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  1. Schweppy

    145k Service! Few guides please

    Hi all, So my 172 cup is about to hit 145k miles... I'm doing the usual oil and filters, also plugs and aux belt. I know its easy on a cup but does anyone have a guide for the aux belt? Also reading that fuel filter is needed at 150k miles but not easy to do yourself?
  2. Schweppy

    Airbag removal with Buckets/Harnesses

    Maybe a stupid question but thought I'd double check... My cup has no side airbags and the drivers has gone when I fitted the new steering wheel so should I be removing the passenger side airbag too? I've currently got it switched off anyway using the door handle switch...
  3. Schweppy

    Eibach Camber bolt washer issue

    Hi all Just been fitting some new camber bolts. One went on fine but the other looks like the tab on the washer hasn't been manufactured correctly as it won't actually fit into the shock bolt hole. My question is do I actually need them? Can I just take the one off the other side or do I need...
  4. Schweppy

    4 or 6 point harnesses??

    Can't decide. Both looking to be around the £100 mark for TRS or RSA ones. Initially just for track days but POSSIBLY for a bit more later on.
  5. Schweppy

    KTR solid top mount help please!

    Hi all Fitted some KTR top mounts today and have ended up with different length threads at the top even tho both sides are as side as they can go. I don't know if I'm going mad but the instructions K-Tec sent me show a little tophat shaped insert that goes in between the spring top cap and...
  6. Schweppy

    What's this cable?

    Decided to take all the wiring out of the boot lid today and thread it through the outer skin of the shell to tidy it all up but found this cable and connector on both sides that's not actually doing anything... Some sort of option? Can I cut it off?
  7. Schweppy

    Fitting springs...

    Currently trying to dodge the rain to fit Cooksports. Both bottom shock bolts out, one shock extends making a "kaleidoscope" noise and one seems solid.... One of them knacked?
  8. Schweppy

    Steering Rack Gaiter Change

    Take it that's what this is? Looks a bit cracked around the outer edge. Does it need replacing? Easy to do?
  9. Schweppy

    OEM Top Mounts

    Only just reading about the "new" kit that renault do and mine need replacing. Does this kit have everything needed?
  10. Schweppy

    Strange noise!

    Anyone know what this is? PAS pump, belt or dephaser?
  11. Schweppy

    Yet another 172 Cup project...

    Some of you might know I've had about 5 RS clios now and the most recent 172 cup was bought for whizzing around Berlin when I was working out there. It had a hard life in -30° temps... Now being back in Bristol, it's not getting any use and so I'm using it as a track/weekend/teach myself...
  12. Schweppy

    172 Cup Revving when dipping clutch

    Morning all So my shed (nearly 135k miles now!!!) recently had a new injector and since then has been revving itself when dipping the clutch whilst coming to a stand still. This seems to be most pronounced when cold but it is rarely getting warm lately as the drive to work is roughly 4...
  13. Schweppy

    Misfire, Judder, Flashing EML

    Hi all So need a bit of help with my cup which is out in berlin. Sounds and feels like it's misfiring and I'm getting a judder/lack of power through all gears and the flashing management light. I have very little resources in berlin and haven't touched injectors, coilpack or plugs before so...
  14. Schweppy

    Oh no... #5!

    Well it's been a while since I've been on here but needed a run around for working in Berlin so what else could I possibly buy.... Found a very well looked after cup owned by a local guy for 7 years who's spent ££££ on new belts, gearbox, clutch, shocks and callipers as well as a ktec stealth...
  15. Schweppy

    Novero Rockaway Bluetooth Headphones Review!

    Thought i'd do a quick review of these seeing as they are so new. Normally I research things a lot before purchasing but in this case, they are so new (released this week) that there are zero reviews and no more info than what is on the website. Anyway, they are Novero Rockaway bluetooth in...
  16. Schweppy

    Surround Sound Help

    I'm useless with this stuff. Just bought a Yamaha AV763 cheap and have got it working OK with the PS3 and Apple TV2 but I am struggling with setup with my Sumvision Micro2 HD Media player. There are no audio options on the player so I guess it's just Dolby Digital or DTS pass through over HDMI...
  17. Schweppy

    My F1 British GP 2011 Photos

    It's been an epic weekend apart from the fact my face is now redder than a beetroot. Lewis Hamilton came over and shook my hand after an interview that was done with him and Jenson. He also did his usual donuts in the warm down lap right in front of out Grandstand. Such support for him, the...
  18. Schweppy

    HD F1 Photo request!

    Anyone know where I can find some HD F1 photos for desktop wallpaper... Needs to be 2560X1440. I can't find anything that doesn't look grainy...... :( lol
  19. Schweppy

    27" iMac...

    is ridiculously too eyes hurt! Anyone else agree or do you get used to it? I wish Apple made a backlit wireless keyboard... :( Worst "i just bought an iMac" thread ever? Probably...
  20. Schweppy

    iPhone 5...?

    Would be nice!
  21. Schweppy

    My old 182...

    up for sale again! What a sorry state! Some people just don't care... :(
  22. Schweppy

    X-Mini TINYYYYYY Portable Speaker!

    This thing is ridiculous. Only £14 on and it is soooo loud! Here's a quietish video... Definitely recommended!
  23. Schweppy


    Well theres a first for everything. Some pikey stole my iPhone from the gym today so i grabbed my mates phone, downloaded find my iphone app and remotely wiped it. Just checked on mobile me however and it shows remote wipe pending. Does that mean that if its already been turned off and sim...
  24. Schweppy

    MBP 8gb RAM Upgrade

    Is it worth it for my i5? £75 delivered on Crucial at the moment.
  25. Schweppy

    My 172 Cup £100 cheaper to anyone that wants it on here. :) Cheers Schwep
  26. Schweppy

    Automotive HD Widescreen Wallpaper

    Don't think there is a thread for this but I want to see some desktop wallpaper that is only Widescreen HD so at least 1280x800px. It is also has to be decent quality and not some photo of your car! I'll start... ;)
  27. Schweppy

    Power Cable Connector Advice

    I need to run a power cable from the battery, through the bulkhead and inside the car but for ease of removal I want to put a split in it half way. Can someone point me in the direction of some decent connectors or male/female plugs suitable for 12v?
  28. Schweppy

    Need a new Home Cinema Receiver

    Currently have this (Denon AVR 1803) - Looking to upgrade to something with at least similar sound quality as I think this is great for what I use it for! Also want HDMI with audio and at least 3 inputs. Only have Xbox, PS3 and Apple TV. Any ideas that aren't too expensive as I...
  29. Schweppy

    Fitting H&Rs - What else to replace?

    If the weather isn't tooo negative this weekend I'm going to fit my H&Rs. Is there anything else worth replacing whilst I'm at it to make sure everythings tight? Theres a lot of play in the standard suspension at the moment.
  30. Schweppy

    White 197FF - Bristol Cribbs VUE Cinema

    Outside TGIs tonight at 7ish.