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  1. Nathan Evans

    Clio Cup Racer No28 Rally Car

    Id thought I’d start a new thread for the new car. If you don’t know the build for my old car is here. I bought an already rally converted ex Clio Cup race car. It wasn’t in too bad condition but it hadn’t rallied...
  2. Nathan Evans

    Bolt from hub to bracket on brembos

    I’ve bought a set of meg/197 brembos and need a set of bolts that mount the calliper to the hub. I know the standard bolts fit but am I right in thinking the brackets come with longer bolts to mount them as the standard bolt isn’t it in a great deal
  3. Nathan Evans

    Epas conversion issues

    Hi Recently fitted an epas column, eBay controller and quick rack. Everything is wired up to how the instructions state. When I turned the car on the epas worked but the resistance adjuster there was either no assistance or full assistance. Seeing as I’ve never drive a Clio with this...
  4. Nathan Evans

    Clio 2 cup racer full front suspension set up
  5. Nathan Evans

    Adaptronic e420d mounting

    Where are you mounting your adaptronic e420d ecu? I’ve acquired one with an engine loom. But it’s been cut like it had been wired up inside the car
  6. Nathan Evans

    Competition clutch

    What cluthes are people using on competition cars? The rally car is having a gearbox refresh, with a new diff, cw&p and flywheel. I just don’t know what clutch to use
  7. Nathan Evans

    RSX racing solutions lsd

    Has anyone heard of the company? RSX racing solutions in Spain. They make a Clio lsd and cw&p. The diff looks similar to quafie/m factory
  8. Nathan Evans

    Clio 172 cup rally/race/track car

    ] A few months back now I bought a msa logbooked clio rolling shell. The plan was to buy a donar car for the engine and brakes and make one car out of the two. I ended up buying this 172 cup off eBay, it had bucket seats, coilovers and sabelt wheel. But I got offered to much profit on the...