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  1. RenaultVirgin

    Do Peugeot 206 GTi 180 Seats fit in MK2 Clios?

    There is a similar thread on here around the same topic but the OP never updated and no-one seems to have an answer if these are a straight fit? I'm looking at getting some comfier seats in my 1.2 and don't necessarily want to just upgrade to the Sport seats. Remember seeing seats in a 207 GTi...
  2. RenaultVirgin

    [Jan 28, 2018] Meet and Drive Out (The Huntsman Inn)

    I'm coming out of hibernation. Lets have a meetup and a drive out this Sunday at our regular spot, The Huntsman Inn. Lets meet at the Huntsman for 1pm, then we'll head out around 1:30pm. No planned route as usual with these casual meets, could take a drive over to Emley Moor or just get lost...
  3. RenaultVirgin

    Windscreen Washer Jets aim too low

    Well my drivers side windscreen washer wasn’t working so bought a replacement set of mist jets (Part 6438V8) these were the recommended ones from an old thread on here. I’ve fitted them and they both work, however don’t really provide a ‘mist’ and are aimed far too low, they hit the windscreen...
  4. RenaultVirgin

    No power to Sub/Low Voltage

    So I bought an active Sub (2nd hand) and wired it all up following instructions from multiple websites and YouTube videos. However the sub is not switching on or making any noise, I’ve tested the power wire and when the car is off and it’s reading 12V, but with the ignition on it’s reading 6V...
  5. RenaultVirgin

    Clio 1.2 - Cracked Gearbox

    So on Wednesday night I had a nightmare with my car, could smell something really weird and noticed it was spewing out oil. Pulled in to a car park straight away and pushed it into a space (didn't want to start it). Initially thought it was engine oil but I left the car until Saturday to check...
  6. RenaultVirgin

    White 200 '571 JMN' Huddersfield Sainsburys

    Parked next to you in my shed. Looked good, anyone on here? Also left you a card on your windscreen.
  7. RenaultVirgin

    CSF Convoy 2017

    We'll meet here (same as last year) on the Saturday Morning. Does 9:30 sound good? Since it takes 30-40 mins from there to Blyton we should be there at 10. I don't know which of you Yorkshire guys are coming so I'm tagging you all (sorry) @Matthew @realnumber 1...
  8. RenaultVirgin

    Summer is a Myth (Yorkshire Chat)

    Too much rain, not enough Sun. Summer doesn't exist in Yorkshire. We have a meet on tomorrow evening and Go Karting the following weekend. So what's everyone up to?
  9. RenaultVirgin

    [Aug 13, 2017] Go Karting (Sheffield)

    So Go-Karting has been in the talks for a VERY long time and were finally doing it! First of all, this event is open to any CS members that want to come and not necessarily from Yorkshire. We'll be doing 2x15 mins sessions ("Super Sunday") on Sunday 13th August, at 1:15pm. Arrival time is 40...
  10. RenaultVirgin

    [Aug 5, 2017] Meet & Drive (The Huntsman Inn)

    Please use the RSVP system above We will be having a meet and drive on Saturday 5th August Meet at The Huntsman Inn for 5:30pm, we'll have a drink and a chat then go for a drive. There is no route planned, we shall just see what happens :smile: Thanks
  11. RenaultVirgin

    [Jun 25, 2017] Meet & Drive (The Huntsman Inn)

    Sorry for posting last minute and for the lack of meets recently, I've been very very busy. We'll meet at the Huntsman for a drink at 5:30pm then head off for a drive. This is just a small casual meet and there is no planned route. Please use the RSVP system above See you there :smile:
  12. RenaultVirgin

    Car keeps randomly switching off? (2002 1.2 16v)

    Hi all, I seem to have a strange issue with my car where it will just randomly switch off, it has happened to me 4 times now. It started last Wednesday, car just turned off while stopped at lights and then again about 5 mins later while I was rolling very slowly up to a junction. Car was totally...
  13. RenaultVirgin

    Where would you prefer to go Karting in Yorkshire? [POLL]

    A poll as promised ;) Bradford Kart Racing Couldn't find a video that I was sure was the right place. Team Sport (PPiK) Leeds Team Sport (PPiK) Sheffield Wakefield Indoor Karting @Matthew @leeds_182 @realnumber 1 @Feirny @jenic @Bear Head @Brookie. @Donny_Dog @Kchristmas...
  14. RenaultVirgin

    [Apr 22, 2017] Huntsman Inn Meet (Holmfirth)

    Please use the RSVP system above :smile: We will be having a meet and drive on Saturday 22nd April. Will be meeting at the car park of Taybarns opposite McDonalds just off Junction 36 of the M1 @ 5pm - Postcode is S75 3DP. Since the days are getting longer it would be good to get out in the...
  15. RenaultVirgin

    Yorkshire Members List - 2017

    Making an updated Yorkshire members list, I have removed a few who haven't logged in for a while and posted my list as it is now so if you want adding or removing from the list just say :) @Matthew @leeds_182 @realnumber 1 @Feirny @jenic @Bear Head @Brookie. @Donny_Dog @Kchristmas...
  16. RenaultVirgin

    Is this Private Property?

