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    Clutch Ratchet Problem?

    The clutch pedal on my 04 182 had zero resistance the other day, just pushed freely to the floor. After tapping it with my foot a few times it just returned to normal. It has now gone back to zero resistance. I’ve checked the linkage rod is in place. I can turn the ratchet plastic manually with...
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    Amp & Underseat Sub With Original Head Unit.

    I know that the best advice is to ditch the original head unit in my 2004 Clio 182. However, I would like to keep it looking original, so I'm going to stick with the Cabasse. I already have the Pioneer TS-Q131C door speakers and tweeters that I fitted years ago (and made very little difference)...
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    Cambelt Recommendation South Wales

    Hi all, who is currently recommended to do a dephaser/cambelt change in South Wales? I used APD in Swansea for the car's first belt but he doesn't seem to be there any more and now it is time for another. Is Grange Service Station in Cardiff still good for these? Cheers.
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    Legal Short/Small Number Plates?

    A quick measure of the recess on the 182's front bumper shows it to be around 100mm deep. I know there are lots of suppliers that will do "showplates" (forgot to take them off didn't I guv, honest!), but I'm looking for a legal alternative. Regulations are that the number plates must show the...
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    182 Changed Washer Pump, Still No Screenwash

    After the 182 was sitting sorned under a larch tree for 3 months (not a good idea!), the screen washer pump didn't work, no noise from the pump. When pulling the stalk with the lights on, the headlights wash would work, but not the screen. I've previously sanded the piece inside the pump that...
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    Humming, but not bearings

    Symptoms are a hum from the rear of the car, starts around 25mph and gets louder and higher pitched with speed. Loudest after accelerating to 70 odd then backing off. It's not bearings as both rear discs just replaced. Checked tyre pressures, and no apparent movement/sounds on front bearings...
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    RS Tuner For Diagnostics?

    How good is the RS Tuner diagnostic capability? I'm assuming somewhere between a generic OBDII reader and a Renault Clip - is that correct? Any feedback gratefully received. Cheers.
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    Non RS Dash & Door Trim

    I would like to have the centre console trim and door grab handles in my 182 painted, but the rubberised finish on them is a pain. Is there the exact same trim pieces on a lower 3 door model with a hard finish, does anyone know?
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    Front End Suspension Refresh Parts Prices!

    I have an 04 182 Non-cup with 35K on the clock. It has the typical creaking top mounts on full lock, a front wheel bearing drone (not sure which side), a "wobble" in the steering above 60 (the car tracks straight, but the steering wheel constantly moves left/right around 1cm), and a few clunks...
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    RS Grille Colour

    Just a quick question for anyone that has bought a new RS grille from Renault recently. What colour is it? My grille is a blue/grey but can't remember if it was this way originally or if it has faded over the years from black.
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    Non Smoker Pack

    Can't find anything with the search, did Renault ever offer a non-smoker pack for the Clio II (that is, a replacement for the ashtray/cigarette lighter with something useful for non-smokers)? Cheers for any answers!
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    Identify The Loose Bolt?

    OK, I am still trying to find the cause of the loud metallic rattle that starts at 3K revs on my Clio 182. Today I am looking for anything obvious under the car, and undo the circular plastic hole cover in the undertray just behind the fron bumper, as it doesn't seem to be on properly. Guess...
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    Where to buy alcantara?

    Does anyone know where you can buy alcantara in a dark grey to match the interior of the 182? I have found sources (mainly on eBay) for the backed version used for seats etc, but I am looking for original alcantara that is not backed.
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    Strange OBD Question

    Is it possible to turn off the climate control (04 Clio 182 FF) using an OBD reader? :D
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    Pro Speed Exhaust Owners - A Question

    To all those with a Pro Speed exhaust on their 182, how many mounting points are there on the rear? I've just had mine done, and it reverberates like mad at the rear on idle when warm, the entire parcel shelf hums and it hurts your ears. So I just had a look how it was mounted, and there are 4...