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  1. Neil@greenlight

    Private car > Company car > Private car... any company keep the NCB running?

    Did he get a company car claims experience Letter confirming the 2yrs he drove for them were claim free. If so we have access to bespoke underwriters they may be able to accept the combination If he cannot get proof of the company vehicle driving then unfortunately i think he’ll be stuck...
  2. Neil@greenlight

    2nd car insurance

    Can happily look at a quote for although depending on what RWD car it is we may not be competitive. Second car mirrored NCB policies usually work out very cheap so providing you meet our underwriters criteria and have good experience of similar vehicles it should come in with a really good...
  3. Neil@greenlight

    Cheaper Car insurance best companies? club discounts?

    Thanks for all the recommendations guys. Happy to help with a quote if you wanted to drop me a PM with your contact details i can get in touch personally and run the price through. We have some great schemes for cliosport models that allow all types of modifications. Kind Regards Neil
  4. Neil@greenlight

    Agreed Valuation

    You have to specifically request agreed value and its not available on all policy types. You would have needed to provide photgraphs of the car and have agreed value endorsement specifically noted on your policy documents.
  5. Neil@greenlight

    Agreed Valuation

    Hit the nail on the head mate, plus people were being argumentative when we had to politely explain the underwriters wouldn't agree the value they requested. I've asked the underwriters if they would put a maximum ceiling on the applications so if someone wanted above £6500 agreed then it's just...
  6. Neil@greenlight

    Trophy insurance valuation advice

    It seems like they have valued it based on a normal 182 as opposed to a trophy. Hopefully your examples and pointing out to them that the Trophy is a limited run model with a higher price. If that doesnt yield a higher offer then you could instruct your own independent engineer to do an...
  7. Neil@greenlight

    insurance quotes !!!

    Thank you for the kind comments mate
  8. Neil@greenlight

    insurance quotes !!!

    We offer a couple of different policy types that would suit you. We have an insurer that offers a reduced mileage discount policy allowing all track focused mods (like roll cage, poly windows etc).....With this policy you can also add daily track cover should you want to during the year and the...
  9. Neil@greenlight

    Hyper hilarity at Insurance quotes...

    We specialise in modified cars and where your car is standard and bang on our maximum value its not a vehicle we will be competitive on at all. As you are running a totally standard car you would be best off just insuring via the comparison sites as there wouldn't be a need for you to have a...
  10. Neil@greenlight

    best place for car insurance

    I can happily take a look for you, if you wanted to drop me a PM with your contact number i'll get in touch and run a quick quote through for you and see what i can do. Kind Regards Neil
  11. Neil@greenlight

    Insurance really is mind boggling.

    You could look for a second car mirrored NCB policy, especially if the mileage on the car is low you would probably find the rates come in really well. The benefit of using a specialist insurance is that you could add modifications to the vehicle whereas some of the mainstream online companies...
  12. Neil@greenlight

    best place for car insurance

    Sorry mate we cant insure a standard 1.2 model. If it was modified or was the Twingo 133 we would be able to do it. Kind Regards Neil
  13. Neil@greenlight

    best place for car insurance

    Doesnt sound to bad at all with all your mods declared. If you were doing less than 5000 miles a year i imagine we would be a bit lower but at £400 online that is a very fair rate.
  14. Neil@greenlight

    best place for car insurance

    We insure standard performance models like the 172 as well not just modified cars.....Our policies do allow mods mid year so if client starts out on a standard 172 then adds mods thats also fine. Kind Regards Neil
  15. Neil@greenlight

    best place for car insurance

    We can happily look at a mirrored NCB policy for you. If you wanted to drop me a PM with your contact details i can get in touch personally and run a price. With 11yrs to mirror should work out really competitive Kind Regards Neil
  16. Neil@greenlight

    Insurance question - people with multiple cars

    We can offer a mirrored NCB policy that would allow you to leave the 9yrs NCB on your other vehicle then we can offer a quote with mirroring the NCB on the 172. The only requirement of the mirror is that you have been claim free for the last 3 years (windscreen claims and non fault accidents are...
  17. Neil@greenlight

    Advice needed - limited miles classic policy for Williams

    Thanks for all the kind comments guys. We can happily help with a low mileage second car price. 6 month policies are hard to come by and generally work out more expensive so doing an annual policy with lower miles will actually probably give you a better price overall. If you wanted to drop a...
  18. Neil@greenlight

    60% premium increase to change where my post is sent!

    Unfortunately underwriters will always rate on the higher of two address which is a shame if you store the cars elsewhere 😧. If you live in london and register your driving licence and stuff to your home address but keep car in surrey the underwriters will ask for rating on the higher...
  19. Neil@greenlight

    Insurance for 25k miles inc business use with 50% power increase and an SP30

    We dont go above 15000 miles so unfortunately we wont be able to help im afraid :(
  20. Neil@greenlight

    Van drove into me - then puts a claim in against me

    Without witness's then it will be almost impossible to prove the third party is to blame, especially is they are willing to change there version of the accident circumstances. It will come down to TP's word against the Policyholder and without a Dash Cam or independent witness it will likely end...
  21. Neil@greenlight

    What address do you use if you own multiple cars in different locations?

    If the daily was a performance model or even had a modification (like alloys, air filter etc..) then we could quote that alongside your existing policy. Kind Regards Neil
  22. Neil@greenlight

    What address do you use if you own multiple cars in different locations?

    In this situation we would have your home address as correspondence address and parking address for the main car....Then the 2nd car would have same correspondence address but a different storage address. Its quite common when customers have a track day car that they store elsewhere....We...
  23. Neil@greenlight

    Turbo insurance

    Id be happy to look at a quote for you. The comparison sites often don't take into account the modifications, i had a client yesterday with a Modified Fiesta ST declared his mods on the comparison site and got a quote from Axa (who don't cover mods).....He called them to go ahead with the price...
  24. Neil@greenlight

    Storage Insurance

    You need to look for a laidup policy a lot of the classic car insurers will offer them usually around £90 a year
  25. Neil@greenlight

    Carrying over NCB when buying a new car and insurance is included

    As a general rule NCB lasts for up to 2yrs from when the policy expires so if you go with Allianz this year and they dont take the NCB you should be able to use the Direct Line NCB in a years times when re-insuring. Ideally you would want to send your direct line NCB proof to allianz so they can...
  26. Neil@greenlight

    Just bought a second car - need isnurance for a month

    This is the best way to do it as suggested by Danny. If you call your existing company and ask for a "Temp Add vehicle" they will be able to add the second car onto your policy usually you can buy 7 or 14 days at a time. Alternatively you could do the temp insurance via who do...
  27. Neil@greenlight

    Let's talk insurance

    Best way to do it would be you insure the car that you use most and then your partner insurers the car she uses most. Then add each other as named drivers on the policies. That way bother drivers will earn their own NCB, if you do them both in your name she wont get any NCB in her own right...
  28. Neil@greenlight

    Dr Jekyll's Ph1 172 Progress Thread

    Mark It will depend on the damage if the assessor can view it at your property and make a judgement then he will. If he feels the car has underlying damage that he cant physically see or wants a more detailed inspection he may have the car taken somewhere they can access and asses the car better...
  29. Neil@greenlight

    No claims

    No worries mate drop me a PM before and i'll get in touch personally see if we can get you on board :)
  30. Neil@greenlight

    No claims

    Depends on insurer only a handful offer proctected NCB on 4yrs. Normally its 5yrs or more. Ive seen some insurers offer protected NCB on any number of years (even 1yr) but the quotes can be very high.