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  1. CountryBumpkin.


    I seen you and Ben in Basildon driving somewhere. It was at a roundabout, don't ask me which one there's f**king loads. Was in the red clio that drove past you.
  2. CountryBumpkin.

    Trax South West convoy.

    Most likely we will rendezvous with the South Central lot at chieveley like CSS. I can arrange a convoy from Bristol if there are a few of us heading that way. Details for the South Central convoy is here...
  3. CountryBumpkin.

    Big JTS.

    Just seen your car by speedwell. Flashed you then seen it was your partner driving. She didn't look very happy with me. :dapprove:
  4. CountryBumpkin.

    South West Mailing List *Revised 30/06/2011*

    To add your name, just reply to this thread and we will update the original post. If any of you have changed your username it would be useful for you to post your updated name as well to help the speed of sending out PM's Thank you CountryBumpkin.; Owen; Will...
  5. CountryBumpkin.

    External Hard Drives.

    I'm rapidly filling up the 500gb internal HD. So I'm beginning to think of options for expanding. Does anybody have a external hd with either a e-sata or usb 2.0 connection? Or know of a better way to expand it without upgrading the internal hd.
  6. CountryBumpkin.

    Ultra Red R27, A36 Salisbury.

    It was about 3:30pm, you were heading the other way and flashed me :D
  7. CountryBumpkin.

    CL10 WTF, Downend, Bristol

    I'm pretty sure of the number plate. Albi Blue, cup packed alloys. It was about 12ish.
  8. CountryBumpkin.

    Moving on......

    Following selling my ph1 to a fellow member ( I haven't had much chance to get my pictures of the new car uploaded, but finally managed it today. So I thought I'd share with CS. Pictures aren't the best as I was in a rush to...
  9. CountryBumpkin.

    Possible RR meet.

    I've been asked to see about organising a RR meet. Before I make any sort of enquiry, I want to get some numbers to try and help get a decent discount. If you're interested get your name down on the list. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  10. CountryBumpkin.

    KK meet - 3rd Feb 2011 @ 6:30pm

    So for the first meet of 2011, we decided to do a favourite and go to Krispy Kreme's. In a effort to help you put back on any unwanted Chritsmas weight you may have lost during January. For those who didn't come last time or don't travel into Bristol very often (Will.). The details are below...
  11. CountryBumpkin.

    DC Universe

    Any PC gamers bought this. I've got in on download currently on Steam.
  12. CountryBumpkin.

    GW197, Crewe area about 1pm

    I think it was on the a500 just off the m6. Don't know the area, but I came around the roundabout to see you at the junction. Giving my ph1 a eyeful. :cool:
  13. CountryBumpkin.

    Everyman and his dogs Trax pics.

    I thought i'd follow everyone in uploading my Trax photos. I probably didn't take many as it started to rain when a few of us were walking around and when it dried up I couldn't be bothered. The time I set off. Was up at 4. :( Plenty more pictures here...
  14. CountryBumpkin.

    Rubbing @ M'way speeds.

    Right i've had my car 3 weeks and its not happened before. I was travelling up to trax today and on the way up i was getting a whistling sound, which sounded like it was from below the gearbox. This was happening when i was easing off the accelerator. On the way home, i began to get a little...
  15. CountryBumpkin.

    2 weeks of ownership.......

    I thought it was about time I posted some pics of the ph1. I bought it on the 21 August from Yellowbelly, after I managed to sell my 182. I have to say, I much prefer it over the 182. I also love the plate :cool:. I must admit, they aren't my best pics :dapprove:. I'll get some decent ones @...
  16. CountryBumpkin.

    Krispy Kreme gathering 22nd Sept (Wed).

    Going on from the discussion last night. As Blondie (Hannah) is f**king off to Uni, she wants a goodbye meet @ KK in avonmeads. So here it is. So 22nd Sept (Wed) @ 7pm @ KK in Avonmeads Retail Park. For those of you not in Bristol, details are below. Avon Meads Retail Park St Philips...
  17. CountryBumpkin.

    Ajec Summer Performance Day, Castle Combe *11th Sept 2010*

    I finally managed to get this sorted :cool: I have managed to secure us a 25 car stand, so free passes for the first 25 users. Anymore and im afraid you'll have to pay :dapprove:. For those who are thinking about going, who haven't been before have a quick read of the review below...
  18. CountryBumpkin.

    RB 197, M5 Birmingham

    Didn't catch the plate. Looked awesome, cup spoiler iirc. Spotted you on the bridged part heading south.
  19. CountryBumpkin.

    Cheddar Run 22/05/10 *Evening meet*

    After the excellent turn out for the combe action day. me and will started talking about a possible meet for may. We decided on a few possibilities, longwell, cribbs etc. But we thought it was time for a decent photo shoot and decided that Cheddar would be ideal. Knowing that you all hate...
  20. CountryBumpkin.

    ISTS Pictures (Mostly Track Content)

    Spent most of the weekend at ISTS, which i know is a chavtastic show, hence why i spent majority of both days taking pictures of people on track. Im just getting used to using my DSLR (Sony A230) and this was the first time i used the 75mm-300mm lense that was given to me this christmas. So...
  21. CountryBumpkin.

    Big JTS, A4174, Emersons Green

    seen you shoot around the roundabout as i came down from sainsburys. stood out, really well.
  22. CountryBumpkin.

    My Titanium 182: Update

    After owning it for 8 months i thought it was about time i started to make it look like how i wanted. My original plans were 2118's, coilovers, splitter, exhaust and a few cosmetic bits. Couple of weeks ago Luke. fitted my coilovers (K-Tec 182 cup fitment) and exhaust (Scorpion RS192) on a...
  23. CountryBumpkin.

    RB 200 M4 & GW 200 stevenage

    seen you both today, saw the GW about 11.30. Saw the RB about 12.25. anybody??
  24. CountryBumpkin.

    BigJTS in hanham

    im hoping it was you john in the red twingo. was behind you going down lower c**k road and into hanham. i then saw you on memorial road, turning left onto the road which goes to crews hole.
  25. CountryBumpkin.

    T*** BLK, RB, Filton

    Was next to you @ the m32 roundabout. Saw the cs sticker on te back window. Was in black focus next to you.
  26. CountryBumpkin.

    RB, M5 motorway

    heading up towards gloucester about 14:50. i was heading back down to bristol. i think the plate was HK05.
  27. CountryBumpkin.

    172 cup, Longwell Green

    mondial blue cup heading up towards asda around 10ish.
  28. CountryBumpkin.

    Glacier 197 cup, A4174 K'wood

    saw you driving towards emersons @ about 1:30, i was going the opposite direction.
  29. CountryBumpkin.

    Engine cover

    What size is the key for the bolts on the engine cover. looked everywere in my car and pack for the key and i dont have one :(.
  30. CountryBumpkin.

    Flamer, Hanham

    you were coming around the roundabout heading down memorial road @ 5:30ish, i turned left to head up the hill. Looked absolutly stunning with the sun shining on it. any1?