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  1. Hazza462

    172 Sump Guard

    Wanting to see what sump guards people are using to get inspiration on making/buying one for my car. I've seen the PMS and OMP ones but they're both very expensive for what it is really.. so avoiding those and will probably end up making one. Just curious what and how other people have made...
  2. Hazza462

    UCH Relocation

    How have people mounted their UCH in track/race cars. Just in the process of making a bracket for mine and looking for some inspiration. Would be awesome if anyone has any useful pictures of theirs :smile: TIA
  3. Hazza462

    RB PH1 172 Rally Car Progress

    So two weeks ago me and my girlfriend (Alex) bought a ph1 172 car with a full weld in roll cage by Custom Cages. We wanted it as a project to do over the summer break whilst off University and our intention is to have it as a track only car and maybe compete in it one day . The pics below show...