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    Guess who's back..... (Clio 220 Trophy content)

    Hi all. Been away for about 4 years while I owned my Megane. While I enjoyed the 225 Megane, it was forever fearful of things going wrong and having to spend £££ on it. In the 4 years, I had spent a lot on it and as it was on 125k, it got to the stage where I wanted a new car. I was going to...
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    RB 200 Sainsburys Bristol

    Think it's chappers? So clean. Keep thinking about chopping the Meg in for one.
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    ABS light

    Quickie. Not looking for a discussion. Honestly can't be arsed to search. If my ABS light is on on my dash, is the abs actually working?
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    Water stored somewhere...where is it?

    Hey guys. A while back my passenger footwell flooded when we had some heavy rain one night, I mopped it out and all was good. Now we have had some savage rain the last few weeks, it has built up again and I've been mopping it out every night til it's dry but I come back to more the next day...
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    Castle Combe Performance Action Day (Spring) -Saturday 28th April 2012

    Hey guys. It's that time of year again. We have got a club stand at the show. I have asked for 25 spaces which is the same as we usually get and we usually just fill this. Not sure how many free passes I will be getting this year until they come through my door, but it should be soon. Track...
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    Black 1*2- Dilton Marsh. 17:30 today

    One F1s but in anthracite. If they were silver your car would look identical to mine. At first I though you had stolen my car.
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    Very tidy Cup - Dilton Marsh - 5pm

    Spotted a very tidy looking cup on my way home. I'm pretty sure I saw someone mention working there or living there the other day?
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    Krispy Kreme - Bristol Sunday 4th March 7pm

    First KK meet of 2012. Be good to see some of the new faces that have poped up on here recently and of course, some of you old faces ;) When: Sunday 4th March Time: 7pm Where: Krispy Kreme (AvonMeads) BS2 0SP ​Who's up for it? :)
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    FAO of any of those that went to the South West K-Tec Rolling road day

    You have until tomorrow to send me the graphs of your cars results and your comments about your car and the day so that I can organise it all and send it off to PFC magazine. Thanks :)
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    Black 172 - Melksham Asda. 1pm today

    You're fit. Shame you were passenger it looked like your mum was driving.
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    172 Cup Bristol ring road tonight. Last bit of plate CBP

    You're a c**t. Learn to drive.
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    Big Welsh meet - Sunday 11th March - Brecon Beacons

    Quoted from Scottdots thread. [/SIZE] Should be a good day. Who fancies it? 1. Will.
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    Geting under the scuttle pannel

    Is it a case of removing the windscreen wipers and undo-ing the screws? Looking for the drainage holes.
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    Water in passenger footwell

    f**king brilliant. Got in the car this morning, looked on the floor and saw a wet mat. Felt it and it was wetter than my ex's minge after I had ruined her. Mats are drenched and drip drying at the moment. What's the best way to get the water out the carpet in the floor? Where could the...
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    MBP to HDMI on tv sound problem

    Something isn't right. I connected my 2011 MBP to my tv using HDMI (mini display > converter > hdmi cable) but there is no sound. My mbp is picking up my tv in the output oart of the sound menu in system preferences but says it has no controls. What am I doing wrong?
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    K-tec Rolling Road day

    Who was there then?
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    Wireless (Bluetooth) speakers

    I'm thinking of geting some wireless speakers for my gaff as I currently listen to music either through my phone or through my 13inch MBP (which are known to have crap speakers). I'm after wireless just so I can have my phone/MBP on my lap and be listening to music from a speaker on my tv...
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    Sunday 4th December- Krispy Kreme Bristol. 7:30pm

    Bit of a last minute thing but anyone fancy some donuts tomorrow evening? Meet at the usual KK in Avon Meads at around half 7. Anyone?
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    Monaco 172 Bath 5pm

    MASSIVE cliosport sticker in the rear window and an omp exhaust? Nice sound.
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    AppStore update problem

    I have an update in the app store for iPhoto but when I try to update it, it says I cannot update until I have purchased it, even though it came preinstalled on my macbook pro. What?
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    South West Rolling Road at K-tec Racing: 21st January

    Just to let you guys know that you are welcome to come along as well. Put your names down
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    South West Rolling Road at K-tec Racing: 21st January

    Hey guys. So after speaking with K-tec we have sorted a date to hold this. Saturday 21st January Time: TBA (Morning) Where: K-Tec Racing (BH31 6AX) Cost: £25 for 3 runs Once we have a decent amount of confirmed people attending (10-15), we will need to pay £10 deposit each to K-tec over the...
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    Tempted to offer him a tenner..

    ..just so I can have a go at putting an engine together even if it doesn't work in the end.
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    Sunday 27th November Nandos Bath

    Hey guys. Think we need to get another Nandos meet together and I'm thinking Sunday might be a good day to have it. Meet in the Southgate underground carpark around 7pm and then head off to Nandos for some food. What ya'll think?
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    South West Xmas meal / night out

    Right then guys. What would you like to do for this? Meal followed by a night out? Just a meal? Just a night out? I think the best time would be beginning of December so that it doesn't conflict with anyones work parties that might be happening and either a Friday or Saturday night. I think...
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    Bristol Krispy Kreme- Wednesday 2nd November 7:30

    Sorry for the late notice but I feel like doing something Wednesday. Few of us are going to KK on Wednesday for anyone that wants to join us. Meet at 7:30 in the KK carpark.
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    Transferring my documents from my PC to my MBP

    Hey guys. Just got a MBP. It's awesome :o Just went to use the migration assistant to transfer my (just) music over but it said it will take 17 hours. That was using a network cable. Now I have 16gb of music. Is there a quicker way to transfer my files? I don't have an external HDD :(
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    What do you guys want?

    I can't remember the last time we had a decent meet. No one seems bothered about the meets any more. So I want to know what you guys would like to do. I'm happy to organise things such as karting, track days, rolling roads but please bear (bare) in mind that if there's cost involved I WILL need...
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    Last minute Cribbs meet. Sunday 16th October

    Last minute. Any one up for it? Meet and get some food at that all you can eat buffet place. Meet around 6/7
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    Black 182 in Bath getting the tweens wet in their pants

    Wheelspinning away from the zebra crossing really had dem bitches wet.