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  1. scullyg40

    Clio 197 cams vs 200 cams

    Are these the same? I can buy a set of cams of an F4R-832 engine, but I would like to know if they are the same as the 197 cams to use as an upgrade in the 172 engine.
  2. scullyg40

    Car pulls to the right under hard braking

    My car pulls to the right under hard braking. I can manage it with a little correction through the steering wheel, but it's not confidence inspiring. My brake setup is pretty basic, Ferodo DS 1.11 brake pads and Brembo HC disks at the front with braided brake lines. The rear is stock. I...
  3. scullyg40

    Rev counter doesn't work

    I've been working on my wheel wells, for which I had to remove the fuse housing. After I have put it all back together, the engine runs fine (at least at low rpm's/load, because that's all I can do on the streets near my house), no errors on the dash, but my rev counter doesn't work. I'm...
  4. scullyg40

    Clio VR6 turbo 4-motion

    Anybody seen this thing before?
  5. scullyg40

    Powerflex wishbone and beam bushes vs PMS bearings

    I've done a search, but couldn't find the answers I'm looking for. Has anyone got experience with both? Is there a real world difference that it's actually worth it to choose on off them? How about reliability? How do the Whiteline rear beam bushes compare to these? It's for a track only car...
  6. scullyg40

    Bullhead connector

    I feel stupid for asking, as I've done it before, but how do you disconnect the inner loom from the engine loom? Obviously I've loosened the bolt, but I just can't get them apart.
  7. scullyg40

    Tyre and brake pad issues. Are they related?

    When I wanted to refresh my brake fluid, I noticed my tyre have excessive wear on the outsides, and they are colored blue. What does this mean? And how do I solve it? Do I need to change my tracking? Currently it's like this. The top one is camber, then caster, then toe. Hot tyre...
  8. scullyg40

    Scenic shifter with or without quickshift?

    I've just bought a Scenic shifter, and I'm not quite sure if I should add a quickshift or not as I don't want to reduce the life on my syncros. Please tell me what you think and/or what are your experiences.
  9. scullyg40

    To gap or not to gap (question to the welders)

    Which is better for structural strength? With the gap, I can weld the inner sleeve as well, but there is more room between the cage tubes. Without the gap, the cage tubes are closer together, but penetration to the inner sleeve is harder. The holes are there to connect the cage to the sleeves...
  10. scullyg40

    Removing front window

    Can anybody tell me how I remove the front window? Haynes says I should go to an expert, but as the windscreen is cracked already, I want to have a go myself. I want to save the plastic parts around the window though.
  11. scullyg40

    What are these for?

    Who can tell me what's the function of these plates? As there spotwelded in pretty good.
  12. scullyg40

    How bad is this?

    After my last trackday, I noticed that my top layer is letting go on the front left. Before I scrap these tyres, I thought I would ask some opinions from you guys. I noticed it when I strapped the car on the trailer, and it looked quite bad, I thought the tyre was tearing apart. But on a...
  13. scullyg40

    Clio turbo engine
  14. scullyg40

    Car doesn't start anymore, and it's my own fault

    Allright, so I attacked the interior loom to save some more weight, and got a little bit carried away with it. At some point I forgot to check if the engine wil start after every cut, and you know it by know, at some point the immobiliser light wouldn't stop flashing. I should have stopped at...
  15. scullyg40

    Trackday 172 and 130i daily

    Allright, so this is my first post on this forum. I came to this forum because I recently bought my second Clio 172, solely for the track. Since this forum is very much track orientated, I can find a lot of usefull info on here, so thanks for that to you all. My name is Stefan, I am 34 years...