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    911R vs 205 Rallye

    Another decent Harris video Makes me want to go for a good blast now though! Enjoy.
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    Corsa 'D' VXR Nurburgring Edition

    Had this for nearly Two weeks so i thought i'd stick some pictures up. Yes its a Vauxhall and Yes its Corsa, but the VXR Brand appeals to me quite somewhat and Vauxhall do make some cracking cars with the resources they've got. VXR by Michael Smith, on Flickr VXR by Michael Smith, on Flickr...
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    182 Trophy, Horwich

    As above, looked good even in the dark and rain, love the private plate, anyone's on here ? don't normally see Renaultsport stuff up here.
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    LY Clio 200T, Southport

    Last night in Southport, sure it was around Half 9'ish. Looked lovely, really did!
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    Black Clio 200 Cup, Middlebrook Horwich

    At around 16:00 this afternoon, looked nice and clean.
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    Another Fiesta ST....

    As there's a lot of Fiesta ST activity on here lately i'd thought i'd put some photo's up from last night with a group of mates, pictures are average i was only using the trusty iPhone 6 camera, so please bare with.. ST by michael.smith199042, on Flickr Untitled by michael.smith199042, on...
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    RB 182, Preston

    This morning going up London Road, noticed it had the newer style club sticker in the rear window, looked lovely.
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    LY 200, Horwich

    As above, at around 21:40 tonight, driving past the Horwich Leisure Centre going into Horwich. Clio looked good :)
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    Crashed 172, Belmont

    Seen this crashed 172 around half 5 this tea time up Rivington/Belmont area :( Hope all is ok!
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    172 Cup, Middlebrook retail park

    Parked on Middlebrook last night around 9'ish. Looked very clean, noticed it had the old style CS sticker in the rear window. Anyone's of here ?
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    2x Silver's

    Took the Clio 172 in for it's MOT today, it passed, but with a few Advisory's. Met up with the Mechanic's Clio 182 and took a few Picture's, Pictures taken with the iPhone 4. As you can see it's the lovely Iceburg and Titanium Silver's. ​Thank's for looking :)
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    Slammed Trophy & BG 182 at Krispy Kremes

    As above I parked next to your BG 182 at Trafford Park KK's and saw your Trophy drive off, looked very smart :)
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    182 Trophy, Horwich

    As above, you looked like you was having mega amount's of fun on them Roundabout's ;) car looked and sounded great, i was in the Silver 172.
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    BG Clio 182, Stafford

    As above seen parked up in the Network Rail depot at Stafford
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    Inner Tie Rod thread size

    Basically my nut is seized so the car can't be tracked correctly, so what is the size of the thread so i can Re-thread it ? Cheer's :o
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    172 & 182 Clio's in Chorley

    As above seen you both driving through Chorley about Half 8 tonight, I'am sure your 182 was on "06" Plate! First one I've ever seen.
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    172 Cup, Penrith

    As above, seen parked outside Halford's in Penrith, near the Train Station
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    Iceburg 172 in some snow

    Hello all. Was bored yesterday afternoon, so went for drive around some local road's and stopped of for a few picture's. Using the trusty iPhone 4, nothing special. That's all. Thank's for looking :)
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    BG 182, Chorley

    Seen your 182 parked up outside an car accessories shop. Looked smart, lowered, Dark 182 Wheel's and Yellow Spax sticker on your back window.
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    BG Clio 197, Chorley

    Seen you driving toward's Chorley about Half 1 yesterday afternoon, looked great, had Cup Spoiler, White Speeline Alloy's and looked quite low.
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    UR Clio 200, Trafford Centre

    As above, seen it parked up at the Trafford Centre today, looks bloody awesome! think it's Christopher's of here. Needs a wash ;)
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    RB 182, Horwich

    As above saw your rather tasty looking Racing Blue 182 parked up behind a church in Horwich about 15 Min's ago, Lowered, OZ F1's, looked great, seen it a few time's knocking around.
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    Hi my name is Michael and 19 years , Always been a fan of Cliosports and looking to buy PH1 172 next year :) i drive this atm : [/IMG] A fully opel Corsa lol if that means much, Cheers Mike