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  1. partybish

    16" OZ F1s, 15" OZ F1 and other Phase 1/2 Clio Parts

    Hi All, I've listed a load of Clio parts on ebay including: A couple of 16" OZ F1s (Renault fitment) A single Renault 15" OZ F1 Ph1 steering wheel Ph1 Grab handles Ph1 Front Lights Ph2 Rear lights Ph1 Door Rub Strips 1*2...
  2. partybish

    Radio Code Help

    Hi guys, can anyone help me. I can't seem to access bonxy's site and I've just got a new stereo. Can anyone let me know the code? Pic attached. Thanks in advance!
  3. partybish

    Matt's PH1 172 Restoration Project

    Hi all, I've been on Cliosport ever since owning a 172 Cup (project thread here). Sadly the Cup ended up needing a new head and it was going to cost a lot to repair so I sold it on and ever since I really missed Clio ownership. In July I decided to go on the hunt for another 172, but one that...
  4. partybish

    Ph1 steering rack identification help please

    Hi there, Can anyone help me identify what type of steering rack (I.e. Smi trw) is on my phase 1? I'm trying to get some bushes for it it the stickers have worn off and I can't see any markings anywhere. Pictures attached any help much appreciated.
  5. partybish

    Cabasse Tuner List in a Ph1

    Ive done a search and I'm still unsure if it is possible to get a cabasse tuner list to work in a phase 1 172. Does anyone know?
  6. partybish

    TW Steel Limited Edition Renault F1 Team Watch For Sale

    Hi guys, as per the title I'm selling this watch on ebay if anyone is interested in it given the connection to Renault F1: Cheers, Matt
  7. partybish

    Blue 1*2 Farnham Leisure Centre **** FXF

    Saw you there last night and parked next to you! Looked really nice on anthracite wheels. Wasn't sure if it was a 172 Cup or 182 as it was quite dark and I was in a bit of a hurry.
  8. partybish

    E1 *** 172 Cup Jct 11, Reading

    Saw you on Sunday as I was heading back from the triathlon. Nice looking cup!
  9. partybish

    Elstead Mill

    Saw a Silver 172 with yellow calipers parked next to Mitsu Evo today. Looked in good condition.
  10. partybish

    172 Cup Farnham

    Anthracite wheels, missing the 172 badges, on an 02 plate I think. Saw you by the lights near Farnham Station this morning.
  11. partybish

    Black PH1 West Wittering

    Saw it today on our way down to the beach..looked like a private plate?
  12. partybish

    Silver 1*2 nr Hazlemere, Mondial 172 Cup Wrecclesham

    Spotted the silver one zooming down the main road out of Hazlemere and the Cup **52 GZK outside the Sandrock Pub in Wrecclesham.
  13. partybish

    Stealth Shelf

    Any ideas on where the best place to get one of these would be?
  14. partybish

    What is the Original Colour of 172 Cup Gearknob Decal?

    Mine has faded but it looks to be dark silver (like the airbag and steering wheel decals). Any ideas what colour it is supposed to be?
  15. partybish

    Does this price sound reasonable?

    So I've got a pair of Nankang Ultra Sport II's on the rear of my cup with 5mm of tread on but my fronts are 2mm and need changing soonish. I've been quoted £100 a corner (fitted) for Michelin PS3's plus £30 for alignment/tracking. Conti Contacts are £90 quid each and Toyo T1Rs are £85. I'm...
  16. partybish

    Laser Tracking Question

    I'm looking to get the steering wheel alignment and tracking done on my 172 Cup, can anyone tell me if I should be looking for 'laser' tracking or whether regular 4 wheel alignment is just as good? The tyre place nearby doesn't have a laser system and he told me it was a bit of a 'sales...
  17. partybish

    A Brief History of Grime (172 Cup 'Cleanup' Project Thread) (Pic Heavy)

    Hey Guys, I'm fairly new to the site and having just purchased a 172 Cup last weekend from a member on here I thought I'd start a thread to track my progress with it. At the age of 32 I came to the conclusion that it was time to go out and own a few of the cars that have caught my interest...
  18. partybish

    Halfords carpark, Farnham this morning **** TXX

    Saw you this morning when I was picking up some detailing stuff. That's two Cups I've spotted in one day...nice! :D The pistonheads sticker looks good.
  19. partybish

    Red 197 Crashed Farnham

    Saw it tonight on the dual carriageway out of Farnham towards Guildford, the driver's side was caved in. Hope no one was hurt. :eek:
  20. partybish

    Red DCi with black alloys on the M25 ***5 LWT??

    Saw you on the way back from buying my 172 Cup!
  21. partybish

    Newbie looking for a Mondial 172 Cup!

    Hey guys, I'm new to the site and I thought I'd say hello. Driving my diesel Mondeo everyday is incredibly dull :boring: so I've decided to buy a 172 Cup for some weekend fun! ;) I've been searching for a while as I'm quite picky and I want a low mileage (between 40k - 70k) Mondial Blue with...