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  1. RevLimitUK

    Sooo I bought a Resto project

    I couldn't resist , it's exactly like my old car so my plans are to restore it ready for FCS :) ... I'll post all the pics starting the project tomorrow but here's what it is ......... Thoughts ?
  2. RevLimitUK

    Rolling Road Day @ RevLimit Tuning

    Hi , Looking at doing a rolling road day at my place RevLimit Tuning ,, it will be £25 per car for 3 runs and a printout . Looking at dates from Saturday 1st of April as we are busy at the moment . Who would be up for it ? Cheers Jay
  3. RevLimitUK

    RevLimit Clio RS200 Meg 230 conversion

    Hi Folks , here is a Clio 3 RS200 Megane 225/230 conversion we have recently done for a customer here at RevLimit Tuning. Everything was done in house fabrication , wiring , coding and rolling road mapping. The spec was :- 2005 Megane 225 engine, gearbox , driveshafts , intercooler, loom and...
  4. RevLimitUK

    Clio 172 Power

    Hi we have recently had a clio 172 in on our dyno and it seems to be making more power than it should . It made 155 bhp at the wheels with a typical 15% drivetrain loss that works out to be 183bhp ??? I have a clio 172 cup and that only made 164bhp @ the flywheel on our dyno so i know it is...
  5. RevLimitUK

    Clio Cup On Corner Weights

    Just thought id post these pics up of my cup on the corner weight pads at work ;) ....... It was 1002kg with no spare wheel in and 8th of a tank of fuel :) .... i was impressed with the weight distribution , it was nearly a perfect 50/50
  6. RevLimitUK

    172 Cup Map

    Has anyone got a 172 cup modified ecu map they could email me ??? Cheers :p
  7. RevLimitUK

    172 cup running rough

    Ive just bought a 172 cup and its running rough , its misfiring on tick over and drinking fuel like a b**ch, the dephaser is on its way out so will this cause it ? Cheers
  8. RevLimitUK

    Getting rid of ABS

    Whilst ive got my engine out my car im thinking of getting rid of the abs system ,,, ive done this on a few cars on the past and i know when getting rid of the abs pump i will have to fit non abs bias valves ,,, im just wondering if it would be easier to get them from a cup edition car and...
  9. RevLimitUK

    Summer fun track car ;-)

    Here my project ,, a bit of fun for the summer :) I bought this 172 ph1 off ebay for £460 with the bottom end shot ... Now ive got my hands on it the wheels and interior have gone and ive started ripping it to pieces .. Ive got my hands on a 172 ph2 cup engine and box complete for £275 ...
  10. RevLimitUK

    Spring rates

    Right people i need some info ,, does anybody know the spring rates used on the 182 cup racer cars running the non adjustable bilstein suspension ??? Cheers ;P
  11. RevLimitUK

    Hi People

    Hi people just joined this forum as i have just bought a 172 ph1 and im building a track car out of it. im gonna put up a build thread as soon as ive got some pics ;)