    What would this area come under for insurance? - Sorry for potato pic The land is private and is sign posted that only those permitted to park there are allowed (Just me and my dad) but is not owned by us but by the landlord (my uncle). I always have my car here when I'm at home but there's...
  17. RenaultVirgin

    Yorkshire Spring Chit Chat

    The name isnt quite as catchy. Anyway, my test is next Thursday, shitting bricks at this point [emoji23] Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  18. RenaultVirgin

    [Feb 18, 2017] Huntsman Inn Meet (The Huntsman Inn)

    Please use the RSVP system above :smile: We will be having a meet and drive on Saturday 18th Feb (decided Saturday is better). Will be meeting at the car park of Taybarns opposite McDonalds just off Junction 36 of the M1 @ 11:45am - 12pm. Postcode is S75 3DP. Once everyone's together we'll...
  19. RenaultVirgin

    How to change rear quarter glass?

    Some c**t has smashed the N/S rear glass on my Turd. I am yet to see the damage but apparently its shattered and there's not much left of it. Just need to know what is involved in replacing the glass and also need to know if Its something I can do myself too. Going to some local scrappies...
  20. RenaultVirgin

    [Oct 23, 2016] Huntsman Inn Meetup (The Huntsman Inn)

    New thread so the details aren't hidden away in the October thread. Please use the RSVP system above :) Repeat from the Last Thread: If its the same as last time then meet at The Wentworth (near maccies - S75 3DP) car park @11:45/12 ish if you want to convoy up to the Huntsman (Very nice roads...
  21. RenaultVirgin

    Black 197/200 [R200 PMW] - Horsforth

    As above, had cup spoiler and a red strip along the diffuser(?) reg: R200 PMW Looked very nice :up:
  22. RenaultVirgin

    [Sep 3, 2016] RS Tuning Rolling Road Day. (Leeds)

    Right guys, Rolling road day at RS Tuning, come and see what power your car is running! All info will be found on this page somewhere. 3rd of September, start time is 9:30AM and for 10 cars it should last a couple of hours. Plan is, wait for everyone, everyone runs their cars, go home. The...
  23. RenaultVirgin

    Cigarette Lighter Needs Cleaning

    My cigarette lighter doesn't work when plugging in accessories like chargers but heats up the actual lighter just fine. Im pretty sure the contacts just need cleaning but I will still just check the fuse. Any tips on how to clean it out thoroughly?
  24. RenaultVirgin


    Right chaps, following the successful meet on Sunday I'd like to know what we should do for an August gathering. The main thing that was talked about was a rolling road at somewhere like RS Tuning but I've heard they're very busy and it may be hard to fit us in anytime soon. Has anyone spoken to...
  25. RenaultVirgin

    Sunday 24th July - Yorkshire Meet @11:30am

    We will be having a meet and drive on Sunday 24th July as most of you already know. We've decided to begin by all meeting at the car park of the Pub (I believe its called Taybarns) opposite McDonalds just off Junction 36 of the M1 @ 11:30am. Postcode is S75 3DP. Once were all together we will...
  26. RenaultVirgin

    July Meet

    As per this thread: Its evident that a meet needs organising. Im hoping we can fit in this month (if not then it will be August) and this thread is to gauge interest and find out what days/times people are available. The specifics I will...
  27. RenaultVirgin

    A bit weird but...

    Hi everyone. This is a bit of a strange request but I'm proper into my cars and especially french cars however I have never been to any kind of meet or car event. As i'm only 17 and have a provisional license I cant really take myself and don't fancy turning up with L plates on and having to...
  28. RenaultVirgin

    How to use Radio Control Stalk with Aftermarket Stereo?

    Hi, I have already searched but cannot find exactly what I need so I was wondering if anyone knew how to connect the radio control stalk on the steering column to an aftermarket stereo? And if so, how exactly do to this? (I'm new to this stuff) If it isn't possible are there any blanking plates...
  29. RenaultVirgin

    Blue 197 w/ Cup Spoiler Leeds,Guisley: Y18 ***

    Was a blue 197 going round roundabout at Guisley. Was sat in KFC and saw you go by. Looked and sounded awesome could only see the Y18 part of reg. Anyone here?
  30. RenaultVirgin

    Blue 197/200 Bradford,Greengates RO05 HJW(?)

    Blue 197/200 couldnt tell which one it was. Was just passing by and spotted it on the driveway. Looked really nice. Anyone here?