently bought one...
  26. eon172

    Free Rear PBS Brake Pads when...

    Order placed, # is: 200017433 , can you throw in Clio 2 rears please, cheers. Ian
  27. eon172

    Free Rear PBS Brake Pads when...

    Kev, should I just let you know on here that I also want Clio 3 fronts and Clio 2 rears? Assume I just order the fronts via your website then?
  28. eon172

    PBS Pads Halloween Deal

    Good spot. Similar deal for those with Brembo 4 pots too...
  29. eon172

    I'm beginning to regret buying the RS...

    For anyone reading this, the story continues here (see link)...Mark made his decision.
  30. eon172

    Lightweight battery

    Well the 22ah Lucas one is in and seems fine so far, will be leaving it on a ctek battery conditioner on snowflake mode from now on as the car is rarely used in between track days/events.