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  1. benhiggs

    D shaped Steering wheel

    But then when you steer that room disappears surely? IMO the best thing I did was buy a smaller omp wheel and snap off boss. More enjoyable to drive, better lighter wheel and it comes off if I need Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  2. benhiggs

    Creaky drivers seat

    Time to upgrade to bucket seats [emoji6] Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. benhiggs

    Strange electrical issues...

    I was assuming mine was ok, but I'll defo look into it. I am using a cheap eBay obd dongle to measure voltage so i don't trust it 100% [emoji23] Thanks mate Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  4. benhiggs

    Strange electrical issues...

    yeah that was one of my first thoughts, I have a cheap ebay OBD dongle, was reading 12.8v on the battery and over 14 when running, so i assumed that system is ok.. maybe not tho
  5. benhiggs

    Strange electrical issues...

    I have a 1.2 16v mk2. Was running fine until the other day. Then starting the engine took longer than usual, then it died twice, but started up. Finally it died whilst on an A road and wouldn't restart. It threw error codes df061 and 62. Replaced the coilpack and crank sensor and it worked...
  6. benhiggs

    Project Daily

    looks good man! the plastic you can remove. wiper puller or ball joint splitter on the wiper arms and pull them off, then it clips off. I took mine and satin blacked it out, as it was going grey! also the whistlers look insane! :hearteyes:
  7. benhiggs

    Sean's Naughty 1.6

    Car is looking better every update! I'd advise to get coilovers instead of just springs mate.. I have coilies and love it on my 1.2, once you lower it a bit, you can keep adjusting, where as on springs your stuck at that height I run TAs, rear spring only and front in the summer I drop...
  8. benhiggs

    Big brakes 1.2 ?

    We literally pulled the full setup off a 182, dropped the beam, fitted new sensors as the sport ones don't work on a non sport, fitted new pads and bolted it on and then connected and bled everything I'm honestly really happy with it, I never planned on the conversion, but circumstances meant I...
  9. benhiggs

    Mallow's non sport project

    I'd lower it, get a grill, some smart black wheels, IMO red and black look sweet Maybe a roof and spoiler wrap? You can check my thread on here some where, I've pretty much done it all Sent from my Xperia Z1 using Tapatalk
  10. benhiggs

    Big brakes 1.2 ?

    I run sport disks on my 1.2, feels so much better, but idk if that's because I never changed my drums Heard 406 brembos bolt straight on tho [emoji102] [emoji102]
  11. benhiggs

    loss of power, slight judder, loud af, injector? loom?

    have a problem with my engine, 1.2 16v 54 plate, newer d4f engine slight loss of power, and a roar,,, sounds very loud, slightly lumpy too checked ht leads and plugs, when i test by pulling one at a time, the engine changes tone, so they aren't the problem, i assume been told that it may be...
  12. benhiggs

    injectors or loom? help

    have a problem with my engine, 1.2 16v 54 plate, newer d4f engine slight loss of power, and a roar,,, sounds very loud, slightly lumpy too checked ht leads and plugs, when i test by pulling one at a time, the engine changes tone, so they aren't the problem, i assume been told that it may be...
  13. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    Awesome, well most of the s**t I wanna do has been done to the car already, got some big plans for the summer suspension wise and might be swapping to a smoothed campus front end, but we'll see how it goes haha Get a little project thread up!
  14. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    Yeah buddy!
  15. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    Will look good buddy! Nice and subtle on 172 wheels in that colour [emoji106] spacers will suit it
  16. benhiggs

    1.2 Project - ted48 :)
  17. benhiggs

    1.2 Project - ted48

    1.2 is love! Get it low, some nice 15s, and colour coded If you don't wanna fork out for sport bumpers Got loads of s**t on my thread if you want inspiration [emoji2] [emoji2] [emoji2]
  18. benhiggs

    My 1.2 Extreme project.

    This is how my extreme 3 currently sits.. Got a thread on here, check it out if you want any ideas, I started by colour coding all my black plastics and lowering on some BBS :)
  19. benhiggs

    Hubcentric spacer advice

    Personally I'd recommend bolt to hub spacers, take a look on amazon for 20mm, I got a really good deal on there and have had no problems Got 20 and 25mm spacers here I'm not using atm
  20. benhiggs

    Just got my first car!

    Welcome to the world of owning a Clio, everyone tells you to "save up for a sport" f**k that Do what you want to it, sport interior is a great upgrade, maybe a sport rear bumper,lowering, nice wheels, if you need inspiration, I've done a lot to my own car, hadn't cost me loads as if you do it...
  21. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    will take a look, cheers mate :)
  22. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    put up a guide on the trophy replica spoiler fitting
  23. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    because, if you look at the alignment printout, the rear is out by about .3 deg, so i have to correct that, i assume the car the beam came off wasnt perfect. Doesnt drive straight because of the rear thrust angle, so i have to counteract that with the steering wheel atm, since the fronts are...
  24. benhiggs

    Bens orange 1.2

    Ok,quick update, car was written off, bought it back and had money to fix it So: Sport beam is on Airbag light was fixed.. Tracking was sorted, need to fix the rear tho.. Went farming.. One of those eBay trophy replica spoilers was purchased And wrapped to match the roof, badly tho...
  25. benhiggs

    Rear toe alignment help

    I had my front alignment done yesterday as my steering wheel was out to the right a bit, they sorted the front and the drive is supposed to be spot on I noticed on the print out that it says there is a difference in rear toe,one side is 0.06° and the other is 0.36 which results in a thrust of...
  26. benhiggs

    Black Dynamique 1.2

    Just dropped them a message, cheers! And yeah lol I can't wait! Whats the fit with your BBS like? I've got 25mm spacers and it needed a lot of camber
  27. benhiggs

    Black Dynamique 1.2

    Awesome cheers mate, And yeah I'll look into getting some, remember where you got genuine ones? And Yeh man I know! They look quite tidy, but I have to run spacers all round to get a nice fit :/
  28. benhiggs

    Black Dynamique 1.2

    Nice car mate! One question Rear beam..... What sensors did you need mate, where were they from and how much? Also did it work without them or not? Also snap wheels :)