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    UCH and ECU par numbers how important

    Hello fella's , I've had my car to renault for an intermittent starting issue. Reanult have been unable to diagnose the problem so returned the car to me. No charge. Anyway the car has been sat garaged for a month so I decided to pull it out and non of the windows worked, lights etc all...
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    wheel change issues

    I've been running standard 16" x 7 clio sport alloys all with matching tyres and 16mm spacers up front and 10mm axle spacers at the back. I've recently bought a set of team dynamics jet 15x6.5j believe they are et38 but can't see a stamp on them. They came with spiggots but the spigggots...
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    What should be my next few mods and why

    So I've had my Clio for a good 2 years and so far it has a brand new Boring mild steel exhaust, front and back spacers, skoda splitter, New brakes all round, refurbed alloys with brand new tyres, eibach springs a little sub in my boot and painted calipers. I have some poly bushes on route for...
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    Having a real disastrous time trying to match paint without a paint code.

    Powder coat my alloys gold I said. Really wish I hadn't. Tried about three different Golds from Nissan gold, a general hobby gold and Ford Olympic gold. I can't for the life of me get the colour on my centre caps to match! What colour gold do you reckon my alloys are? I'm thinking about...
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    these spacers any good? been looking at these but by my calculations the extended bolts are 2mm short? do you reckon these will be ok?
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    Rear right abs sensor part number?

    Hello fellas been trying to get a rear right abs sensor for my Clio 172 with cruise and traction control. Ecp say there are 3 available but can't guarantee its the right one. They recommended getting the parts number from Renault. So I've rang Renault who have refused to give me the part number...
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    Abs sensor removal hints and tips please

    I'm getting my car on diagnostics this week due to the abs , serv and traction light being constantly on ( I should have bought a cup). Now I've had a look at the little blighter today and I couldn't even get the torx has bolt top move. Are there any tips to removing these? Everything I've...
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    What's gone wrong with my wrinkle paint?,with pics

    I did my inlet manifold yesterday and it came out perfect like this So to day I cracked on and did my fuel rail guard unfortunately it's come out all glossy and no where near as finally wrinkled as the manifold. What's gone wrong? Not enough paint? I used the same tin for both do it can't...
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    Confused about tyre prices

    I have a set of alloys at the powder coaters this week and so I require some rubber for when they come back. Now I've decided on Toyo proxies tr1 and for four I can get on fleabay 188 delivered. Now I've tried some local Tyre places and they want 274 for the same Tyre fitted! Surely it can't...
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    Exhaust noise when hot.

    Hello fellas having a strange one with my 172. As the car gets hotter the exhaust gets louder & raspier to the point where I presumed there must be a leak or a blow in the system. I've been under the car from front to back and there is no leak I can find. It seems to be coming from either the...
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    loud whining noise when cold- goes away when clutch pedal is pressed. What is it?

    As above really. When driving and the car is in gear i get a whining noise which I have to be honest is pretty loud. After about a half hour the noise dispapears. It also dispappears when the clutch pedal is pressed. Any guesses as to what it is? clutch release bearing maybe?
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    Rear exhaust mount bolt loose- stripped thread.

    Anyone know the size of the bolts that hold the mount in place? I've either stripped the thread on the bolt or the body. Hope it's the bolt. If I've stripped it off the body anyone had this happen before? How did you fix?
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    Seized slider pin, how to remove?

    My discs have been getting v hot as of recently. I took the wheel off and was greeted with this. Now this lower pin is the problem How can I get this out and does it need a new carrier for the pin to go in?
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    Photoshop request

    Finally getting my alloys powder coated. I had my heart set on gold but having seen the standard wheels in gold on another car and not liking them could someone do me favour and do these in as many colours as possible please.
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    Show me your woofer's

    I'm looking at improving the sound in my 172 and i'm considering an active subwoofer however i need the space (i've got a german shepherd that goes out in the car at the weekend. So either has to be easily removable or compact. I don't want anything too heavy either I've got budget of around...
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    Con1981's 172 dog

    The story begins........ I bought this black 172 about two years ago. Not knowing a lot about these cars other than they are as fast to 60 as an S3. My trusty vw bora was suffering head gasket failure and was going to require a new engine. So weighing up the cost of a new lump vs...
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    Wheel spacer size

    Hello fella'a my eibach sportlines and I'm now contemplating some spacers. Using my state of the art measuring system (chock of wood & a tape measure) I notice I have 35mm at the back and 40mm at the front to make them flush with the wheel arch. Now I've noticed most people only run 10mm at...
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    Bolt size for shocker to hub

    Seems like it's every weekend I'm in this part of the forum LOL. I'm swapping my springs for some nice eibach sportlines. However these pesky hub to shocker bolts are all stripping as i remove them from the shocker. I've seen this thread...
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    CC retro fit issues

    Hello fella's. Got round to fitting my cruise control today. I had to separate the squib to fit my indicator stalk it came with one on and everything taped in place and as the lad said he couldn't remove it I thought I'd give it a shot. I am now regretting my decision I now know it was taped up...
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    clio 172 retro fitting cc

    Ok fella's i'm retro fitting cruise. I've bought all i need off here. however my loom has a big chunky pink connector which does not match up to the switch i have for the clutch. I have noticed that the connector is the same size as the one for the brake light switch. Will a brake light...
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    Where to buy front ball joints for a 172?

    It's nearly MOT time and I've been doing some pre checks and one side has a little play in it. Been to euro parts who don't stock. Any ideas where I can get them from? The wishbones are fine so I'm just after the ball joints
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    Blue 172 bows incline Gateshead

    Giveing it some cheeky beans in the outside lane this morning at about 7.30am
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    Low MPG after changing post cat Lambda

    Hiya fella's changed my post cat lambda sensor last week having had the mil light come on and having had the problem diagnosed by a garage I bought a cheap code reader andcleared the fault code ( didn't make a note of it cos i thought it would just come back if the problem persisted). I now...
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    steering wheel wobble above 60mph

    Its become really apparent that as I get above 60mph i get a vibration through the steering wheel. Now I know the first port of call would be wheel balancing but what else should i be looking for and in what order. Last year for MOT it had both track ends replaced and when i took it for...
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    Post cat lambda

    What is the point of the post cat lambda? I have heard that u can bypass these as the do not affect the running of the car? If u can and if it doesn't affect the running of the car, how do I do it?
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    Photoshop request

    Going to be getting my alloys refurbed but am unsure what colour. I've been toying with the idea of getting them done gold.
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    Replaced my uch and ecu now I have this!

    So what do I need to make this fully active?
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    Need help with hazards that won't switch off

    This started last night. The only way i can get them to switch off is by removing the fuse. This only happens when i have taken the keys out of the ignition. First thought was that it was the switch that was broken so I removed it. Car still puts it hazards on when I remove the key. Next...
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    Steering doesn't return to centre.

    As above fellas. I have power steering but when I go around a corner I have no feedback. The wheel does not return to centre. What do you reckon is this a knackered track?
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    Help air con problems

    Hi guys, had my air con gassed in july to go to the continent. the system was completely empty but the system held pressure when when it was tested so the air con specialist went ahead and re-gassed. Now the car sat for a week whilst on holiday and when we came to drive back air con wasn't...