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  1. Neil@greenlight

    Air bag light help

    Hi guys looking to get some help. My friend has got a clio 172 and it's showing the airbag and service light. The car was originally used as a track day car so had an aftermarket steering wheel and stripped interior. He is putting the car back to standard so we purchased seats, pretensioners...
  2. Neil@greenlight

    Some Advice on Gearbox problem Please

    A friend on mine has a Clio 182 with a couple of mods. He had an accident in his car last weekend and now the gearbox wont go into any gear apart from 5th. Even if the engine is off it wont let you select a gear regardless of the clucth being up or down. You can actually drive the car in 5th...
  3. Neil@greenlight

    S* POA Blue 182 Cup Billericay (dropping docs off to our office)

    Recently did a policy for you and your brought the docs down to our office. Car looks great mate. I was on the phone when you popped in but a couple of guys came down to take a look. Immaculate car mate and it sounds :cool: Neil Greenlight
  4. Neil@greenlight

    FAO Neil@GreenLight

    No post content?
  5. Neil@greenlight

    Greenlight Insurance Now covering Northern Ireland

    We have been given a new scheme by one of our modified and performance vehicle insurers. We are now able to cover North Ireland at some very competetive rates. If you would like to receive a quote please re-input your details on our website and a price will be...
  6. Neil@greenlight

    Agreed value Policies from Greenlight Insurance

    Just to let you guys know we are now able to offer agreed value policies on highly modified cars. The agreed value option is free of charge but the insurers will require a breakdown of modification costs along with 5 photographs of the vehicle (digital camera pictures are fine). After a review...
  7. Neil@greenlight

    Greenlight Insurance Calling all 172 and 182 owners

    We have been allowing a club discount for cliosport members for almost two years now. Having carried out a recent review of our annual claim statistics it appears that the Clio 172's and Clio 182's (both modified and standard vehicles) have performed excellently with only a handful of minor...