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  1. J

    Gel coat polishing

    Not been in here in some time... Gel coats. Anything I need to be aware of? Most detailing knowledge has left my brain it would seem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Alternative to usual ISPs?

    Hi folks, A member of my family has just bought a flat in Bath. Setting them up with internet, it's become clear that the usual suspects either cannot deliver or provide a very low MB/S speed. Sky - 4-6 Virgin - no go Zen - 5 Vodafone - 4-7 etc Rightmove seems to suggest we could get 60mbps but...
  3. J

    Update to wash/dry arsenal

    Hi folks, No harm in having a bit of input on this, although my mind is pretty set - my towel and wash mitt are both knackered. One is old, the other was put in too hot a wash so has fallen apart. What towel and mitt is everyone using these days? I was going to go for the CarPro mitt and the...
  4. J

    Buying a Macbook

    After some advice when buying a Macbook. It'll be a joint purchase between my other half and I. I will only use it for car related software. She, however, intends to use it for photo editing. At this stage, I've decided we'll go for a 13", which will suffice until we have more room in the new...
  5. J

    Waxes for sale

    Hi guys, Putting this in here as you lot will look, rather than FS section. - Swissvax Best of Show 50ml tub. Used twice by @gally and I for testing when I couldn't decide - 95+% full. The lid is slightly dodgey due to Royal Fail, but has not affected the seal and thus the wax. Bought for £60...
  6. J

    Clio track car + RB modded, A3 near Guildford Saturday 6pm

    Track car being towed by a van, 182 following (lowered, exhaust modded etc). Z4M passed you - hello.
  7. J

    Seal feed

    Looking for a sample for mine. And by sample, I mean enough to do my car. Can anyone help out? Swaps, money, sexual favours from Gally all up for grabs @gally @Scrooge @aucky etc etc Ta.
  8. J


    Gents, My wheels are away being refurb'd and will be back next Saturday. Luckily the missus is away Saturday, so I'll have time to clean and protect on arrival home. I need; - new wheel brush/es - the brakes make it difficult to get to the backs on one location per wheel so need a larger and...
  9. J

    Which go pro?

    As above. Would like to buy one for holidays and car stuff. Popped into Currys and they clearly don't have a clue. There are quite sizeable price jumps from £99, to £264 to £349... I'd like; Decent film Decent stills Decent audio Cheers for any opinions!
  10. J

    AutoSmart Topaz "Polish"

    Have any of the usual suspects tried this stuff? @gally @Yellow Dave @Scrooge @yellowbelly @Chapppers11
  11. J

    Summer/show wax.

    @gally @Scrooge @Yellow Dave @Chapppers11 @aucky Gents, what is your go to Summer/show wax these days? I was about to get a full pot of illusion coupled with a wax mate but thought I'd ask first. The blue of the Zed doesn't respond to a quick going over with Reload as the old red Panzer used...
  12. J

    Best cheat/cover up product? Glazin'.

    Gents. After another thread below about hand polishing out swirls, and @TomSx mentioned 50 Cal. Cover Up, it got me thinking. Unfortunately after taking the Zed to BMW, it's been washed and undone all of my correction work. This happened with the Audi and Tripple coupled with C2V3 gave me...
  13. J

    Wheel refurb and caliper refurb in London

    Guys, any suggestions on a decent place to get this done? I'd prefer someone that is linked to a detailer, so I can get my wheels sealed at the same time. Usual thing, I don't have time or space, so would rather drop off, work, collect and pay.
  14. J

    Z4M Roadster

    So as most of you know, after the panzer left me a week or so ago, I picked up a Z4M Roadster. Few quick details; 56 plate Interlagos blue 54k miles Cruise Bluetooth Black fully electric and heated seats BiXenon Completely standard The initial pick up of the car wasn't quite as happy as I'd...
  15. J

