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  1. Scott™

    Rust Flecks in the paint

    Hi guys I gave the ST it's first coat of wax on the weekend and noticed some defects in the paint. Upon close inspection over the whole car you can see flecks of rust, very very small. With a bit of elbow grease they eventually come free/dissolve. It looks like some pollutant that has rested...
  2. Scott™

    LG LED TV Failed

    So our tv failed last night after 3 years owner ship. No problems prior. A vertical line appeared at first and then eventually the picture went. See pic below... Any real chance of fixing it myself? As it's now out of warrantee...
  3. Scott™

    SKY TV Sender

    Basically my dad is a pikey and doesn't want more cables over the house as we are trying to sell but he's just bought a new TV and wants to stream my sky TV down stairs, I under stand you can get them in HD now? Any recommendations sub £100?
  4. Scott™

    Getting DAB radio

    Morning chaps I've just bought a new head unit that is DAB ready. What do I need in order for it to pick up DAB? Any help is welcome
  5. Scott™

    Arctic Sunset Summer Time (:

    Long time no post. Clio. Sunset. Clio Sunset by scott.thomas21, on Flickr
  6. Scott™

    Inlet gasket

    Removing the top inlet, simple question can I use liquid gasket to seal it?
  7. Scott™

    Exhaust Sag

    Why does my exhaust sag from the cat to the rear section? I've seen the exhaust removed and refitted properly but yet it hangs like hell from the cat to the centre section. Its all tight and sealed but i now keep catching it. Should there be a centre mount?
  8. Scott™

    One for the sprayers...

    I plan on polishing my inlet manifold, no problem. I also plan on part spraying it. How do I mask off without getting a raised lines between polished metal and paint... And to prevent future paint peal? Any input on bathe spraying side is welcome.
  9. Scott™

    Another Decat thread

    Is it really worth it? Like really? I've just had my Ron 98 map put on and love it but I got no decent noise from the car. I'm first going to get an unsilenced centre section as I have a silencer in the mid section. But does it really improve things getting a Decat? I'm trying to extract as...
  10. Scott™

    Front door speakers

    So after thinking my sound system in the car was rubbish, I have finally realised that both front door speakers don't work. It's my understanding that they have never worked but I have replaced the head unit last week so I'm not counting out that as a possible cause. But simply what so I need...
  11. Scott™

    RS Tuner Reprog key

    On average how long do people have to wait for these from Henk? Itching to get mine uploaded and I've had the Ron map but awaiting on my Reprog key... I know I'm just being impatient :rasp:
  12. Scott™

    Supersprint 182/172

    Anyone running one? Cat back without centre silencer? I have had a Janspeed on mine now for about a month and its so uninspiring. I had a supersprint on the 197 and it was epic, the build quality and noise. But never heard one on a 182. So any videos would be appreciated. Scott.
  13. Scott™

    Almost getting there.

    So far I've bought Coilovers Turinis Exhaust Rear Badge New fog lights New splitter And only now have I managed to fit them all and get it just how I want it. So much more to be done. Needs some stance desperately and my private plate. Now RS Clio by scott.thomas21, on Flickr RS Clio by...
  14. Scott™

    Cleaning the engine bay

    I want to give this a real good go this week. I have the general cleaning products for a normal clean but what list of items from cleaners to tools would you suggest to clean the bay. Maybe a little list? Scott
  15. Scott™

    Why won't my car lock?

    Both keys will not lock the car? Why? What can I check? Scott
  16. Scott™

    Spraying Splitter

    Good idea or no? I've just sprayed the grill in gloss and going to do the lower grill and fog light surrounds to make them look better. Do I do the splitter before it goes on? (Skoda) or is there too much flex in it which is likely to make it flake etc.
  17. Scott™

    Lower bumper grill

    The lower grill covering the rad on the front, can it be removed without removing the bumper? I've not had a proper look but I'm guessing not? Scott
  18. Scott™

    Thoughts on this engine noise (Video inside)

    I have a rattle from what I can only think is the Aux belt area. Had the front grill off today so it allowed me to get in closer. The noise in question is a higher tone rattle that is prominent at the very begging and near the end of the clip. It's like a metalic rattle. ​Any thoughts would...
  19. Scott™

    Clio Sunset

    Right took this tonight, lovely picture BUT the car sits stupidly. Basically on a huge hill so the rear is poking in the air, along with my lens distorting it even more. Any photoshop wizards that could lower the back slightly? Otherwise looks like I'm heading out there again tomorrow night...
  20. Scott™

    Idle issues

    So upon starting the car up cold I have issues with idle. It seems to hold at around 1-1.5k then after a little bit of driving and the engine getting warm, it settles back down. It recently went into Renault with the only fault code showing was the upstream lambda. I've yet to change this but...
  21. Scott™

    Upstream Lambda sensor 182

    Best place to get one new? Going to fit it myself as Renault want £152 lol. Ktec sell one for £90. Fark that!
  22. Scott™

    How much would you pay for a used 182 exhaust?

    Had my old system lying around so was going to take it to the tip and be done with it on the weekend Stuck it on ebay for 99p reserve to see if it went before hand. Some guy just picked it up early after seeing it on ebay and paid me £190 for it.... lol. Did I do well?
  23. Scott™

    Quick pictures of the Arctic

    As above. More can be found about the car below Pictures as I've just had turinies fitted. Centre caps need spraying and fitting plus loads more as mentioned in my progress thread. DSC_0158_Snapseed by scott.thomas21...
  24. Scott™

    r****d alert

    Quick question, just bought some cup turinies. Do I need new bolts or can I use the ones from my 182 wheels. Scott
  25. Scott™

    Scott™ Arctic 182

    Well here I am back in the fold. After selling my 172 cup for the Nimbus 197, I always had a niggle in me about the Cup. I missed it so much. So I went and bought a BMW. Ha. That lasted all of two months as I now had my heart set on another Renault Sport. This time the 182 FF. I'd enjoyed the...
  26. Scott™

    Back in the fold....

    Not much of a thread really but yup back in the fold. Drove 5 and a half hours each way yesterday to pick up my new 182. Fell straight back in love with it yesterday on the drive home. I have some great plans for this one so look out for a project thread. I couldn't resist another :)
  27. Scott™

    Do Apple have any form of complaints process?

    As above? I'm struggling to find anything. To give you an over view, my lock button stopped working. So I contacted apple and they arranged for me to have it sent away and repaired/replaced. A week passed and the phone arrived home stating that "Diagnostic tests confirmed that your iPhone...
  28. Scott™

    Photographic Challenge

    Tonight is giving clear skies above most the UK. So I challenge you toggers to get out and get your best night shot tonight. It can be anything from trails, light painting, wirewool, stars etc etc. But it must be taken tonight, out side and be noticeable it's at night :) The winner gets a...
  29. Scott™

    Clio 200 Carmarthen

    For sale in GWD motors? Had a limo sport tax disk holder?
  30. Scott™

    Bluetooth to Aux port help

    So I have an aux port on the BMW that I currently run a wire too from my phone every time. This gets on my tits so what I wanted to know is there a Bluetooth adapter that I can maybe buy to play music via Bluetooth to the aux port? If so does anyone recommend anyone?