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  1. bob the builder

    Tricolore trophy 2020

    Well After a fantastic season getting runner up in class a and also getting driver of the year I though I would do a thread to help promote track attack race club , and the tricolore trophy which I race in. So car is stripped down getting checked over ready for next years racing . The...
  2. bob the builder

    knock sensor for omex 600

    hi everyone. I run a omex 600 ecu in my clio race car and currently have no knock sensor but when I have stripped my engine as end of season all the pistons have signs of detonation on them and are now scrap. so I need to fit a sensor for when I rebuild it as I cant afford for that to happen...
  3. bob the builder

    balanced and lightened crank

    hi , I am building a high compression engine and was thinking about getting the crank balanced and lightened. can anyone recommend somewhere in the northwest that will do it and roughly how much it costs. many thanks rob
  4. bob the builder

    oil gallery blanks

    hi. I am rebuilding an engine and need to remove the gallery caps at either end so I can flush the block out. can anyone point me to where I can get replacements from many thanks rob
  5. bob the builder

    cam question

    hi there, I run a race car in the tri trophy and my prescent engine has 421 cams with Vernier pulleys (non vvt) now I have a second engine that I am putting in but it has the dephaser (vvt) 421 cmas but I run omex ecu that doesn't connect to the vvt solenoid . will it be ok to use without it...
  6. bob the builder

    bit of help with screen and wheel bearing

    hi everyone, does anyone know wheres best/cheapest to get a new front screen and fitted. also I have laguna hubs fitted but need a new wheel bearing, can anyone point me towards the ones I need. many thanks rob
  7. bob the builder

    conrod torque settings

    hi I am after the torque settings for the conrods please cheers
  8. bob the builder

    engine rebuild parts

    hi does anyone have links to engine rebuild parts such as piston rings, complete bottom end bearings , head gasket sets for 172 engine many thanks rob
  9. bob the builder

    what fuel guage

    hi there, i have just got a new car for tricolore trophy but as it has a standalone ecu and a basic dash it hasn't got a fuel guage. it still runs the standard tank and fuel pump so was wondering what guage i can use with it. any help welcome. cheers rob
  10. bob the builder

    apex spring rate?

    hi i am trying to find out the spec for my apex springs. now i know they lower by 40mm but i am wanting to find out how much stiffer they are compared to standard springs . any help would be great cheers rob
  11. bob the builder

    urgent help please. 182 wont start

    right i have a race in two weeks and the bloody car wont start. it was fine 2 weeks ago at snett,loaded it up on the trailer and there it has sat since. i went to get it off the trailer today to swap the gearbox but it wont start. if you try to start it it turns over for 3 secs then stops, but...
  12. bob the builder

    race car abs removal

    right i am pulling the engine and box out of my 182 race car so i am looking at removing a few non essentails. i have tried searching for info but i am struggling. what do i need to convert? cheer for any help
  13. bob the builder

    tarc castle combe report

    so it was castle combes turn to feel the wrath of the clio. it was a damp start to the day but the track was dry for the start of qually. took the car out and things werent looking good from the start. everytime i came out of a corner the car was smoking like a mother. i continued for a lap and...
  14. bob the builder

    Cadwell park race report 18/7/15

    So it was the turn of cadwell park to get a hammering from the tricolore trophy. weather was dry, bright and warm and i was feeling more nervous than every. started off easy getting the tyres up to temps and remembering the circuit then really started to push. the car was feeling great and soon...
  15. bob the builder

    tarc thruxton

    Well had my second race meeting this weekend at thruxton. As i have never been there before i was a bit nervous to say the least and with doing some mods to the car setup i was also unsure if i had made it better or ruined it. The day started of damp but was due to improve as the day went...
  16. bob the builder

    decat or standard cat

    with thruxton this weekend and it being a high speed circuit i was wondering if it is worth putting the decat in.the car is standard in the production class so will it really make any difference?
  17. bob the builder

    fitting 10mm front wheel spacers

    hi i have a question about fitting 10mm spacers to the front of my 182 race car. when the spacers are on and you put the wheel on it is clear of the center spigot. is this ok as the wheel bolts will hold it in position or is it a big no no. any advice would be helpfull. cheers rob
  18. bob the builder

    front 02 sensor error code?

    hi can anyone help. my eml keeps coming on, it says front 02 sensor. df0092 and df0967. does anyone know what these are or is it just a case of fitting a new o2 sensor? the car seems to run and drive fine just smells a bit fueley from cold. cheers for any help rob
  19. bob the builder

    race form question.

    hi people i am just filling my first form for race entry in the french trophy but i am stuck. it is asking for "ASN" but i have no idea what that is, can anyone help. cheers rob
  20. bob the builder

    ards test

    Well had my ards test today and i am now a racing driver. next join the club and pay my race entry. just a couple of bits to do to the car and should be ready for rockingham in april. Will be a baptisim of fire as i have never driven there and its my first race, but what could go
  21. bob the builder

    HELP. clio 182 not starting

    please need help with my 182. car was fine all working ok. i have now fitted a roll cage, battery cutoff and now the bloody thing wont start. at first it would do nothing, i would turn the key all the lights would come on as normal then click it to start- nothing. my first thought was alarm so...
  22. bob the builder

    rear beam and anti roll bar question

    hi, now i am not sure if i am just being stupid but i was looking at getting a rear anti roll bar for my track/race car but looking at the rear beam it looks like it is in one piece, wielded. so my question is how much difference if any would one make? its a 182 sport non cup cheers rob
  23. bob the builder

    front brakes on my 182

    Right i am after some thoughts/advice on my front brakes on my 182. it is purely for trackdays so no worries about road driving. The story so far : had max hc discs with ds2500 lasted just over 3 track days good feel but lacked inital bite and faded a bit after 10 laps...
  24. bob the builder

    how long do you get out of your front pads?

    hi peeps, just wondering how long people get out of there track day pads as i have just gone through a set of ds2500 in 4 track days which seems a bit excesive.
  25. bob the builder

    how much for a new winscreen

    done a quick search but cant find anything. just getting an idea how much a new front screen for my 182 is. cheers rob
  26. bob the builder

    Do rollcages and bucket seats have a lifespan for racing

    All this talk with the new race series has got me very interested so i am looking at converting my 182 over the next year ready for 2015 ,as this will give me plenty of time to do the car/save for the series costs and get some practice in. So i was wondering if the cage and seat have a lifespan...
  27. bob the builder

    hi new to clios

    I just thought i would say hi. i have just got rid of my last track car which was a galant vr4, and have decided to go for somthing completely different. i have just bought a clio 182 and i am looking forward to picking it up and taking it for a spin as i havent yet driven one. then starts the...