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  1. 1985michael182

    Next question intermediate wet tyres setup

    So I run full slicks for dry but I need a road legal slick for an intermediate wet. I have been looking at Toyo R1R, R888, NS2R in 120medium compound to be used for wet days with a bit of standing water and wont melt at a sniff of a dry line. For full wet I will use rainsport5. What do you...
  2. 1985michael182

    Help me guys gaz gold or 750mc spax setup

    Soooooo I have been torn between Full gaz golds or 750mc suspension setup. £1000ish to spend. Currently have rebuilt Gaz GHA on the front with 550lbs springs so I could just buy new rears but my brain won't let me, every time I try to buy the gold rears my brain stops me and says why not buy...
  3. 1985michael182

    Ph2 handbrake cables

    Does any body have the legit part numbers for both handbrake cables for a phase 2. Can get the OS still genuine for £34 but NS is discontinued.
  4. 1985michael182

    Washer pump

    So I think my pump is goosed and I'm removing the rear wiper and water pipe. Probably a load of wires I dont need aswell. Is there a single motor rather than double on say a 172 cup or something and will it fit straight onto my existing plug?
  5. 1985michael182

    Clio with Rotrex super charger

    Does any one know of anyone running one? I'm fancying charging mine and selling the Jenvey throttle bodies. Cant find any build threads on here with a kit though
  6. 1985michael182

    Best products to decontaminate paintwork snd wheels?

    Hey guys n girls, Looking for a decent wheel cleaner and paintwork cleaner for after trackdays to remove all the brake dust from the wheels so they dont start rusting and off the bodywork. Also marble Mark's from them being kicked up on track hitting the car. What are you using?
  7. 1985michael182

    My 182ff track car build (so far)

    So... I have been on for a few years now and never really posted much other than asking advice or sharing what I know or have learnt from here or whilst working on the cars. I had owned a clio previous to owning a mk2, a white 1.8 valve which I loved. I paid £300 for it. The rear arches...
  8. 1985michael182

    PMS oil catch can, crack in the bracket??

    Afternoon fellow cliosport owners. I'm writing this whilst trying to watch F1 so if it doesn't make sense then that's why. So whilst removing the engine and gear box from my 182 this morning, I noticed that there was a crack in my PMS oil catch can. It's a very well made bit of kit so I'm quite...
  9. 1985michael182

    4 pots under 15's?

    Is there a kit straight off the shelf for the brembo conversion that will fit under 15's and on 280mm disks?
  10. 1985michael182

    Where to buy Braided brake lines and fittings

    Wanting to make my own lines but where is the best place to buy everything I need.
  11. 1985michael182

    Need new suspension for track car, but which

    I've got a £1000 budget, currently got Gaz GHA full coilovers which are working but rusty as hell. My only real options are GAZ gold full coilovers, spax standard coilovers or 750 MC version. I also don't know what spring rates are needed for the best setup. Does curb weight come into the...
  12. 1985michael182

    Track car aerodynamics help

    So... this is my car, Titanium silver 182ff When I bought it, it had a plywood front splitter on attached to the subframe. It looked hideous just matt blacked and was heavy so I've removed it. But now with no splitter on it doesn't look right. So I've bought a skoda splitter off ebay...
  13. 1985michael182

    Cm composites splitters

    So I'm looking to get a front splitter and Canards. Cm composites seem to have a good setup but was just wondering if anyone here runs them or anything similar. Also rear defuser, any off the shelf or is it a sheel of aluminium and make your own?
  14. 1985michael182

    Think i have 225 injectors in my 182 on jenveys????? Do i need need them ??

