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    Clio 197 body panels same as 200??

    Ola,,, not posted in a while, so heres a question :rasp: Are the front wings from a 197 the same as the 200 wings? And the rear bumper, is that the same? e.g. 197 to 200? par the diffuser in the middle? Cheers
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    Left side wheel area feels like its catching /grinding through steering

    Front passengers side feels vague through the steering. Feels like something's grinding or catching. Its only on when turning a 90 degree corner going right. I've jacked up that side, no play in bearing, Cv joints look fine, Arb bushes have little splits in them. The top mounts are on...
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    Middle seatbelt routing picture

    As above. The middle seatbelt in a 182. How does it route from the mech ? mech- side roof- roof - seats? anyone got a picture? ​cheers.
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    182/172 track car weights?

    Im wondering what sort of weights you can get too with a clio sport 182/172. Anyone been on a weighing bridge? What sort of weight mods did you have/removed.... & whats a reasonable estimate which is possible to get down too?
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    Best handsfree kit

    looking for a handsfree kit which can be played through speakers in the car. Im presuming Parrot is the best option? or do i have some other options? will need to work with iphone 5 to fit a BMW 335d Ps are they easy to fit yourself? ( Halfords only charge £30 for fitting service, so surely...
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    Cheap 172 head,bottom end, f1 watch RenaultSport, ep3 springs
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    200 Gearbox change?

    As above. hows hard is it to change a gearbox on a 200 incomparision to a 182/172?
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    Do Renault sell this? Pics

    This is part of the squib in steering section behind wheel. It all comes out without cutting/chopping It's all in one section pics Anyone got any Renault part diagrams/ number. Cheers.
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    Steering wheel airbag wiring setup? Oppsy

    Pulled my steering wheel abit to hard as it genuinely wouldn't come off ended up breaking one of the connectors to the airbag I noticed the wiring is built into a pick up ring. what will I need to fix this? will any cliosport eg ph1/ph2 172 or. 182 pickup ring work? pic of fail
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    Rebuild- How to get genuine 182/172bhp figures

    Ive got a spare engine(ph1 172 engine) I know that most 172/182 that are standard dont run the bhp figures that are stated. Firstly Why is this? What is the best way of getting the stated figures? Ive seen 197 cams fit, but do 200? in which what timing should it be set too?( owners with...
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    General advice/help on setup

    Ive got a few bits for cleaning, and in all honesty, i dont understand some of the differences in what they "actually" do List on what i have: Snowfoam DAS6 with the Menzerna polishes. dodo juice claybar( puple) with dodo orange lube chemical guys wet finish ( smells awesome)- Hand apply only...
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    Leaving a clio for a long period of time, best option...

    i wont be using the clio hardly at all. ( around 1/2months) I was told earlier by a lad that he left his clio 172. the battery went dead overtime, and when he went to come back to it, the immob locked and it decoded itself. and he needed a new ecu and uch or something? Is this bullshit? I...
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    Headbolt tool size?

    Anyone know what tool / size it is to remove standard Renault headbolts? 172 ph1 --- I haven't looked at them- just making sure I have tool before I start Cheers
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    Preventing steering wheel melting?

    Im after Prevention on steering wheel melting Most times I'll leave the 182 in garage, but sometimes I carnt. When I leave it out, I can get in it and the steering wheel be very sticky along the sides! Its not bad at all at the minute but I don't want it to get worst! Par sticking it in...
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    Leicestershire- needs mapping for rs2

    Need a map for the rs2 Im just wondering what's close/ good to Leicestershire? Cheers
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    Wheel allignment? Camber 1 degree out? Coilovers fitted wrong?

    Went for my four wheel allignment today. The front toe he did, and caster I dont have camber topmounts do he couldn't do it But one side camber is -1 degree 41' the other is. -0 degree 40? What? The car drives straight and fine! The rear camber is fine but one of the rear toe...
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    iMac owners. 2.7ghz or 3.1ghz? Xbox?

    Hi Looking at buying a iMac 27 inch Firstly 2.7ghz or 3.1ghz or upgrade to i7? Ive been told to change the GB myself as it's very easy? (buy from crucial) Ill be doing auto cad, invoices, maybe few cheeky games eg sims, word & research, basic photos I don't mind paying the...
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    Topmount moves up and down?With video

    What is wrong? There the newer updated version brand new Video
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    very light knock? New topmounts-updated version

    fitted my front coilovers(refurbed) with new renault topmounts- the updated version. Now its a very faint knock when turning and going over a slight bump? it doesnt do it when stationary. its not loud, just feels abit weird, like somethings loose? nothings loose of course. when opening the...
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    Dyna / Ice writing on front slam panel...

    took my bumper off to find "dyna" on the front slam? I asked the previous owner and he never wrote it there so thought it was a tad weird( only 1 owner before me) then i saw this picture of "ICE" in exactly the same position as where my "dyna" is...
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    New Topmounts order?

    This is what ive currently got.... The silver cup is to sit on the spring... then the silver spacer infront of it? came with the coilover.... I had no topmounts on. The blue nyloc came on the coilovers when refurbed. Now which order does it all go in??? cheers picture:
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    Cambelt Timing after running....

    set timing correctly with correct tools with correct process. The horseshoe went straight in. Perfect! started the engine without aux belt on & jacked up. it idle at 2k. locked to TDC again and the horseshoe was very slightly off on the dephaser and catches the edge. it wont go in. without a...
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    cambelt tensioner? Should it move? (notches)

    Using matts pic(cheers) hope you dont mind! On my cambelt- tensioned up, timing correct, horseshoe goes in with a little wiggle My tensioner is is lined up with BC. belt tight! But when i crank over by hand. it sometimes slightly moves eg B moves away from C is this normal? cheers !
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    Timing am i doing this right? Crank pulley was turning...

    Process:: just to make sure im doing it right before i start.... Turn over to to tdc so pin goes in(if u look through hole you can see key way) Belt off horseshoe in if doesn't fit turn cam sprockets to get in position for horseshoe to fit put 1509 tool on cambelt side. Lock sprockets. Undo...
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    Timing Wont go straight?

    Timing on a sport engine. The timing is out as the tool won't go in easily( takes a big push) I move each sprocket to get the tool in easily Then I loosen sprockets, put belt on, tension tighten sprockets Take tools out-the horseshoe is hard to get out when removing.. and it's exactly the...
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    they all do it Lumpy idle thread?

    ive heard this from numerous people- (they all idle slightly lumpy) carnt remember both my old 172s doing it.... Changed- coilpack front lambda leads sparks cleaned throttle body And its still lumpy- idles very close to 1k when warm.. if i raise the revs to just above 1k, it runs perfect as...
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    RS2'd 182 Clio Cup

    Hola cliosport Some of you may know me but i used to own this Was my first RS and was great. I always wanted a RB 182 but it never really happened. So I was doing abit of searching and found one! I never liked the FF versions due to the washers which pretude the front bumper:dead...
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    Which decat to fit standard exhaust- 182

    scorpion SRNC019 are these the ones that fit? it says 2.5 inch but i thought standard was 2 inch?? This is the one im talking about...
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    Solid topmounts or standard ones.

    Not sure which to get can get the newer standard versions from ren for around 90 or can get pure motorsport for 130 the only thing that bugs me abit is the fact you have to drill the chassis. Are their any solid topmounts that dont require drilling? cheers dont fancy having to drill the...
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    205 or 195 On Turini?

    Hello im wondering if you would notice a difference between a 195 45 16 trye & a 205 45 16 trye when running it on a turini? eg better grip, cornering on the 205 or wouldnt even notice it?