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    Locking wheel nuts

    Same, every car I’ve owned i’ve had issues with! hateful things.
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    227bhp with proof

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    My Boring Standard 182

    Standard. Nothing wrong with that at all. Mine would be standard if i had one.
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    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    That Cup was a little rocket! Did you do 0-100 when the ST had the MR230 ? The M140i is in a totally different league!
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    Trying to save a £300 172 cup

    Fantastic work. Really good to start seeing these Cups being saved.
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    Punto GT

    Looks a good one does that! Can’t remember the last time i saw one! Always had a soft spot for the Mk2 Punto, the 1.8 HGT version.
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    First & current hot hatch

    With the RS’s good tyres and a geometry check and makes it loads better apparently. My all time favourite hot-hatch.
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    First & current hot hatch

    First was a Fiesta Mk5 Zetec-S & my current hot-hatch is my Corsa VXR Nurburgring. Had a fair few in between. Looking back the Zetec-S had probably the ‘box i’ve ever used!
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    2001 Clio RSI 1.6

    Don’t see many around! especially in good nick, i think they’re about 110bhp? so pretty nippy.
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    Paul's Sunflower 172 -

    Great stuff. I always find that a good, clean interior can really take the age of a car. Totally forgot the 2-piece rear floor mats, my 172 that i had still had them, thought it was a neat touch.
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    Paul's Sunflower 172 -

    Great write up. Can’t be many Sunflowers left now! looking forward to seeing it progress.
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    Ash’s Clio 182 Trophy

    Fantastic stuff!
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    Cheap seats

    Should have said, i don't have them in any Clio, but my Corsa VXR. Sorry!
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    Cheap seats

    The VXR Seats do look good but i still roll about in them. Comfy though. I’d say the 197/200 Recaro’s instead.
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    OneTime's Racing Blue 182

    Definitely keep them Silver, please don’t go Gloss Black. Cheapens the car.
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    Crazylegs' Clio 182

    Good to see good honest example. Enjoy.
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    YouTube. 182 Vs 197 drag race

    Didn’t expect the 197 to be that far behind tbh.
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    OneTime's Racing Blue 182

    Love a good RB.
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    Who's was this YouTube featured inferno

    The way he pretty much abused his ST i can see this poor Clio going the same way.
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    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    That and the new 208 GT-Line are such good looking cars in that warm-hatch segment. Interior wise they’ve really upped there game.
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    VW Golf GTI

    Love these, and that one looks like a really good example. Pure OEM which is how it should be. Enjoy.
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    My Focus ST Family Wagon

    Sits lovely. I prefer the pre-face looks wise. I’d like one for my next car.
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    Multiple Clio 172 Phase 1 Projects.

    Good to those 172’s getting saved. Hope someone saves the ZR160.
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    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    Looks smart in RS-Line guise.
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    Odyssey blue RSI polish up

    Looks fantastic and looks a good example.
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    172/182 vs modern hot hatches. On track....

    Just try and enjoy your 182 for what it is, and please don’t go home afterwards and starting stripping it out and ruining it, lol.
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    Clio Phase 1 Rsi Purchase.

    Always liked the RSi alloys.
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    What’s a good set of cheapish coilovers?

    Personally i’d fit OE Shocks and Springs, much better than budget Coilovers..