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  1. ALD

    Valve stem oil seals

    Other thant the deals where do you guys get them from Euro car parts don't have any in anywhere
  2. ALD

    Interchangeable cylinder heads

    I know the 172 and 182 are interchangeable but can a 192 be used on lets say a ph1 block? i don't think they can but someone asked me and I want to make sure I'm right that they can't?
  3. ALD

    DBW Throttle body size options for 172, 182 and 197

    I'm looking into a bigger drive by wire T/B for friend as he said that you guys bore the T/B out and fit a bigger butterfly? I've never been a fan of doing this as it could cause problems etc. Not sure about the 172 or the 182 but have been told that the 197 people bore this one out and fit a...
  4. ALD

    Performance parts/upgrades you can't get for your car

    There is always something you can't get for your car or is just far to dear to buy. What would you like to see been made and on the market? please give model and the part you can't get.
  5. ALD

    Hi there, New guy looking to buy a 172

    Any guides on here to show what to look out for etc