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  1. Steve

    Sonax BSD Pics

    This is better, just wash car rinse, spray onto car when wet & rinse again.
  2. Steve

    Are expensive waxes a waste of money?

    The Sonax net shield lasts 3-6 months & combined with the spray & seal is just so easy to use. In fact the spray & seal is probably the easiest product to use, not cheap but so quick.
  3. Steve

    engine building

    Chose any two, fast, reliable, cheap, leaves you with the third + is NOT :)
  4. Steve

    Alternative to Ad08R

    My mate rates MRF very highly, like chewing gum when hot but take the punishment & last. Not sure if they make sizes suitable for clio?
  5. Steve

    Refurb hell!

    Dom you from Notts? If so who did you use?
  6. Steve

    30k clio mk2 cup racer

    Better value, quicker & safer as well.
  7. Steve

    30k clio mk2 cup racer

    So how much are latest model Cup racers?
  8. Steve

    Mossy's Cars

    I get it, so you enjoy the restoration, once finished you sell & find a new project?
  9. Steve

    The new TV thread

    I replaced all our tv’s last year, we now have three LG sets, 55 oled, 43 & 32 all have excellent picture quality but the oled is on another level, sound is awesome from a out the box unit. All from RS, crazy prices & 6 yr warranty.
  10. Steve

    What have you ordered? *Detailing*

    This bad boy, no more touching the car with drying towels :) Someone mentioned drying the dog on low setting:rolleyes:
  11. Steve

    Which car drier do you use?

    Mates into the whole detailing scene & used to have the small black air force I found it always fell over & hose was too short. This is very stable, hose expands in length when running & returns once off. Fully variable speed, with heat if needed, long lead & spare O ring seal & two different...
  12. Steve

    Which car drier do you use?

  13. Steve

    Which car drier do you use?

    Play time :)
  14. Steve

    Which car drier do you use?

    Update got one of these :)*+RS* £134
  15. Steve

    Which shampoo recommendations?

    AF ( got three different scented ones) or Sonax at present
  16. Steve

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Arrived, excellent value. :)
  17. Steve

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Wo Wo order on its way :)
  18. Steve

    First & current hot hatch

    Yes, two exit pipes set back behind the outlet in the bumper, in race or perso once warm crackles & pops like crazy.
  19. Steve

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Yes Went for kneeling pad, 2 drying towels & 2 packs of MF, £14 delivered :)
  20. Steve

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Cheers just ordered some WoWo :) Crazy prices!
  21. Steve

    First & current hot hatch

    1st 1983 Mk1 XR2 in White, three years old 30k on the clock, one lady owner never been above 4K, blew the exhaust off on the way home. Followed by most of the hot hatches of the 80, 90 & beyond. Wife still says I need to grow up, hence my compromise, not done 300 miles since new. Most...
  22. Steve

    Bargain £37 Karcher deal from Tesco

    My last K5 X range lasted over eight years, last year wickes were doing them for £168, so just replaced like with like. Gets hammered three cars huge patio & general cleaning duties. The cheap ones don’t have the high pressure of the expensive ones so get a better model you will notice huge...
  23. Steve

    Home cctv and phone apps? recommendations please!

    The storage option is not cheap, from £2.50 per month per device, limited to 30 days as well? My system records to NVR HD & is available for 60 days minimum (no cloud storage) I have four high quality cams around the house all recording on motion activation using the latest H265. Depending on if...
  24. Steve

    34 years ago Rallying lost a big talent.

    No the playboys with too much money & not enough talent killed group B. Various vids of cars ploughing into large crowds was the end of the mega cars. I preferred the two wheel era cracking to watch & marvel at the skill levels involved.
  25. Steve

    Which car drier do you use?

    Any one got a Blo?
  26. Steve

    Cheap Trophy

    Christ could you take any worse photos?
  27. Steve

    CS old-timers : Brands Hatch, August 2006, can you spot yourself?

    Fred & Maz front row. Got any from Cadwell or Silverstone?
  28. Steve

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

  29. Steve

    Which Megane Forum

    Lease a new one for £223 per month
  30. Steve

    Which car drier do you use?

    Cheers, never considered one till my mate sealed my new motor & it only took ten mins to be bone dry. Got all the hidden annoying water traps that streak all over when you drive off. He has offered me his for £100 ( this fair price?) he wants a more powerful one, his is compact ‘Air Force’ sits...