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    Hesitation full throttle >2.5k

    Ht lead failed last week so replaced with genuine part, still wasn’t right so plugged it into a snapon reader which showed no faults (also no lights on dash) but the pre cat o2 sensor was going wild ranging from 50 to 750 whereas the postcat was only varying by ten points. Changed o2 sensor and...
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    What leads are people running

    Down on cylinder 3 identified as a bad HT lead are people running OEM or something else?
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    Bicester Heritage Sunday scramble

    Working there yesterday massive turnout. Poor quality photos but there you go.
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    Fitting a cup spolier

    Does anyone know if a cup spoiler can be fitted as a direct replacement for a standard non-cup equivalent?
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    Lightened flywheel

    Morning all, Have a reconditioned gearbox in the garage ready to go in but was holding back because i’d like to know what everyone’s experiences are with lightened flywheels? To me it makes sense to do it while everything’s out. Where’s the best place to pick one up? Not overly interested in...
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    Jack’s Titanium 182

    After buying my second 182 2 and a bit years ago i thought i’d finally start a project thread. My first 182 was a BG FF with 34k purchased back in 2015. Loved it but had to sell up when I went to uni. Current car is a Titanium 182 with 104k been a journey to say the least. Current spec...
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    What to do - Top mounts

    Morning all, Purchased a set of KTR coilovers and i’ll be looking to change my top mounts at the same time (makes sense really). Question is do I go for solid top mounts or another variant? Driving is purely road and no track work. Thoughts/recommendations welcome! ?
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    Caffeine and machine

    Had a run out this today with the Mrs as we both enjoyed it when we went with Worcester car club a few months ago. Some great stuff there would highly recommend the drive out. Funnily enough also met a previous owner of my car who followed me in in his EP3. - Small world.
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    Changing the gearbox on a 1*2

    Is there a guide on here on how to do this?
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    Judgement day

    Evening all, Coasting home tonight had a little spirited run for approx 30 seconds. Car develops a nasty rattle i think it’s the bottom end. Oil changed last week belts done 4,000 miles ago. - i noticed when i started pulling it apart that ignition leads 1 & 4 were the wrong way round, could...
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    Heatshield rattle

    My delightful 30mile round trip to work is being ruined by a heatshield rattle - the rear by the silencer and fuel tank - can i take this off? Would heat wrap be adequate to stop the car from exploding? Do i even need to wrap it? - miltek fitted Cheers
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    Steering rack bushes

    Black or purple for daily driving?
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    Recommendations for timing belts

    As above been quoted £600 for the belts and water pump including labour from a family friend with experience doing them before but no paper work. Any where half decent for it near worcester? Jack
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    Anyone got a clip i could use?

    Short of taking it to renault wich i dont want to do can someone help? I’m in worcester
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    Traction control, service, handbrake light

    lights were coming on when driving - just changed all discs and pad front and back the lights are still coming on? Thoughts? Also Hesitation when pulling away my exhaust is leaking is this the problem? Just changed for new ht leads coil pack and injectors still doing it lol Help me
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    Cambelt/dephaser recommendations

    Put it off long enough i’m getting twitchy as its sounding more and more like a diesel! Any reccomendations for a place to buy the kit? Does the water pump need doing at the same time? Have been quoted £200 by a mechanic at my brothers work to get it done. - he has done two or three 1*2’s...
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    Stuttering under load

    Recently replaced the coil pack and ht leads with a red magnacor set and used oem coil pack that I got from a member on here. Instantly got what i guess is a misfire? the car hesitates under load at low revs, exhaust is popping on downshifts which it didnt before.. it does need welding but...
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    Anyone got a good site for brakes?

    As per the title, need front and rear discs and pads with abs ring and wheel bearings. Cheers!
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    Stop/handbrake light when cornering

    Morning all, Intermittant Stop/handbrake light when pushing on the twistys/sliproads ect. Car feels like it’s skipping/slipping. Abs ring? Brakes will need doing eventually but are fine at the moment - worth just doing the rings or just get the whole job done? Also are braided lines worth...
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    Trophy give away

    So I follow this YouTuber Seen Through Glass (I know). He recently announced that he was going to be giving away a Trophy as part of a collaboration with GumTree. Well I didn't win but here's the video in case any of you are interested. Jammy b**tard
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    List of problems!

    Evening Going on a long drive down south next week and theres a few niggles with the new 182 that i'd like to sort out this weekend! 1) Abs, Traction control & Service light intermittly coming on. - Goes off when car is turned off (Abs ring?) 2) tyres are shot and need replacing -...
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    Oil change woes

    Hi all, Bought my 2nd 182 last weekend belts done about 20k ago ect good service history. I wanted to change the oil for piece of mind so bought Elf 5-40. Just changed the oil but couldnt get the filter off with the tool that I have (i know ) Going to my brother's garage Monday as he has a...
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    Price point - Trophy content

    While dreaming of owning another sport I stumbled across this one.. thoughts?
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    Summer run about

    After selling my 182 before I left for uni in September (parking was £500 a term!). i'm considering a high milage 172 for the 5 mile commute into work for the summer, budget would only be about a grand, but i've got the bug again, thoughts?
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    Been keyed

    I'm gutted I can't even leave my car on the drive without some t**t feeling the need to leave their mark.
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    Running rich

    Car is decatted, rs tuned but has slight blow from the silencer could this be causing the car to smell like it's running too lean? (No fault lights ect)
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    LY 200 - Pershore

    Smart for parking in the corner!
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    Exhaust popping from cold on overrun

    When stone cold the exhaust pops from the decat on the overrun from about 4k. Is this normal or because i have no silencer in place?
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    Should I keep my RsTuner?

    After installing the 98ron map onto my 1*2 is there any need keeping the tuner? Even if i uninstalled the map the ecu is still locked to the device if i'm correct and is therefore traceable if someone could be bothered to look hard enough? Only asking as its potentially a bit of funding thats...
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    Caged 172 cup - Pershore (Picture)

    Gorgeous, shame mine was so dirty!