    So running a bit lumpy, new plugs, coil and magnecor leads. Sounded like air leaking round the injectors so I took the out to check the O rings and they aren't the usual 042 injectors, are they megane ones ?????? I'm the pictures the black ones are the ones I have just removed from the car and...
  15. 1985michael182

    Jenvey throttle body setup (balancing the bodies)

    So bought a car with Jenvey bodies and Ktr gen90 ecu. It runs like a sack of s#!t. I've done the coil pack and plugs. It's got all new racing HT leads. The spray pattern on the injectors looks all pretty even. So.... I bought a syncrometer to see that the bodies were set at after watching Ktr...
  16. 1985michael182

    182 cup packs or not?

    So bought a 182 and sold the 172 cup as the 182 is on jenvey with gen90 ecu and loads of other toys fitted. But.... Is it cup packed? Can you tell from the Vin number? I've read the cup packs are 20mm wider track at the front and 10mm at the back. Is that wider than a normal 182 or than a 172...
  17. 1985michael182

    2005 182 abs removal

    So I've just sold my 172cup which had no abs and I want to make the 182 with the same bias valve setup as the 172. My question to the crowd: Do I need a 172cup master cylinder or can I run the 182 master cylinder? Are they the same? The Speedo runs off the abs aswell so will the speedo not...
  18. 1985michael182

    Road legal track cars maybe a thing of the past... new mot rules

    So the on going argument of moting a modified vehicle to be used on track. Rules now state that a "boy racer" modified car to be used on track days must comply with all normal car mot rules. If airbags, pre tentioners, collision sensors are fitted from factory they must be present and in...
  19. 1985michael182

    Steering column to rack

    So.... I've had the subframe off to to clean it up and paint it black and fitted polybushes. At the same time I changed the trackrod inner and outer. So.. I put it all back together and took it for tracking with camber bolts fitted with full camber. But... they cant track it up with the wheel in...
  20. 1985michael182

    Workshop manuals

    Has anyone got the pdf files for the manuals still could do with some info. Thanks guys
  21. 1985michael182

    Rs tuner with airbag module

    So I bought the unit from a fellow member just needing it for the airbag module to turn the annoying service light and airbag lights out on my track car and my m8s. I have downloaded the software and the firmware but cant find the airbag module anywhere. Do I need to contact Henk at
  22. 1985michael182

    JMS RS2 inlet installation help on Clio 172 cup

    So I have bought the inlet already. It's the gen2 with the one peice manifold. I know the map sensor plugs in on the left hand side but what plugs in on the right just after the throttle body. Which breathers/ vacuums do I need or not need. Ordered the coil pack relocation bracket and pms...
  23. 1985michael182

    Gearbox ratios and shorter 5th

    Ok so after cadwell yesterday I found that I never needed 5th as when I changed up into it I wasn't pulling as well as 4th as I dropped off the power. What would be the fix? Shorter 5th gear set or leave the ratios and change the final drive to shorten all the gears ? Been talking to northloop...
  24. 1985michael182

    Snap off wheel boss

    Ok so put my new sparco seat in and got it all adjusted up nicely in position with steering wheel right infront of me...but... very awkward to get in and out now as no room to manoeuvre getting in and out. Which makes are recommended as I don't want the bloody wheel to come off mid corner...
  25. 1985michael182

    Cheapest track tyre trader

    Anyone have any ideas on cheapest track tyres traders/sellers or dealers ?
  26. 1985michael182

    Voucher code for ktec????

    Is there a voucher code for ktec racing ?
  27. 1985michael182

    Rear calipers

    Where is the cheapest place to get new rear calipers? My handbrake arms are seized solid making the caliper bind
  28. 1985michael182

    Powerflex camber bolt issue

    Ok so fitted the bolts and had it tracked up with 1.5° of neg camber. On track under hard cornering they jumped out of camber and had to go back the the pits to see what the problem was. No matter how tight I made them they still slipped out of camber. Has anybody else experienced this and am I...
  29. 1985michael182

    Heater fan for track car

    Hi guys! Looking for a little tech advice. Bought a 172 cup already stripped and "preped" for track use as they called it but currently have no working windscreen fan. Then standard fan is still in place under the scuttle panel but all the heater matrix and control switches are long gone. I'm...