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    Idle Rattle

    2004 Clio 182 The car has developed a rattle on idle, it happens when the car has reached temperature. At first I thought it was the exhaust heat shield. I discovered yesterday that if I engage the clutch the rattle disappears. Could it be the clutch release bearing? Or a worn mount? Many...
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    Flashing Engine Management Light

    I've been trying the cure a reoccurring flashing EML in my 2004 Clio 182. I bought the car about a month and a half ago and with the 3 month warranty I got with the car I have had the Lambda Sensor Replaced, MAP sensor and spark plugs all replaced to try and cure the flashing light. After...
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    Temp Needle Incorrect

    As you can see the temp needle has fallen below where it should be. Is there an easy fix for this or will I have to purchase a new cluster with similar mileage? Many thanks