    Price reduced - 2002 Audi S3 Quattro Red 94k miles £4000 Price Reduced as New Car Bought - £4,000 It is time to part with my Audi S3. I have owned the car for over four years and in that time have spared no expense on consumables, preventative maintenance and...
  16. J

    Transfer of photos from iPhone 5S to Dell laptop

    Hi, What's the best way of doing this, if the computer appears to not be able to find photos and videos on the phone? Plug it in, comes up with autoplay options, open folder to view files, nothing found... Any ideas?
  17. J

    Stoddie vid

    Can someone link me to the insane Westfield driving video please.
  18. J

    Auto Finesse Review - Imperial (new formula)

    Hi guys, Thanks again to Auto Finesse for the delivery and chance to test the new formula Imperial acid free intensive alloy wheel cleaner. I've tried the previous incarnation before, when it was included in my waxybox a good few months back. I remember being impressed at the time as my...
  19. J

    Charging an iPhone at an event without sockets

    Hi, Best way of charging an iPhone without the use of sockets? I've seen solar powered versions, but are they really any good? Sorry, I know you hate this, but Tom J
  20. J

    Auto Finesse Review - Illusion

    Very late in the day, I know. Very busy few weeks! Anyway, Illusion. I love this wax. Now my only Summer wax. And works beautifully over a bare base or my other fav (and as requested in this test) over Tripple. First up, dust removal via hose, QD and drying towel, as the car was only washed...
  21. J

    New Civic Type R

    Could have sworn there was a thread for this already, as I posted in it... oh well. Great creative from an ad man PoV (wrap around, may have to reload the page a few times), but looks bloody mean! Presume this will be some sort of Nismo kit, but great looking thing all the same...
  22. J

    Auto Finesse Review - Revive

    Thanks again to Auto Finesse for sending through another test product for us all to review. This time round the product was their much talked about "Revive" Trim product. My trim is C4'd, but was starting to wear off, so it's something I've needed recently, so good timing! This was actually...
  23. J

    Auto finesse Review - Desire

    Hi all, Sad to say this is a bit of a rushed test to get it into the panel in time. Work is manic, Saturdays are the new Mondays and Sundays seem to fly by :( Anyhoo, Desire. I loved the other AF waxes I've tried over the last year or so, so was very grateful to Auto Finesse for sending...
  24. J

    20% off Auto Finesse

    Until midnight Sunday, plus other promotions incl free Waxmate with all waxes. Just use BIGDEAL at the checkout. Thanks to Auto Finesse
  25. J


    @Scrooge @Auto Finesse :star:
  26. J

    Auto Finesse Review - Citrus Power

    This is a completely unbiased review... Good. So I love this product. I've used it a lot, always had excellent results and so has every other keen clean bean on this, and most other, forums. But to get into it a little more, it's worth noting there are (as always) other products on the...
  27. J

    Auto Finesse review - Verso

    Hi all, Managed to get some time yesterday morning to review Auto Finesse's Verso All Purpose Cleaner (APC). I've used a hell of a lot of these in my time, as you can imagine, so was interested to see what this product could bring to the table. APC is always in my work bag, as I use it in so...
  28. J

    DVD Player suggestions

    I'm after a DVD player. I'd like to get a Smart one so I can connect to the internet and gain access to Netflix (as Philips TVs do not support this App, I presume this discounts this provider). I may as well buy a BluRay one, even though I have no use for it, day to day. I have no desire to buy...
  29. J

    Auto Finesse review - Iron Out

    Evening all, A second review as I currently have the time and before I go out for some Xmas drinks I thought I'd fit in a write up! So, the product on test is Auto Finesse's Iron Out contaminant remover. Thanks again to Auto Finesse for sending this out in Waxy Box a few months ago. The...
  30. J

    Auto Finesse review - Dressle

    Hi All, Thanks again to James and the team Auto Finesse for sending this out. Sorry for the delay, but finally here is my review. The test area, having already been washed down and dried, was wiped with Eraser to remove all washing oils from the surface. Having talked in threads about...