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  1. sava001006

    Sav's Clio 182

    Your not the first person to say that, but there is something about a old car been driven quick which is why i'm rebuilding and not just selling
  2. sava001006

    Sav's Clio 182

    Hello all, I've been a long time member but not posted on here since selling my Clio DCI back in 2012. But I'm back. I'm an avid track day goer that has a boosted MK2 golf all sent up for track day's. I've recently been over to the ring and the car just didn't have a good time, over heating etc...
  3. sava001006

    Car Tax ...

    £30 a year and free on my other car :)
  4. sava001006

    My new diesel barge...

    I rather like that front with the lcr splitter on it
  5. sava001006

    Summer TOPO Evening Meet - Sunday July 22nd

    1) Mike 2) Tim 3) Josh (sava001006) - maybe
  6. sava001006

    My 172 Cup (T5MY G) & 172 Stealth (T5M YO)

    Re: My 172 Cup (T5MY G) FCS Pics! whay, my photo :) very nice car I like the way its going
  7. sava001006

    1.5 DCi

    welcome ive got a dci too, had it years and its not let me down FCS 2012-30 by joshsav, on Flickr
  8. sava001006

    French Car Show pics

    yea i took 600 or so i went mad but got rid of the crap ones, but i was messing about with flash all day the silver and green clio must be on here because i took it on the cs stand.
  9. sava001006

    French Car Show pics

    Yeah I noticed it when I started to edit them, will have to have a play about next time
  10. sava001006

    French Car Show pics

    Really enjoyed the day and took far too many photos but here are a select few FCS 2012-11 by joshsav, on Flickr FCS 2012-63 by joshsav, on Flickr FCS 2012-155 by joshsav, on Flickr FCS 2012-252 by joshsav, on Flickr The rest are found here including all the parade lap photos...
  11. sava001006

    Yorkshire Clio Sport Saturday

    1) jenic (mike) 2) Das182 (Dan) 3) Harpham 4) Tomo t 5) Spinksy92 6) tvrtyphon (gaz) 7) John 8) mick (marnook) 9) Haimsey (Carl) 10) 24JSeymour (Josh) 11) sava001006 (Josh)
  12. sava001006

    Show off your flake

    Renault 676 by joshsav, on Flickr Pearl black, just painted
  13. sava001006

    ClioSport Saturday 2012 Attendance List

    1. Tom 2. Scrooge 3. Toby 4. Boosh 5. Brian 6. Revels 7. Nik 8. Seb 9. 10. Addicted 11. Jon.G 12. Goodj 13. Rhys 14. Scott. 15. Kyly 16. adam1 17. Lee 18. Luke 19. markkram 20. Cookie 21. Michaelgrimes 22. Kieran.. 23. Jamie_182 (work depending) 24. Vecbtb 25. Coxy 17 (work...
  14. sava001006

    Blyton Track day - June

    can anyone come to spectate?
  15. sava001006

    FCS 2012 Attendance List

    1. Brian 2. Luke 3. Greg 4. Djw john 5. Djw dave 6. XxHarDinGXx 7. DCI RAZ 8. Tomo t 9. Homominom 10. chapperzuk 11. Kieran.. 12. Twiztid 13. Owen 14. MicKPM 15. Junior Bear 16. gti6steve 17. sunflowerclio 18. Donny 19. LewisTaylor 20. Tyler. 21. dom 22. sam 23. addicted 24. TrueBlue*182* 25...
  16. sava001006

    Possible airfield day - York Raceway?

    Track day could be fun
  17. sava001006

    My Mk1 Golf Pictures

    That is stunning a really nice example
  18. sava001006

    1303 beetle

    ive changed it now. and there are a few updates since last time i posted in here
  19. sava001006

    tuning mk2 diesel van

    what bhp is a standard engine in the vans? i thought they were 65bhp?
  20. sava001006

    Any experience of cheap flashguns?

    ive got a similar one to the ebay special, im no proffesional photography but its and not too bad bit of kit, does what it should and it wasnt too expensive to have practice with and what not. good starting point imo
  21. sava001006

    First car/clio

    just read all this, i like what you are doing with the car
  22. sava001006

    Audi Passat? Ha.

    what a load of s*£$. a bad car made even worse imo
  23. sava001006

    My most viewed photo on Flickr yesterday.........

    Fog by joshsav, on Flickr 8 views
  24. sava001006

    diesel clios (are they any good?)

    ive got a dci 65 and for what i bought it for its great, 60mpg and £30 road tax. cheap to run. i bought mine on 84k and its on 104k and nothing is wrong with it. i did change the brakes but thats just general wear. great car imo
  25. sava001006

    > What do you hang from your rear view mirror ? <

    flower, because im cool Street Cruise Meet by joshsav, on Flickr
  26. sava001006

    182 - £2300

    linky not working
  27. sava001006

    Renault Clio 1.2 Modified

    lower rs grill a good clean remove tints colour code this is all of course my opinion
  28. sava001006

    Razc09's DCI project

    ive seen gain of about 15bhp to 25bhp so for yours your looking at 100bhp but ive not had it done myself so cant really comment looks a good project you have on your hands
  29. sava001006

    ClioSport Calendar 2012

    CSS 2011 by joshsav, on Flickr CSS 2011 by joshsav, on Flickr CSS 2011 by joshsav, on Flickr CSS 2011 by joshsav, on Flickr CSS 2011 by joshsav, on Flickr 05/06/2011 by joshsav, on Flickr 05/06/2011 by joshsav, on Flickr Octane by joshsav, on Flickr Fog by joshsav, on Flickr
  30. sava001006

    Your best reflection shot of your current car!

    Reflection by joshsav, on Flickr