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  1. Steve

    Which car drier do you use?

    Seen plenty of gadgets that blow but which ones are recommended?
  2. Steve

    What tyre makes are best, 195/55/15 H size?

    Not purchased any tyres in years so what brands are best, in wet etc. Car has continentals at moment but with winter want new set for daughter. Cheers :)
  3. Steve

    Leics/Notts area price for someone to correct my daughters Fiesta?

    She has a white 16 plate that could do with machining so I can maintain condition. Car is clean & I can wash & clay if required. Years gone by I used to use Russ & Jim before they went full time.
  4. Steve

    Insurance for 17 learner driver, any recommendations?

    Picking up daughters first car tomorrow & looking for recommendations for insurance from anyone who has recently been through this episode? Some of the comparison sites will not work as they ask for ‘date test passed’ not took test yet!! Who did you choose & any tips?
  5. Steve

    Need a new helmet what’s recommended?

    Since the nanny state we live in have deemed it necessary to wear a full face in an open top car. A result of of one turd losing its sumpbung on an event & the opentop bath following then got covered in oil. Where on line are the deals? Size M, had Shoie, AGV, Sparco & Arai in the past.
  6. Steve

    Just spent the day with this pair

    Testing for the race of remembrance next weekend. The lap times were so consistent over 30 min periods. Some very expensive metal on track, the gull wing merc sounded like a spitfire on flyby! Cars in car park were not to shabby either :D
  7. Steve

    x85 clio cup car price?

    What do these go for & what to look for faults wise?
  8. Steve

    Who to insure phone with?

    Anyone recommend a company as got daughter an iPhone 7 & at present not many if any at school.
  9. Steve

    What track day tyre is the quietest on road?

    When weather warms up I swap from winters to my track day tyres at present NS2Rs. On track perfect, on road again performance for cost is excellent. Where they fall down for me (mx5 folding hardtop) is the terrible road noise! Fine with the top down but terrible with it up. So what tyres would...
  10. Steve

    Snowfoamer problems?

    Have one similar to this. Tonight it stopped producing thick foam only weak stream, but water seemed to be pissing out where it connects to PW? Any ideas?
  11. Steve

    0% at Apple store!

    Just bought a 13 mbp retina with 256ssd, Apple care & shell case inc educational discount £93, 12 months 0% bargain. Deal was posted on hukd.
  12. Steve

    Any good Sky deals at present?

    About to bin my BT contract, so looking at Sky, as they will contract buy out. At present paying £50+ for infin unlimited, anytime calls & BT Tv/sports (18 month) Been offered, unlimited fibre, anytime calls, HD,full TV package sports & films £40.50 + LR £16.40. (12 month ) Any better deals?
  13. Steve

    Tony @ Donington this evening

    Evening turned out better than it was looking late afternoon 😊 Good to catch up :smile:
  14. Steve

    Which micro fibre cloths do you use?

    Guy that detailed my motor recommended crazy pile micro fibre madness. What size does everyone use? Best place to buy? Cheers ;)
  15. Steve

    Nimbus 197 on slicks

    @ Donington park today.
  16. Steve

    Go pro footage ?

    Got four large vids what's best to use to shorten clips for posting? Cheers.
  17. Steve

    Any better iphone deals around?

    Been offered 5C unlimited mins, texts & data £24 pm or 5S slate same mins etc but £28 pm & £50 for the phone. Any better deals out there??
  18. Steve

    How to get content to TV?

    New extension has TV aerial socket on wall, wife now wants different seating layout to one we discussed (FFS now she tells me) So how do I get signal to TV without trailing cables (not allowed) Have a selection of power points on different walls in extension. Have BT infinity unlimited & youview...
  19. Steve

    Soft top cleaning

    Have used renovo for the past few years. What is the g tech L1 like? How much will I need to do the job? Whats best for cleaning the top before applying the L1? Cheers :D
  20. Steve

    Any hobbyist detailer/buffers near me??

    As above anyone fancy doing my 5 for me. Car is relatively clean just needs a few light marks removing via machine. Russ used to pop over & look after it for me but has not been done for a while :dapprove:
  21. Steve

    RSR's best price for 205 55 16's

    Where's the cheapest deal for four???
  22. Steve

    Am I getting screwed?

    Just noticed my BT bill, £52pm Unlimited BB, caller display, anytime calls. Any better deals out there, who is worth trying??
  23. Steve

    Which insurance company gives best rates for first time driver 17 yr old

    Mates lad is getting quotes of 5K anyone recommend some companies to try??
  24. Steve

    Any recommendations for a cheap DAB radio for kitchen??

    Any suggestions?
  25. Steve

    Several clios at Donington today

    172cups, 172, R27 in yellow (JS300? Bhp.) Who got stuck in the gravel trap infield near old hairpin, silver clio?
  26. Steve

    First phone or daughter?

    What deals are about? Like the idea of capped from Tesco, but anyone know of any other deals? What phone, needs to be touch screen?
  27. Steve

    Wireless keyboard & mouse

    What's good on the market? ​What to avoid?
  28. Steve

    Any hobbyist buffers, deailers Leics/Notts area?

    Used to have the two top gurus when they were starting off, Jim W & Russ. ​Anyone local to me?